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Marina Bay Sand Resort located in Singapore is one of the outstanding skyscrapers building. It is one of a miracle building that billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property at almost 8 billion. Marina Bay Sand Resort is a high standard building same as other miracle project such as the Palm Island in Dubai, the dynamic tower in Dubai and Moscow and Burj Khalifah in Dubai. Those are scenery that catches many people eyes. Marina Bay Sand Resort was originally open in 2009. It has 2561 room build in within the three skyscrapers building.

Around the main buildings also have convection exhibition Centre, the Shoppe’s at Marina Sand Mall. A museum with unique design of the roof top, two large theatres, seven celebrity chef restaurant, floating crystal pavilions, ice skating rink and the world largest atrium casino with 500 tables and 1600 slot machines. To me, this great building could give such a great motivation to mankind as it is almost impractical building but still engineers can make them reality. Engineers are also human, same as us. It shows that. Nothing is impossible if there is a willing in our heart and willing from God.

All people can create good things for the world. Marina Bay Sand Resort was design by Moshe Safdie, the world well-known architect that have design so many building with unique angle. Other major product by him is Mamilla Alvov Centre, Khalsa Heritage Memorial Complex, and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. But without money, the Marina Bay Sand will not become a reality. The man behind this project is Sheldon Adelson, one of the richest man and the CEO of Las Vegas sand cooperation. People said it was initially inspired by card decks.

This is one of the world most complicated construction project and of course engineers, workers, and the architect himself will face some problems. Engineers involved must make not one but three skyscrapers that will installed a big skypark as big as an aircraft carrier on top of the buildings. Engineers have to devise ingenious solution to assemble a sixteen meters tall museum of impractical diamonds, installed ‘giant artworks’ and the floating pavilion for shopping and entertainment. Singapore is the smoothest Asian country that is small than New York city.

The lack of space forces it to build its largest leisure and entertainment up to it with a small track of retained water front land. Series challenges lies in the array of building that form the unique complex. Three fifty seven story hotel towers slope in such a great angles, there are dangers of buckling under the overweight. And an even bigger problem is the hotel roof. It is almost 400 meters skypark where it is containing gardens, outdoors pools and the world largest casino. How are you going to installed an aircraft carrier 400 meters on top of the sky? That’s the problems they face.

A 60 meters tall of science museum is designed for a maximum visual impact. To people eyes, it seems too impractical to construct this building. One problem they face is to build the pavilions in the water. On the ground, the engineers are more concern about the reality of building safety vision. The design of the building itself is very diverse from other building. The first and the most critical construction task are to secure the footprint since the site was originally allocated for boats. Beneath the retained land which is essentially sea “things” is a dangerous marine clay.

It is also known as black toothpaste. Marine clay has very poor structure properties. If it is not giving a complete respect, the unstable marine clay is potentially fatal. In 2004, Singaporeans discovered the lethal consequences. A routine excavation in an underground tunnels for the mass rapid transit network causes a collapse. It creates a gaping hole in the middle highway and killing 4 workers. Therefore to combat marine clay/ engineers decide to build giant concrete wall to create a stability parameters from the larger building. It is known as a diaphragm wall.

After 1. 5 thick, a diaphragm wall, a steel reinforced concrete sections was secure 50meters into the ground. They form watertight in closers for men and machines to work around the globe. 16500 workers was hired. This is very huge number of workers and need a big amount of penny to paid them. They also have to struggle at the congested site, where the flow of lorry have to be monitored in order to give space for construction. The Marina bay Sand could be one of the world most expensive mistakes if engineers can’t solve the problematic structure.

One of the engineers V. C Chiong comes with the solutions to formulate a solution to use bridge technology to prop the sloping edge as the building configuration is not straight tower with sloping leg. So all the sloping leg is inducing huge external forces into the structure and can create dangerous. When they are about to begin construction, a bombshell drops. September 2008, a global financial crisis wreaked havoc on market. The flow of hundred millions of dollars they keep on the Marina Bay project going every month suddenly stops.

But the man behind the project, Sheldon Adelson pledges his vast personal wealth to the completion of the project. Next is the crystal pavilion, the resort premier shopping and entertainment complexes. But before engineers can makes them reality, again they have to secure the footprint and the major obstacle threatens to sink their objectives. The crystal pavilions and the situated within the confine of marina bay. So to build it, engineers have to find a way to build in 6 meters of water. To keep water out from the construction site, only one solution seems to be useful that is a waterproof steel structure called a confidant.

This temporary formation surround the work side with circle of steel sheet pipe creating an impenetrable shield that logs out the water. Next is the whether problem. Typhoon may hit the Asian country. When this happen, typhoon force winds could spell disaster for the hotel talent with force of the windd. The strong wind can make the building swing dangerously causing irreparable damage to the structure of the building. In order to avoid this from happen, they have to install a movement joint. A movement joints are essentially gap located in between the concrete towers.

The lesson from the story I have choose promote the quote saying that “ if there is a will, there is a way”. If we have the determination to do something, we can always find the path or method to do it. The problem with these proverbs, however, is that although they may represent the Truth, they fail to carry the force of the Truth because we’ve spent so much time learning to ignore them. Over time, our denial of the truth in these proverbs have reduced them to nothing more than lifeless cliches. From this skypark building, with ingenious design solution and to survive the most critical financial crisis has the good finishing upon the result.

Now Singapore is already marveling at the team attend behind one of the world most ambitious building project. In just 3 years engineers overcome seemingly impossible construction challenges. Other than that, an age is not a matter for us to create or to build a new idea from technology or architecture prospect. To create idea we have to learn more, we have to travel more. And the most important things is, to get a new idea, we have to be wise. To be wise, we have to mingle around with wise people.

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