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Marketing plan

Description 1. Give a brief summary of BK Publishing (South Africa) a. In which publishing industry do they work? b. What are the present drivers that are driving the publishing industry? c. What is the emphasis, publishing philosophy, vision, and mission of the company? d. Describe their author profile and publishing list(s). g. Who is their primary rival and why? f. Describe the brand and its principles – how crucial is the brand to the success of the publishing house? 2. Give an outline of the publishing house’s sales and marketing teams/departments? a. Make a sales and/or marketing team organogram. b. Recognize and discuss the distinctions between sales and marketing functions. c. Using the various positions as a guide, describe the department’s major functions. Comment on any novel ideas or potential areas for improvement. 3. Choose one title from your selected company’s publication list and design a marketing plan that will be implemented four weeks before the title’s release and addresses the following: a. What do we have to sell: product research (Braverstock, 2015: 114-118)? • Describe the product, including the title / book – author, cover, blurb, publication date, and formats. • What items, services, or titles compete with the title you’ve chosen? List at least three competing titles and their distinctive selling qualities (unique selling points). b. What is it used for: market research (Braverstock, 2015: 118-119)? • Determine the title’s core and secondary target markets. • Describe the market – what are the market’s requirements? In what ways will this product or service make people’s lives better? What ‘issue’ is it attempting to resolve? How much do they require or desire it? For whom is the product intended? Who is going to buy it? Is it the same person who will benefit from it? • Create a customer profile that covers both demographics and psychographics for your ideal consumer / reader. • What advantage does the product or service provide to your target market? Explain the basic benefit, the real benefit, and the enhanced benefit. b. An initial assessment of the situation: where are we now? • Conduct a SWOT evaluation of the title. • Conduct a PESTLE analysis of the publishing company’s meso and macro environments. d. Setting goals: what do we wish to accomplish (Braverstock, 2015: 123)? a. Developing a strategy: in broad terms, how will we get there (Braverstock, 2015: 124)?? f. Making a plan: in detail, how will we get there (Braverstock, 2015: 124)? • Differentiate between instruments that are used above the line (ATL) and those that are used below the line (BTL). • Print-based marketing methods, online marketing tools, direct marketing tools, publicity, public relations, and events should all be included. • Make sure the publisher’s and author’s duties are clearly defined. • Write a 500-word advertorial that will be published by an online reading community linked to your selected publishing company’s publishing sector. 4. What did you learn in this course as a result of this assignment – what do you know now that you didn’t know before, and how will you apply it in your professional life in the future, whether it’s in publishing or not?