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Management Question

Do some web research to find out what a Living Wage is, and how it
differs from minimum wage. Use the MIT calculator to determine much it
would be in Kalamazoo County, Chicago, Orlando, and Los Angeles. Read
about the pay decision that the CEO of Amazon made a few years ago to
raise workers’ minimum wage to $15/hr, and think about what has been
happening over the last few months regarding employee wages (to
incentivize people to take traditionally lower paying jobs). Use the
following websites (or others):
Write a summary of what you found in your research. Then, talk about

what you think about this issue by addressing the questions below.

Please explain your opinions and reasoning thoroughly.
1.Do all employees have a right to a living wage, not just a minimum wage?
2.Should companies cut CEO and executive pay to cover the costs of increased wages?
3.Should employers raise their rates like Amazon?
4.What do you think is going to happen in the economy given that

employers have started paying employees at a higher wage, offering

signing bonuses, etc?