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Marketing Question Description Complete the following information about the company Ford Motor Company

Description Fill in the blanks with information on the Ford Motor Company and its product, the Ford F-Series Truck (s). To get answers to the questions below, you may need to perform some research. Analyze the Situation and the Company Economic Situation Consider the aspects that influence your customers’ purchasing power and spending habits. What is the state of the economy in where you operate? Is it a period of expansion, recuperation, or contraction? Will it be simple to find employees? What is the current interest rate, and is it going up or down? What is the state of consumer confidence? Technical Situation The technical world is always changing. New technologies open up new markets, and they have the potential to affect your customers and competition. Environment in the Industry What are the current trends in your field? Are there any new players on the scene? Is there a substitute product on the market? Are there any new benchmarks to utilize or any changes in industry practices? Environment of Competition What is the number of competitors you have? Who are your main rivals? What are each one’s main selling features or competitive advantages? What is your competitive advantage? Is there enough room in the market for both you and your competitors? Political Situation Take into account the political climate in the areas where Ford Motor Company will trade and operate. Is the political system stable? Is there anything you should be aware of in terms of licensing and regulations? Do you need to gain support in order to function? Use the following questions to do a SWOT analysis: As you answer the questions below, be sure to include descriptive responses and explanations. Strengths: Is there a strong brand presence for the organization? What marketing resources are available to you? Is there anything distinctive about the company’s products or services that meet the needs of their target market? What distinguishes the company’s products or services? What benefit does the customer receive? Mission, Goals, and Objectives Declare the mission or business purpose: what the organization hopes to accomplish in terms of the market. (For example, Disney’s mission statement may be, “We create happiness by offering the best in entertainment for people of all ages.”) Weaknesses: Is there a lack of brand recognition for the company? Is there a scarcity of resources for marketing activities? Is there a dearth of unique products or services in the company? Do your present products or services fail to meet your clients’ needs? Do present products or services fail to provide customers with value? What is the one-of-a-kind opportunity that the company is attempting to capitalize on? Is there any unmet need in the target market that the company can fill? Are there any new target markets with requirements that the organization can meet? Is there a way for the company and its competitors to benefit by collaborating? Is there a way to collaborate with customers to increase brand awareness? Describe and evaluate whether or not market demand is increasing. Are there any changes in government rules that will have an impact on the business? Describe any rising global challenges that will have an impact on your business. Threats: What are your competitors’ techniques for pursuing customers? What are the company’s main and/or emerging rivals’ strengths? In what ways do the competitors’ products or services outperform those of the company? How will competitors react to any changes in the company’s marketing strategy? Is the organization lagging behind in terms of marketing technology adoption? Describe any strategies used by international competitors to steal market share. What aspects of the business do customers despise? Describe and analyze whether or not market demand is dwindling. Make a list of 1–3 objectives that will help the organization get closer to its mission. (For example, “to be the most popular theme park for international visitors” may be a Disney goal.) Convert goals into precise marketing objectives that are straightforward to track and analyze. (For example, in the following two years, we want to expand our market share of international theme park visitors by 10%.)