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A look at what made actress Marilyn Monroe’s fans consider her almost godlike.

A quick look through any magazine article or book about Marilyn Monroe is almost certain to turn up the word goddess. This paper examines why that should be the case, for surely none of her fans believed that she was in fact a divine being equivalent to Athena or Diana? The author feels that it is imperative not to dismiss her elevation to the pantheon as mere hyperbole. While she was certainly beautiful and famous, many other movie stars are also beautiful and famous and yet have not earned her sobriquet of goddess. This paper examines what qualities Marilyn possessed to make her in the eyes of her fans something nearer to divinity than simple mortality. It also contains a brief biography of the star.
But how did this tragic story become the biography of a goddess? Its tragedy was perhaps actually an essential element of it, for no doubt what has attracted many people to become fans of Marilyn since her death is the element of tragedy that clings to her. She seems to us to be very much a figure struck down by the fates, a character from the classical world in which people’s own actions matter less than the plans that the gods have for them.

2022 Spring Term (1) Spanish for Criminal Justice SPA 250

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Writing Rubric SPA 250
Research Papers
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Meets standards
Approaches standards
Does not approach standards
Quality of Information
Information always relates to a clearly-stated main thesis
Describes, analyzes and critically evaluates several examples in support of the thesis
Provides three or more supporting secondary literature sources.
Information almost always (or always) relates to a clearly-stated main thesis
Describes and analyzes several examples in support of the thesis
Provides two supporting secondary literature sources.
Information regularly relates to the stated main thesis
Provides at least one supporting example to the thesis
Provides at least one supporting secondary literature source.
Information sporadically relates to the
main thesis
or the thesis
is not clearly stated
Supporting examples do
not relate to
the thesis
Does not
secondary literature.
Essay is very organized with well-constructed paragraphs
Very smooth transitions between and within introduction, main body and conclusion
Essay is organized with well-constructed paragraphs
Good transitions between and within introduction, main body and conclusion
Information is organized, but paragraphs are not well-constructed
Poor transitions
information appears to be disorganized
Little or no transitions
Length of paper
5-6 pages
5 pages
3-4 pages
Less than 3 pages
Almost no (or none) grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors
Very few grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors, but does not interfere with reading
Some grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors; interferes somewhat with reading
Many grammatical, spelling, or punctuation
with reading
MLA format
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Almost always follows MLA format
Often follows MLA format
Only some-
times follows MLA format