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Steps in solving case study Various approaches to case study Case study as a tool of marketing research. Part – II will be based on practical cases on the topics related to issues based on marketing areas. Part – I carry 25 marks and Part – II 75 marks. In the examination some practical and contemporary cases and case lets based on marketing will be asked. Some cases based on applied area in marketing and other on theoretical bases.

The new ad campaign of the Rs. 600 crore Horlicks brand is just hitting national networks and the message is clear, ‘many things to many people. Although Horlicks features in the top 10 of most consumer surveys this is one of its highest ratings so far. Says Simons J. Scarf, managing director, Smith Kline Beecham Consumer Healthcare (SBCH), “We are delighted at the rating that Horlicks has got in the ET survey.

We’re obviously aware of the power of Horlicks through our closeness to consumers, but it is always nice to get independent acknowledgement of the fact. ” The flagship of SBCH, Horlicks has been showing consistent annual value growth of about 25 per cent in the last three years. And more is expected. Which is why SBCH is busy setting up a Rs. 250 crore dedicated Horlicks facility at Sonepat, Haryana. Invented in 1873 by James Horlicks, the brand has been available in India for 70 years. From being a drink taken only during convalescence the brand has repositioned itself since the seventies as a ‘great family nourished’.

Explains Scarf, “We have nurtured the equity of Horlicks carefully over the years and this has resulted in a unique relationship between the brand and millions of consumers across India”. In fact, the company’s consumer research shows that consumers over time and experience have developed an emotional bonding with the brand. That’s something they find more powerful than a rational bonding. Vibrancy has been maintained despite its mature age by avoiding complacency. Most big brands with huge equities tend to fall to the temptation of sitting tight. And that in turn can result in a brand losing relevance.

University of Pune |M. Com Part II Semester IV 2 But Horlieks has taken a proactive stance. Explains R. Shyam Sundar, head of marketing — nutritional business, SBCH, “Our learning has been that if there is a big brand with a lot of equity and it does nothing new, someone else usually comes in and segments the market. If instead, the market leader is the one to segment, he can gain the most”. So before anyone else could, the company stake out some new turf. Which is why Horlicks has come out with new products such as Junior Horlicks, Mother’s Horlicks and Horlicks Biscuits?

The idea here is to extend the core values to new formats and benefits. And that in turn grows the market. Take biscuits. They’ve meant a different distribution and marketing technique — allowing access to the brand at a low price. And that gives the brand a means to get into smaller outlets — including the corner pan-bidi shop where it never could have been before. Even if products like Junior Horlicks cannibalize the mother brand, at least 80 percent of its users are new incremental consumers.

To implement this tactic, the plan was to eliminate the dealer completely and replace him or her with agents. To say the plan did not work well is an understatement. Rama Store distributors, who had represented it in India, initiated legal action against the Store in four states. All 323 Rama Store — Audio dealers felt betrayed by the elimination of their franchises. Although they were offered the opportunity to become agents, they were so opposed that they sued Rama Store. The law suits by these dealers sought damages exceeding 50 core.

Can an individual’s class/social status be changed?

Can an individual’s class/social status be changed?.

What characters have we met so far? What is the class/social status of each character we have met so far? Provide partial quotations Which characters want to change their social status? How do you know? Provide partial quotations. Which characters have changed their social status/class? How do you know? Provide textual evidence to support this.

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