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Management Question Description Assignment Overview Type: Individual ProjectUnit: The Human Resource Investment Due

Introduction to the Assignment Project Type: Individual The Human Resource Investment Unit is a sub-unit of the Human Resource Investment Unit. Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 NumericPoints are a type of grading. 150 points are possible. Deliverable: Earned Length: The body of the report, excluding the title, references page(s), and any appendices, should be 8-10 pages long. This assignment’s objectives can be found here. Go to Assignment Details for more information. Materials for Studying Reading Comprehension Online Deliverables: My Work Submissions Are you looking for a tutor? Go to Smarthinking for more information. Collapse All Assignment Details | Expand All Assignment Details Description of the task Review the Foundation Research Reports in Step 1 Visit this foundation’s Web site and, using the search box, put in each of the following topic titles one at a time, to study the content available, since these resources will be used during the course. Guidelines for Good Practice: These are short, research-based materials that are frequently utilized by HR practitioners in the field. Executive Briefings: These are concise overview of significant human resource themes and projects. White papers that look into current human resource challenges are called research reports. Step 2: Pick a Business Choose a contemporary company from this Web site to serve as the focus of this course’s investigation and analysis. By Tuesday of Week 2, you must tell the instructor of your company decision. During the course, you will NOT be able to modify the company you have chosen. Step 3: Investigate the Website in-Depth Section ReviewAbout Examine the mission, basic values, history, leadership, and strategy of the organization. Examine the company’s global reach in terms of production, facilities, people, and corporate social responsibility by reviewing its history. Examine the company’s products or services, paying attention to any discrepancies between geographic regions or subsidiaries/divisions. Examine the company’s technology usage, looking for disparities by geography, product, subsidiary/division, or functional department (marketing, legal, information services, human resources, advertising, etc.). Examine the company’s human resources philosophy and workforce demographics, paying special attention to policies or procedures concerning diversity, affirmative action, gender, sexual orientation, and handicap. Section of Investor Relations Download and read the most current SEC Form 10K, Annual Report, paying special attention to the Management Discussion and Analysis section and the human capital costs included in the financial statements and related footnotes. Download and read the most recent SEC Form DEF14A, Proxy Statement, with a focus on Executive Compensation, the Compensation Committee Report, and, if applicable, compensation plans up for vote or confirmation by shareholders. Download and read Press Releases from the last 24 months that highlight strategic initiatives using or affecting human capital. Section on Careers Examine the information on the Careers Landing Page that communicates the company’s people philosophy and provides insight into what it’s like to work there. Examine the company’s approach to hiring experienced employees, the job application process, and college recruiting. Examine the company’s compensation philosophy and complete incentives strategy. Step 3: Evaluate the Current Human Resource Situation Prepare a professionally prepared report appraising the current human resources environment, suitable for presentation to the company’s senior executives, based on the analysis of material gathered in Steps 1–3. Your report should include your appraisal of the human resource management topics listed below, as well as the company’s impact on each. The body of the report, excluding the title, references page(s), and any appendices, should be 8–10 pages long. Engagement Strategies for Employees Talent Management at a Global Level CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. Technology for Human Resources Issues in Employment Law and Human Rights Human Resource Management’s Emerging Trends Best Practices in Human Resource Management References Human Capital Challenges in the Twenty-First Century The 2014 Fortune 500 list (2015). Fortune. Foundation was retrieved from Foundation (n.d.). was used to get this information. Please turn in your homework. The following are the criteria that will be used to grade your assignment. The grading rubric can be found here. Please consult your text, Web resources, and any course materials for assistance with your work. Additional Information