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Management and Motivation

Management and Motivation. I’m studying for my Nursing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Assessment Instructions
Note: Assessments in this course build on each other and must be completed in sequential order.
Create a 3–4-page report on the optimal learning environment for the course you began developing in Assessment 1. You should select a learning environment that will foster motivation in your learner population, support your efforts at classroom motivation, and best serve the goals of the course.
Optional Preparation
Practice implementing these considerations in the Vila Health challenge provided in the Resources before beginning your work here.
Create a report that does the following:

Describes the learning environment most appropriate for the educational topic and intended audience that you identified.
Briefly describes and evaluates theories of classroom management, learner management, and learner motivation that are relevant to your course and intended audience.
Describes evidence-based strategies for classroom and learner management and evidence-based best practices to enhance learner motivation and how you would employ these in your learning environment and with a diverse group of learners.
Supports your choices with scholarly resources.

Additional Requirements

Format: 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, double-spaced in Microsoft Word.
Length: 3–4 pages, plus a title page and a references page.
Use correct APA format, including running head, page numbers, and a title page.
Use and cite at least three scholarly articles in your plan.
Writing should be free of grammar and spelling errors that distract from content.

Suggested Resources

Vila Health: Management and Motivation | Transcript.
Wlodkowski, R. J. (2008). Enhancing adult motivation to learn: A comprehensive guide for teaching all adults (3rd ed). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Chapter 1: Understanding Motivation for Adult Learners.


Burbach, B., Barnason, S., & Thompson, S. A. (2015). Using “Think Aloud” to capture clinical reasoning during patient simulation. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 12(1), 1–7.
Reese, C. E., & Jeffries, P. R. (2010). Learning together: Using simulations to develop nursing and medical student collaboration. Nursing Education Perspectives, 31(1), 33–37.

Additional Resources for Further Exploration

Dunlap, R. (2013). Nursing theory and the clinical gaze: Discovery in teaching theory across a cultural divide. Nursing Science Quarterly, 26(2), 176–180.
Merriam, S. B., & Bierema, L. L. (2014). “Chapter 2: Traditional Learning Theories” in Adult learning: Linking theory and practice. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Management and Motivation

Current Staffing Issues.

Hello, looking for assistance on an assignment that is worth 100 points. The professor is a bit of a stickler with no let-up, and I must do well on this assignment. The course is a Human Resource Management (HRM6622) course with Troy University Master’s Program. I need someone who will take their time and not waste my time. Please let me know if you will be able to help me with this assignment providing original and quality work. Current Staffing Issue(s) Please briefly review (2-4 pages) two articles from electronic sources published within the past twelve (12) months that address a current HR Staffing issue. One can come from a professional journal or professional society like the SHRM website. But, one should come from a peer reviewed journal such as those that may be found in Troy library’s electronic data bases. [I enjoy using EBSCO] https: Follow this structure: I. Cover Page: Title; Assignment; Course Number; Date; Instructor; Your name; Overview: Succinctly state the main points and the basic logic of arguments as well as the type support offered, e.g. expert witnesses, research, historical precedent, etc. II. Your assessment of the value of the article. III. Any action, if any, you would take as an HR professional as a result of reading the articles. IV. Citations – in APA style with URL.The articles can deal with two separate issues. Or, if they deal with the same issue, they should present different perspectives
Current Staffing Issues

Forgery And Plagiarism | Analysis

To falsify something for the purpose of deceiving someone is known as forgery which is a crime. Forgery can be in the form of counterfeiting or art forgery but every kind of forgery is considered a crime. Forgery in the case of counterfeiting is severely punished. Crime has been there since the world came into being but it started to flourish in the twentieth century when several prospects for forged activities arose. Greeks and Romans signed their art with other people’s names and hoped that a big name would be capitalized. Similarly, coins and paper money have been faked by counterfeiters since they were introduced in the world. Some acts of ancient forgery were so impressive that they have been placed in museums for display and in some instances, pieces of art haven’t been exposed as forged work for centuries after the museums and galleries got hold of them, very much to the shame of the staff. (Smith, 2010) Definition of Forgery “To illegally modify or reproduce a document, signature, an instrument, legal tender or any other means of storing information is known as forgery.” Any item that is copied is also considered forged. (forgery Definition) When something is forged, a piece of art for the purpose of mimicking the style of a popular artist is made by a person and signed with the name of the artist. Usually, the work of dead artists is forged because their work cannot be testified. A few art forgers are very sharp. They utilize several techniques so that it becomes hard to detect a fake. Similarly, several techniques are used by art historians for examining art in the hopes of detecting forged works from real works of art. To forge documents is a profitable endeavor in several parts of the world. Identification, certificates of title to property and other such documents can be generated by forgers for cheating. In a few cases, documents are forged for kind purposes such as to enter an establishment with age restrictions and in many cases forgery is done for more sinister purposes such as to detect theft. Several precautions are taken when official documents are made like the use of special inks and papers so that forgery is made difficult. Forgery is a growing problem in the financial world. Currencies are actually made by forgers which is known as counterfeiting but fake checks and other important financial documents are also signed which cause a lot of problems even if the crime is detected. To examine suspicious documents and other material that might have been forged is called questionable document examination. Individuals, who choose to study forgery, may select a specific kind of forgery to specialize. Those who specialize in forgery may analyze things such as medieval paintings, title deeds, currency with the help of several instruments and techniques to detect forgeries. (Smith, 2010) Types of Forgery Forgery is of three main types and all the types of forgery are common these days because of the advanced technology. The three types of forgery are: Altered documents. Signature forgery. False documents. Altered Documents Forgers can change documents for their benefit by altering the information within a particular document. Household bleach, paint thinners or special ink rubbers to a check can be applied to make changes to documents. Forgers can attempt to alter the amount or change the payee on a check easily. Most of the times, these alterations are not detected. Some forgers alter documents by using cut and paste technique. Others alter documents with the help of technology. Nowadays, documents can be easily scanned into a computer and the details along with the image can be altered within a few minutes. With the help of color inkjet printers, new documents can be created by forgers that look just like or even better than the original documents. A student in the United States got admission to New York University (NYU) with the help of a forged college record. The forged college record was obtained by taking the college record of another student going to another college, and then the student’s name, grades and other details were changed and blank forms were obtained and printed from a local print shop. Fake classes and grades were filled in by the student which he sent to New York University with the admission’s application. Signature Forgery Signature forgery is thought to be the easiest type of forgery. The forger obtains a document from another individual and that individual’s name is signed on it. It is difficult to find out the forger even if the forgery is uncovered. False Documents Forgers easily create false documents because computers, printers and scanners are easily available all over the world. To create false documents, a check or a business card can be scanned not considering what the business card or check looks like. Forgers can steal large sums of money by cashing forged checks. Just like signature forgery, by the time, forgery is uncovered it becomes impossible to track down the forger. (Forgery ICU 97-02) Forged Writing To make or alter a written instrument for fraudulent activities or to deceive someone such as to sign another individual’s name to a check is known as forged writing. Writing payee’s endorsement or signing a check without the permission of the payee or the related authority. The true owner of a check is the “payee” to whom the check should be paid. Forgery at common law is “the fraudulent making and alteration of a writing to the prejudice of another man’s right.” (Forgery” Defined

Deception in Intimate Relationships

assignment writing services Introduction: Deception is relatively common in intimate relationships. Partners are willing to lie for their self-interest, to protect their relationship, or to save face. Once their partner lies to them the trust is eliminated or diminished depending on the severity of the lie. It is evident that deception in a relationship can be harmful and ruin a relationship. I plan to better understand why lying in intimate relationships occurs and the different types of deception used with their partner. Rationale: I will explore the type of deception used within intimate relationships and both how they responded when they suspected their partner may be lying and how they reacted to a partner’s suspicions that they had been dishonest. I will find different articles and stories about deception in relationships and explore different types of deception that occurs in a relationship. This research will help understand why people lie in intimate relationships and how it affects them and their relationships. Literature Review This research explores the use of deception in intimate relational types, which delivers further insight on deception and romantic relationships. Specifically, this research indicates that deception is relatively common in romantic relationships. Researchers focus on beliefs about the importance of honesty in romantic relationships and their perceptions regarding their own and their partner’s success at deceiving one another. Their use of certain styles of deception (i.e., Distortion), as well as their responses to suspected deception (both how they responded when they suspected their partner may be lying and how they reacted to a partner’s suspicions that they had been dishonest). Self-Interest Research findings have shown that significant others lie in relationships for their own self-interest and for the sake of their relationship “Deception undoubtedly plays a complex role in romantic relationships. While honesty and openness are desirable traits among romantic partners, partners may nonetheless use deception in order to meet personal or relational goals (Guthrie, 2013, page 141). Research suggests that deception is most likely to be motivated by fear of a partner’s disapproval. In particular, the willingness to lie appears to be issue and target specific. People are more likely to lie about a topic when the behavior in question violates a specific target’s expectations (Millar

MCJ 6985 Emory University Violent Crimes Problem and Research Question Project

MCJ 6985 Emory University Violent Crimes Problem and Research Question Project.

*PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT AS A REFERENCE*Using your model study as a guide, compose and draft an introduction for your project. The introduction must introduce the problem statement that you have identified and the ways in which you intend to examine the problem statement.The introduction should comprise 2–4 paragraphs, including response to the following points:Define the general problem statement that you are investigating. For example, a problem statement can be “Convicted offenders find it difficult to seek gainful employment upon release from prison.”Identify the key issues related to the problem, such as lack of skills among offenders, a desire to return to criminality rather than pursuing lawful employment, or reluctance on the part of employers to hire offenders.Specify the research question(s) you intend to answer with relation to your problem statement. For example, “Does participation in prison-based technical training programs improve an offender’s opportunities for postrelease employment?”Identify potential sources of data.Define the expected outcome of the project—what you expect to find and why.Note: The problem and the key issues should not be explored in detail. Keep in mind that this is simply the first step in presenting your project. You will further work on these ideas in detail in the upcoming weeks. Make sure you incorporate the feedback that you have received for the Week 1 Project. Since the introduction will eventually be included in your final project, ensure that you utilize proper academic writing.
MCJ 6985 Emory University Violent Crimes Problem and Research Question Project

MKT 474 Post University Walmart Stores Marketing Plan Discussion

MKT 474 Post University Walmart Stores Marketing Plan Discussion.

You will be creating a marketing plan over the duration of this course. For the first segment of this final project, you will s
ubmit for approval a company that you will examine to complete the final Marketing Plan. You can select a well-known company, one in your community, a non-profit, one you work for, or an organization you belong to or support. See the file attached above for specific details and the grading criteria that will be used for this assignment. Marketing Plan Worksheets: For your convenience and a detailed explanation of the 4-part project, please see the
Marketing Plan Worksheets
Marketing Plan Worksheets – Alternative Formats
See attached rubric for grading criteria. Submit your completed assignment to the above submission link by 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday of Unit 1.
MKT 474 Post University Walmart Stores Marketing Plan Discussion