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For an above-the-line approach Diesel gave unsigned new bands an opportunity to have their music heard through their on-line radio station Diesel:U:Music which it’s choices of music are chosen by the resident DJ – The impact being that the Diesel team saw music as an inspirational part of that lifestyle and realised that exploring new music and artists was all a part of trying something different and experimenting with the unusual.

Also the launch of their campaign with the phrase ‘Be Stupid’ – The impact was this was chosen through Renzo Rosso taking the stupid move to make jeans that he wanted to wear all those years ago, then took an even more stupid move of trying to sell those jeans to other and are now being enjoyed by millions of people around the world now to enjoy. For below-the-line approach it’s always about engaging with the customers as opposed to selling at them, in having a two way conversation with the customer as to going against them with a one way speech, making it an enjoyable experience for the customer, making this an Indirect sales promotion.

Diesel gel the boundaries between to two approaches by combining both expensive activities like Radio and inexpensive activities like indirect sales promotion such as point-of-sales displays. 2. Diesel:U:Music is regarded as an above-the-line approach. It is part of a global music support collaboration along with an on-line music radio station allowing new music and artists to have their music heard and to have an opportunity to have their talent recognised. 3.

Premium pricing strategy advantages and disadvantages: Advantages Disadvantages 4. Considering the distribution strategies mentioned in the case study, what might be the outcome if Diesel adopted an intensive distribution method…… If Diesel were to sell their products at a low affordable price they would gain a wider share of the retail market, not everyone buys a product through the experience they had when in the store or getting them involved in with the Diesel lifestyle – an expensive one at that 5.

To what extent do you think Diesel can rely on its brand alone for future growth! How far do you think Diesel’s growth is directly linked to its organisational structure! For as long as customers who are buying their products like them and are happy to buy them at the prices they sell them for. With Diesel’s organisational structure being a flat hierarchy, it encourages everyone to communicate with each other, sharing ideas and solving problems with less layers of management also trying to communicate that energy with its customers.

I think it helps as the staff have a sense of belonging to both a team and to a particular responsibility, which leads to motivation. The more you understand your work and your environment, the happier you are likely to be at your job then the less likely you will want to leave . With being happy at work they can keep creating great ideas that has been said has formed the heart of the company, by this they have been producing products that millions of people have been buying.

Discuss management’s role in Statistical Process Control (SPC) within quality process implementation

Discuss management’s role in Statistical Process Control (SPC) within quality process implementation.


In APA format answer the questions below and demonstrate course-related knowledge. Each questions should be a minimum of 550 words using the textbook, 2 scholarly sources and 1 biblical integration. Q1. How could you utilize Quality Functional Deployment (QFD) in your organization? 

Q2. Discuss management’s role in Statistical Process Control (SPC) within quality process implementation. (550 words minimum & Textbook citation) Textbook: Goetsch & Davis: Chapter 17 Quality Functional Deployment Chapter 18: Optimizing and Controlling Processes Chapter 19: Six Sigma[;vnd.vst.idref=cover]!/4/[email protected]:0 Quality Management for Organizational Excellence For login and password information, please, contact support team. 

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