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Haley Downs Prof. Durapau Comp. 1-9:05am 12 September 2012 Mario, Mario, Everywhere As most people know, Mario is a variety of games played on Nintendo gaming devices. Although many people may think that all Mario games are about Mario saving Princess Peach, that is not always the case. There are many types of Mario games that attract people that prefer specific genres, such as classic platform, party, and sports. On the classic platform Mario games, they generally share the theme of Mario, an Italian plumber, trying to save Princess Peach from Bowser and other enemies by going through levels until the game is won and Peach is saved.

Typically, these are played by one player at a time reaching for the final goal. Mario has to get past Goombas, Piranha plants, turtles, and other obstacles until he reaches the end of the level, in which he has to defeat an enemy such as Bowser, King Boo, and Big Bomb-omb. Once all of the enemies are defeated and Mario has made it to the end, Princess Peach and Mario are united. Most of the classic platform games come from the Super Mario series including New Super Mario Bros. , Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Galaxy. Although all of these games follow the same theme, they are all unique, along with the many other Mario games.

Another very common genre of Mario games is party games. Party games are made to be multiplayer games, hence the word “party”. Most of the games involve each of the players choosing one of the Mario characters, including Mario, Luigi, Toad, Wario, Bowser, Dry bones, and many more. Once a character is chosen, they compete against their friends in a race, battle, or competition. Most of these games require skill, while others are based on luck. Some of these party style games are the Mario party series, WarioWare, and Super Smash Bros.

All of these games are usually played for entertainment and a pleasant way to spend time with family and friends. Mario sports games are also a very great way to pass time and be entertained. While party games are very relaxed, sports games can often be very competitive among the players. Just like in sports that are played aside from video games, each team desires to win. Most of the sports games, besides from Mario Sports Mix and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics are focused on one specific sport, being either tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, baseball, fighting, or racing.

Each of these games is played both as single player and multiplayer games, depending on the gaming device used. Due to the competitiveness of sports games, they can often be played with other companions as a way to gloat once the competitor wins the game. Just like all other Mario games, sports games are typically played for entertainment. There is a very large variety of Mario games that are played by people all over the world, each one designed to provide amusement to the player. Rather it be a classic platform game, a party game, or a sports game, Mario never fails to entertain.

Political ideologies

Political ideologies.

 Description The Question 1 is REQUIRED. And choose ONE from the remainder. You are required to specify the NUMBER of each of the two questions (required and elected) you answer. Do NOT email your answer to the instructor. Please use the space only provided MQUESTION 1(REQUIRED): ldentify the spectrum of political ideologies. Discuss how the political ideologies identified relate to the American people/masses as well as to the government in the American political process. QUESTION 4. ldentify differences in philosophical themes between conservatives and liberals in viewing international relations of the US. Assess the reality/unreality of the differences reflecting in the US foreign and security policy. Discuss your views based on at least one example/s. . QUESTUION 2: What are the differences in political ideology between conservatism and liberalism which undergird the differences between demand-side and supply-side economics in the US? Can there be a third’ ideology that is able to compromise between the two economics? Whichever, justify your views MQUESTION 3: Assess whether both elitism and pluralism were reconciled in the American democracy. Discuss your views based on at least one example/s.

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