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make the paper i attached 4 pages its already around three it must be a full 4

make the paper i attached 4 pages its already around three it must be a full 4.

Hope through distraction The story by of the Shawshank Redemption is an inspiring one played out by Andy Dufreine. The story is mainly geared to showing ways in which we can be able to keep on hoping for some final result even though the situation may be grave. There are various plots and scenes whereby the directors have incorporated the best effective methods possible to ensure that the rhetoric effect of the story is felt. The prison situation is nasty and seems to have no end but instilling hope for better days was the driving factor for Andy. He does not only have hopes for himself but also tends to try and pass the same to his friends. The distractions he uses while in the prison make his days more hopeful as they distract him from concentrating much on his current situation. The main argument of the story is that hope can be found whenever and is almost fully assured if one is able to focus fully on the future without concentrating much on the current situation. Andy is portrayed as one who is not pushed to the wall by the fact that he is in prison even though he was accused falsely. He accepts what befalls him without resistance and tries to muster the courage and hopes for some change in the future. He hid a rock hammer in the Bible when going to prison. This is one of the distractions that he uses to keep himself physically busy. Through this, he is able to lose concentrations on being despaired; rather, he is more hopeful of the future. He always looked at the hammer and begins having nostalgic moments as he always remembered how the outside life was interesting and full of life. By doing so, his mind is able to
make the paper i attached 4 pages its already around three it must be a full 4

Carlos Albizu University Week 1 Health Education of Public Health Discussion.

Week 1 Introduction to Public Health APA Style Question Part 1 Discussion Prompt 1-3 Paragraphs Pick one of the 10 essential public health services and apply it toward your own community or city. How does that service directly affect you and why is it important? Part 2 (Please Separate this part to a different Word Document) Week 1 Assignment: Your Community Health Research the local health department in your county (Miami Dade County) . If your county is too small, then use the health department from the largest city closest to you. For this assignment: Provide a brief history of the local health departmentList and describe some of the programs that are maintained by the health departmentSelect a program that you feel is the most needed in your communityDiscuss the importance of a local health department, and how they assist public health departments at the national level This paper should be one to two pages in length and written in current APA Style 7th edition, including both a title page and a reference list of all sources used.
Carlos Albizu University Week 1 Health Education of Public Health Discussion

After reading the case, read the stories of Luis, Sally, and Tom. Finally, complete the task listed by doing the following: Write your responses using first-person references. This is one of the few writing assignments in this course where it is okay to begin a sentence with the word “I.” Confirm that your responses (for the composition as a whole) cover the depth and breadth of content presented across the entire chapter. In other words, your composition must cover the broad spectrum of topical areas from the chapter—rather than focusing on the same concepts and ideas for each of the three. In the opening paragraph, identify and explain (specifically, in terms of Chapter 1 content from your assigned reading) which individual you would trust as your mentor. Your response must be a well-organized, carefully composed, single-spaced paragraph, not to exceed 8 typed lines. In the second paragraph, identify and explain (specifically, in terms of Chapter 1 content from your assigned reading) two deficiencies in each of the other 2 individuals, making it clear as to why you consider them to have less credibility than the one you selected in your opening paragraph. Your response must be a well-organized, carefully composed paragraph, containing a 4-item list with specific explanations for your decision. The introductory statement(s) to the list will specify the two individuals (by name) while the associated list content will state specific deficiencies in credibility without attaching any deficiency to a specific individual. Use block style (i.e. not indented) paragraphs for this and all business documents, as this became the standard in business since the mid-1980’s when PC’s and word processing software began to replace the typewriter in the workplace. While your paragraphs will be single spaced, your composition must be double spaced between paragraphs. Also, be sure to use to “open look” when presenting your bulleted list in the second paragraph, and use filled-in black circles for bullets. Your composition, when completed, will consist of 2 paragraphs (with a list as part of the second paragraph AND may not exceed 2/3 of a page; there is no minimum length except the parameters previously stated. Of course, you are expected to review and apply all previously assigned reference documents to assist you when completing this writing assignment. Save your Word document as Mentor first name last name. (For example, my file name would be Mentor Cecil Tarrant.) Of course, verify that the file format is .docx. Your final composition must be only the composition. Do not type the case name, your name, the assignment name, the date, the course name, the course number, etc. as part of the submission. Doing so will result in a 10 percent deduction in your score. This same policy applies to all writing assignments for this course. Remember, you may make as many submissions as you wish; but only the most recent submission is evaluated. Finally, this (and all writing assignments) will be graded holistically. This means that you start with maximum number of points for the assignment (20 points, in this case) and deductions are taken for composition errors and content errors, down to a minimum score of 0. This system of assigning points will be used for all writing assignments in this course. Initially, deductions for English composition errors only will be taken; however, as business writing principles are introduced, deductions will be taken for these as well.

Faking It Sex Lies & Women Magazines Article Analysis Misleading Women Discussion

Faking It Sex Lies & Women Magazines Article Analysis Misleading Women Discussion.

I’m working on a article writing question and need an explanation to help me study.

Directions:Students are to read the articles “Faking It: Sex, Lies and Women’s Magazines” and “She Wrote Fake News for Cosmopolitan and Now Regrets Misleading Women on Feminism.”Students are to watch the YouTube video about the Cosmopolitan writer, Sue Ellen Browder.Students are to write a (full) 3-page paper discussing the articles and video.The first and second pages should include a discussion regarding your opinions and thoughts on the articles and video. Be specific and use at least 2 examples from each article/video when responding.The third page should include examples in current women’s magazines of the problems revealed and discussed by the various editors and writers interviewed in the article. You may use a hard copy of a magazine or an online copy of a woman’s magazine. If you find a men’s magazine that has examples of the same misleading information and tactics, you may use that too.For example: look for examples that has small print that says “names have been changed” in the articles you are reading. Look for exaggerated claims regarding sex and its impact/benefit on health and beauty. Look for quotes from “real women” that don’t sound like how a real person might speak about sex.Make sure to include the magazine you found the article in, the issue you are using, the name of the column or article, and its author. Give me specific details when describing the article(s) you are discussing.The assignment must:Be typed – APA or MLA style accepted.Proper citations in your references/works cited page.Use proper spelling, grammar, and paragraphs.Use proper essay/paper format (introduction, body, conclusion)Have solid content, examples, and well thought out analysis
Faking It Sex Lies & Women Magazines Article Analysis Misleading Women Discussion

ENG 124 RNU The Irony and Symbolism in John Steinbeck the Chrysanthemums Essay

custom essay ENG 124 RNU The Irony and Symbolism in John Steinbeck the Chrysanthemums Essay.

This class is designed so that each week you build on the knowledge you gained the week before. You readings, forums, assignments, and my comments on your assignments helped develop your understanding of literature. Therefore, this paper is a cumulative reflection of what it is you have learned in this class. Consider it a final exam, as I will be grading it as such.

Read John Steinbeck’s short story, “The Chrysanthemums” beginning on page 226 in our textbook. It is also posted in this unit in Moodle. Be certain to correctly cite the version you choose.
Choose one of the following questions on which to base your thesis:
Analyze the plot in terms of its exposition, complication, crises, falling action, and denouncement. 
Examine the relationships between the two main characters.
Discuss the irony and symbolism found in the story.
Describe how setting plays a role in the story. 


Your paper must be at least 7 pages long. I will accept papers up to 9 pages long. This does not include the Works Cited page.
Your paper must include 4 scholarly sources that are referenced in your paper. You may use Literature, An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama and Writing as a source of information as an outside source. The short story by Steinbeck is a primary source; therefore, you will have at least 4 sources referenced in your paper and on the works cited page. You MUST use the Cochise College library for critiques, reviews, and summaries. The best search engines are Literature Criticism Online and Literature Resource Center. If you need help, let me know. No Wikipedia, or other non-literary sources.
It must include a Works Cited page. This must follow MLA guidelines. You may also use Also, chapters 42 & 43 and 46 in our textbook are excellent resources. Do NOT use a works cited generator. The information is often formatted incorrectly.
ALL sources on your Works Cited page MUST be cited in your paper and follow MLA guidelines.
Write the question you are responding to under the title of your paper, then begin your paper under the question. 
Your paper must reflect elements of fiction you have learned throughout this course. This is NOT a summary of the story or an opinion piece. This is a literary critique. 
Underline your thesis. Papers that do not have an underlined thesis will not be considered for a grade. This means it is a failing paper. 
Your paper must include 4 to 5 quotes, a sentence or two long, to support your research. Do not use too many quotes, as this paper is to be in your own words.

*Things to consider:

One of your sources should be about the author so that you understand him as well as the time in history the story was written.
Make sure your paper is in present tense.

ENG 124 RNU The Irony and Symbolism in John Steinbeck the Chrysanthemums Essay

International Terrorism: The Challenge to Global Security Essay

International Terrorism: The Challenge to Global Security Essay. Introduction The damaging effect of terrorism on modern society was brought to the world’s attention following the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington in September 2001. This acts by the Al-Qaeda terror network demonstrated that international terrorism has the power to disrupt social life even in the world’s super power. Since then, a wide-ranging debate has developed about the level of threat that international terrorism poses to the global community. While some people regard international terrorism as a marginal threat, others see it as an existential threat to society. This paper will argue that international terrorism is the main challenge facing the world in the context of international security and therefore, measures should be taken to address this issue and safeguard global security. International Terrorism as a Global Challenge International terrorism has become the greatest danger to world security, overtaking the threats of military confrontations from rival great powers. Stewart (2006) observes that the international security threat posed by military confrontations between rival great powers has reduced dramatically since the Second World War. Most Western nations have formed alliances such as NATO, which makes it almost impossible for them to engage in aggressive military confrontation against each other. The possession of nuclear weapons by the major powers such as Russia and China acts as a deterrence from any major confrontation (LutzInternational Terrorism: The Challenge to Global Security Essay

Capacity Planning And Timing Strategy Business Essay

Capacity Planning And Timing Strategy Business Essay. This report discusses a case study on capacity planning and facility location at Georgia Pacific a company that has undergone growth. The case study illustrate the importance of growth and its linkage to the environment. The report first start with defining the capacity planning and control then looks at capacity-timing strategy Georgia Pacific uses and the factors that influence this strategy. Then looks at major factors that it used to make its capacity expansion decision and what other factors might the company have considered. The report then further explain the technique Georgia Pacific used to make its facility location decision and what other facility factors might the company have considered. Also the report looks at how environmental considerations affect capacity planning and facility location at Georgia Pacific and lastly in my own opinion explain if Georgia pacific has made the correct capacity planning and facility location. Finally the report concludes with Georgia pacific production style, the manner in which the company operates as a team, its environmental consideration and decision making process. Definition on capacity planning In operations management, capacity is referred as an amount of the input resources available to produce relative output over period of time.(citation) Strategic capacity planning is important in an organisation mainly because its facilitate the organisation to meet its future requirements. Planning guarantee that operation cost are kept at a minimum level without affecting the quality, it also guarantee that organisation remain viable to attain its long-term plan for expansion Capacity planning and timing strategy Long range capacity planning and control primarily depends on a range of factors and some of the factors Georgia-Pacific used base on the on changes in capacity are Market conditions: The timing of the market and making a decision base on the market gives the organisation a competitive edge as well as an increase in market share. Georgia-Pacific have used these strategy to increased its production capacity base on the changes in the market, as the market grew production was increased so as to meet the demand. Technology: The change in the technology means organisation, required fewer resource to operate its production and therefore this means that with the advance technology Georgia-Pacific can increase its production ability with only slight equipment changes. Equipment: So to achieve a large increases in production capacity, Georgia-Pacific use improving the already existing equipment, or set up new equipment, The major factors that influence the buying of sawmill is because of the strategic location of the sawmill and since the capacity of the sawmill was restricted in 1970 when it was first built buying it 1987 and expanding the operation such as adding drying kilns, a planner mill for finishing on site and a warehouse for storing the finish lumber to improved production capacity and the fact that the plant has the basic equipment and the has company owned forests in the area were more economically viable. Factors deciding the expansion The timing in making a decision to expand a business is vital, as you need to carefully study the fiscal benefits of such expansion such as assessing having the cash for the investment to cater for the additional inventory, new facilities or equipment. At Georgia-Pacific the various factors considered in deciding whether to buy and expand the sawmill in Florida for example are Market conditions: Florida has an excellent market condition such as the speedy growth of population and the boom in home construction because of these strategic position of the location of Florida gave Georgia-Pacific an edge over their competitors Raw materials — Georgia also considered this site because it own forest in the area that also had other position of privately owned timber. Environment- That the other major factors to consider was legislation and government policies regarding the environment Georgia Pacific considered this factor and assessed the environmental regulation of Florida and find out that Florida has more strict environmental regulations that make it hard to build a new plant than to acquire an existing plant. Economics- This is a major factor to considers when planning for capacity expansion as this affect the economic viability of the organization. Georgia pacific has considered this factor by analysing the return on investment when acquiring facilities and found out that acquiring and expanding was much easier and economically viable that building new facilities. Labor — The availability of labor both skill and unskilled is very important when considering making a decision for capacity expansion. As for Georgia pacific the nearby facility mean that the sawmill could draw some trained personnel. Equipment — As for a long term capacity expansion the availability of equipment to carry the operation is a major factor to consider. For Georgia pacific the already existing sawmill had the vital required equipment and facilities such a functioning road system, a nearby rail road spur, and electricity facilities. Overall at Georgia pacific acquisition of the sawmill offered exceptional potential for capacity expansion and the sawmill was expanded in 1998 hence greatly contributed to the success of the Georgia pacific. What other factors might the company have considered Other factors include Facilities location decision The decision on where to locate facilities is the most important factors in capacity planning and its where the success of the company depends. Facility location involves organisation seeking to locate, relocate or expand their operation, the decision process encompasses the identification, analysis and evaluation of a selection among alternative, Since at Georgia Pacific facility location mostly involves long term commitment of resources the decision on where to locate facilities are mainly affected by several factors such as financial, capacity and technology as well as political, economic and social.. However in the case study at Georgia pacific corp. the main focus of consideration are raw material, market condition labor force, government regulation and policies and finally energy utilities Market condition- Georgia pacific asses the market condition by serving so as know the demand and place the product close to the location. Raw materials- Georgia pacific review the availability of raw so to have adequate supply of locally available raw materials at a low price Government regulation- Georgia pacific choose where the state and local government welcome companies by looking at factors where they have relax tax and environmental policies as well as attitude of the local towards industry such as florida Labor- Georgia pacific have assessed the availability of local work force that can be easily train Utilities- Georgia pacific have considered the availabilities of all utilities necessary such as such as water, electricity and natural gas. Other factors that Georgia pacific could have also consider could be the availability of less expensive land with a bigger space as well as land with quality and efficiency facilities such as such as roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, airport and cargo facilities, energy systems, and telecommunications. Also there other crucial factor that George pacific could consider could be the cost of transportation in terms moving the product as well as the supply cost. For example proximity to supplier can be excellent for JIT production as it improves performance of deliveries and reduces inventory as well as reducing cost. Environmental consideration In general environmental consideration is part of capacity planning and facility location. It was paramount that Georgia Pacific makes itself environmental friendly. Since Georgia pacific depends on timber as a natural resource, they need to assess location where environmental policies are either relax or less strict. For example Georgia Pacific had to buy the sawmill in Florida with strict environmental rules that makes it more difficult to build a new facility. In order to reduce pollution caused by transportation Georgia pacific corp. have considered locating the material close to the site by expanding operation such as adding drying kilns, a planner mill for finishing and a warehouse for storing the finish lumber on site. also choosing municipal sewage disposal system on site at skippers site ,also the skipper was near an excellent timber base and a nearby resin plant that uses the residuals Opinion on Georgia Pacific It is believe that Georgia Pacific has made the correct capacity planning and facility location since all consideration were carefully analyses and decision made base on the out came. The main emphasis was the market condition and the raw materials. The market condition was important because it focuses on the product demand, equally the availability and the location of raw materials so as to reduce the cost of transportation as well and meet the demand of the government or state environmental policy on industries all the factor discuss above were carefully consider by Georgia pacific corp. hence execute a well plan capacity planning and facility location. Conclusion In the case study it looks like at Georgia Pacific the emphasis is on growth, and so capacity increase and acquisition is a way of life. It assesses possible increase of capacity by working as a team to solicit suggestion and obtaining information and use a check list for major factors such as deciding on market demand, technology equipment and labor. Also since the company depends on timber as a natural resource environmental consideration is equally important. All of the above factors are very important part and parceled in decision making on capacity planning and facility location. The factors listed on this report are very crucial when making capacity decisions. Capacity planning is a very important aspect in manufacturing companies, as it to do with meeting the customers demand. They also have a long term impact. Capacity also determines the selection of appropriate technology, type of labour and equipments. The right capacity ensures economically viable business Capacity Planning And Timing Strategy Business Essay