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This is because problem definition sets the course for the entire project.

2. What is the distinction between the marketing research problem and management decision problem? Marketing Research Problem * Asks what information is needed and how it should be obtained * Information oriented * Focuses on the underlying causes Management Decision Problem * Asks what the decision maker needs to do Action oriented Focuses on symptoms 3. Describe at least two(2) methods for making marketing research more actionable.Clear goal and monitoring could make marketing research more actionable. Clearly defined objectives and a commitment to action are the foundation for achieving action. Internal sponsor like senior decision maker is also a great method for making marketing research more actionable. Talk to the most senior decision maker.

The senior decision maker wanted to know whether version A or B would gain a bigger share of the market. The research did a great Job of exploring the boundaries of the market, defining customer segments and their needs, and Identifying likely interiors.But senior decision maker found the research largely Irrelevant, because it did not tell him whether to go with version A or B. And also, some programs like SIPS, AS, Maintain, and Excel make marketing research more actionable. We illustrate the use of those programs for defining the problem, developing an approach, formulating the research design, data collection, data preparation and analysis, and report preparation and presentation. Decision support and expert systems can help in identifying alternative courses of action, defining the marketing research problem, and developing an approach.Other specialized software enables the researcher to use a systematic approach to organizing problems Into components, resulting In logical problem formulation.

Such programs, which Include Manikin, can portray graphically the relationship between the many facets of a complex problem and Incorporate both quantitative and qualitative Information, Including managerial experience and Intuition.