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We are deeply indebted to Ms. Malvika Mago for her constant support guidance and inspiration in completion of the program and preparation of this document. Our sincere thanks for giving me invaluable suggestion. We are also grateful to other employee of reynolds pen for their encouragement and help. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to reynolds for giving us an opportunity to complete our project. last but not the least; we would like to thank our parents and friends for their moral support throughout the project.

Pens introduced to India, international quality writing instruments, and marketed them under the brand name Reynolds. It was also he first company to build a brand in a category that behaved more like a commodity till then. Over the last 20 years, G. M. Pens has invested substantially in building a large manufacturing base with facilities in Chennai and Pondicherry. A state of the art R&D facility, one of the most sophisticated in the Reynolds family worldwide, has ensured that the latest in writing technology is available to the Indian consumers. G.

M. Pens offers the widest range of writing instruments and accessories in the Indian market. A variety of writing instruments including ball pens, gel pens, fountain ens, mechanical pencils, markers, handy boards and children’s colouring pens that cater to consumers from the age group of six to sixty are marketed under the brand name Reynolds. A continuous focus on consistent quality and a constant endeavour to provide quality products at affordable prices have ensured that Reynolds has been the numero uno in the Indian writing instruments market.

A substantial investment has also been made in establishing the Reynolds brand name through the mass media, especially through television and press ads, in an effort to convert the category from a commodity to a brand dominated one. The company’s products are available in three hundred thousand retail outlets across India covered through a network consisting of 1800 redistribution stockiest and 27 main stockiest. This is facilitated by a sales and marketing team of over 300 professionals.

Established in 1927 at la Ferte’-Milon in France, Reynolds has over the past eight decades been a leader in writing instruments in Europe and the rest of the world. In 1946, the headquarters and factory were shifted to Valence, in the south of France. The company is headquartered at Valence till date. With 450 employees, Reynolds, France has a daily production of 4 million writing instruments. Of this, exports account for 50% of sales. It has a worldwide market presence in 80 countries around the globe.

Reynolds has 12 of its own manufacturing units established in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The year 1999 was a landmark year in the history of Reynolds. Since then it has been a member company of Sanford Corporation, USA. Sanford is a US $ 1. 2 billion company. Sanford is in turn the writing instruments division of the US $ 7 billion Newell Rubbermaid group. Sanford has the broadest range of writing, arking, coloring and drawing products worldwide.The main objective of our project is to know why the sales of Reynolds pen have declined so drastically and what are the reasons behind this .

To know reasons behind this we did exploratory research to know- Why the consumers have switched to other company products. What is the defect in product. 0 Assess the current market share of Reynolds pen. 0 Is there any problem in design of pen. 0 Is there any problem in creating awareness about product The factors which are affecting our research design are Qualitative and Quantitative actors. To know this we will conduct Qualitative research first because we want to know why the sales of Reynolds pen has been declining and secondly we will conduct Quantitative research to know what are the reasons behind this.

The type of research used for our study was an exploratory research, as the objective of the research was to have in depth understanding what are the reasons why the sales of Reynolds pen has been declining continuously . We have started our research.

However we covered a specific list of topics and sub areas. This was done in the form of close ended question, where the timing, exact wording and time allocated to each question area was left at the interviewer’s. Since the research was qualitative as well as quantitative more emphasis has to be given while collecting data. Discretion open structure ensured that inspected facts or data could peruse easily. Mode of Interviewing: In research we have done face to face interview Sampling:- It consists of primary data and secondary data.

Primary data was collected by applying probability. Under Non-probability we will use Convenience Sampling because we have to collect data from college going students . Where as secondary data was obtained by seeing past sales records of Reynolds pen, magazines, newspapers and by various other methods. Sample size:- We have selected sample of 100 college going students . We have kept our sample size small so that we may collect data accurately with precession. If we would have elected large sample size it would have become difficult for us to collect data.