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Making Websites Accessible for the Disabled college admissions essay help Aeronautics essay help

An essay on creating an Internet that is accessible for the disabled populations.

This paper examines the current action taken today to make the Internet accessible for disabled users. The paper explains how the virtual world (world wide web) and the real world should be governed by the same laws that protect access for all people in public places. It describes the legal action taken if this web site does not follow the prescribed standards by law and the loop hole found by companies.
“Twenty percent of American’s have some sort of disability, and that number will continue to increase as America ages. Since the advent of the Internet, daily tasks, business meetings, and other activities can be performed from the comfort of ones home. As physical establishments are required to make accommodations for disabled citizens, and with the number of Americans logging on everyday it is only natural that virtual establishments be required to do the same. The Department of Justice agreed, voting to extend the Americans with Disabilities act to the web, people with disabilities have the option of taking legal recourse if a site is not in compliance with the law. This paper will explore the initiatives to make their sites user friendly for all as well as the methods and technologies used in order to achieve such a task.”