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There are many different kinds of marketing applications that Brew-Master can make use of on their website in order to market their new RedBarley whiskey to the international client base. There are 5 applications such as E-Commerce, online market research, service and support lines, e-mail marketing and SMS marketing that are possible for Brew-Master to use. E-commerce are sites on the internet that one can go on to access links to other different kinds of sites that offer the same thing you are looking for.

Brew-Master needs to make sure that they use proper infrastructure with basic technology and tools so that the audience are able to use it easily and to its full potential. These sites with links to other sites are known as Cybermalls. A vertical cybermall will be used, which means that one site will have different brands of the same thing. When one looks on the internet for different alcohol, Brew-Master’s website can be a link to click on. This will benefit the organisation as it saves time and money for the organisation and no travelling is needed.

People are able to visit the site, order the whiskey and there are no complications. Another application that can be used is online market research. This is where the consumers opinion matters. The organisation needs to set up a customer profile on their website where consumers are able to give feedback about the product or their services to Brew-Master. Brew-Master can use this opportunity to better any negative problems received from the public and build relationships with loyal customers.

Customer service and support line could be used to encourage two way communication with the consumers. Consumers are able to get the help they need instead of just giving up on Brew-Masters website. The organisation needs to keep in mind that they therefore must respond. Consumer’s will not stick around with the product if they do not receive the help they need. Quick replies are essential. Another tool that can be used is email marketing. Brew-Master’s website should create an option where consumers can have the option whether to be on a mailing list or not.

That way, Brew-Master can send information on new stock as well as promotions that will happen in the future to their consumer’s. In order for this to be successful, no spam should be sent out. Brew-Master must make it an option on their site for people to decide whether or not they want to be on the mailing list. The last application that Brew-Master could make use of is known as SMS marketing. This is a more personal way of contacting their consumers as it is fast and sent to each individual at a time.

It is important to therefore have an option on the website where potential clients can send their cell phone numbers if they want to. There are many disadvantages that Brew-Master can struggle with when dealing with online marketing. Many people are not necessarily able to gain access to the internet all the time. This creates a limit on the potential consumers that Brew-Master can obtain compared to traditional marketing techniques. Another problem that could occur is that many people prefer to have personal communication with the provider and have the product in front of them before purchasing it.

This could lead to a decrease in sales online. Brew-Master can integrate online marketing by pushing their consumers to using online methods. The organisation can do this by doing TV commercials telling the public about the corporate web page. If TV advertisements do not fall in the budget, then advertisements in publications can be used where the new bottle, Redbarley, could be advertised with a quick phrase that will grab the consumer’s attention, have “check our online site for more details” printed on the advertisement too.

This will encourage consumers to look what the online site has to offer. The corporate website needs to be running smoothly to keep consumers interested. Many businesses could benefit from making use of online marketing if the organisation uses it correctly. The organisation needs to ensure that they maintain good relationships with their consumers and keep their corporate web page running smoothly and easy for the public. RedBarley whiskey can be advertised to the international public through the correct use of online marketing.