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Management Question Description TOPIC: Diversity in the hospitality workplace.ASSIGMENT 1 VIDEOS:

TOPIC: Workplace diversity in the hotel industry. VIDEOS FOR ASSIGNMENT 1: wEMvnFA HFT 4224 Assignment 1 Bibliography with annotations You will be writing two annotated bibliographies on two distinct articles for this task. 1. For Discussion 2, you must choose one aspect/area/topic of Human Relations Management that most interests you. That topic has been authorized for each of you. 2. Go through all of the materials in the Assignment 1 module and read/view them. 3. Locate two things, one of which is a trade. 1- a peer-reviewed publication in the previous five years on a topic in human relations management that you approved (from Discussion 2) Yes, both articles must be about your chosen topic. You are not permitted to use any of the articles found in the course modules. You may not change your mind about the issue you’ve chosen. 4. After studying the Assignment 1 rubric, create an annotated bibliography for each of the articles. These must be written in a single Word document with full APA citations. 6. Go over everything you’ve written again to make sure it’s in line with the rubric, as that’s how I’ll grade it. 7. Submit by the deadlines listed in your course schedule summary to assignment Dropbox and Turnitin. FAILURE TO MEET THE DEADLINE WILL RESULT IN A ZERO GRADE FOR THIS HALF OF YOUR GRADE. I’LL ALSO ATTACH BOTH FILES.