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Make a 5 min PPT according to the requirements and a 3 pages explanations

Make a 5 min PPT according to the requirements and a 3 pages explanations. Help me study for my English class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Topic: The Indian independence movement (with an emphasis on the creation of an independent state in 1947) Make a powerpoint presentation and explain each slide.Write about three pages for the explanation. Write the slide number when you writing the explanation.For your oral presentations, you will be offering your classmates information about an important historical context for the literary work that we are analyzing that day. Your job is to do some research and then report back on what you find in a clear and compelling manner. You can consult the web, but do your best to look at reliable websites, and make sure you also consult at least one books. Upon doing research, you will likely discover that the history you are responsible for is extremely complicated. For your presentation you should aim to determine which ideas and facts are most important and focus on them. Try to turn your subject into a compelling story organized around a few key points. Please include some images, sounds, and film clips, and please use as little text as possible in your slides. Your presentation should be five minutes long and you should provide me with a list of works cited the day of your presentation.
Make a 5 min PPT according to the requirements and a 3 pages explanations

please develop sections as 200-300 words per each question with apa format ,intext citations and references. I don’t understand this Management question and need help to study.

Question 1
Have you observed a practical problem on the job(Technology consultant) that you learned about in a MBA program course? Give details of a problem and how the company worked on a solution.(IT company)
Question 2
Have you had any contact with HR or hiring staff since you have been working at your internship position? How does the HR person or department assist in helping employees succeed in their career(s)?
Keywords for the questions

Demonstrate an understanding of and relevance to your academic career by making a connection between knowledge learned in the classroom and practical problems in an off-campus work environment.
Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas of interest, based on your practical work experience.(technology aspect)
Understand and discuss aspects of your job duties and role with the company.

please develop sections as 200-300 words per each question with apa format ,intext citations and references

Question regarding intracellular organelles and viruses – Microbiology.

Which unit of measurement is used to measure intracellular organelles and viruses? (Points : 2)       Centimeter       Decimeter       Micrometer       Nanometer       Picometer
Question regarding intracellular organelles and viruses – Microbiology

poetry. Paper details a 3-4 page analysis of either one poem or two poems [or three or more if you feel up to it]. A study of more than two poems would be a division and analysis of certain themes or symbols that appear in several poems. The idea is to discuss a poem or poems based on the “elements” or features of poetry. In other words, you might study poetic symbols [including metaphors, imagery, personification] or the poet’s use of certain other devices, like alliteration, assonance, allusion, metrics [see the rhythm and versification handout on the module]. You might also discuss the poem in relation to the romantic/classical types of poetry breakdown in the module called “Notes on Poetry.” The best advice I can give is to break a poem down into its parts and to write about each part, one at a time. It’s a simple way to structure a paper and it works. Writing about poetry may seem daunting at first, but if you break a poem down into parts, your paper has a simple and clear structure to it. If you compare two poems, compare them according to a certain theme or idea [my advice]. What is being said in each poem? The Tyger and the Lamb [William Blake] are good for comparison. Roberts Frost’s poems are also good for comparison. And Countee Cullen and Jean Toomer [two African American poets writing during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s on similar themes] would be good for comparison.poetry

Strayer University How To Announce Your Office Relocation Report Paper

Strayer University How To Announce Your Office Relocation Report Paper.

Step 1 – Read the Information BelowManagers spend one third of their time communicating up and down the organizational hierarchy. Communication is the transfer and understanding of information from one person to another. The communication model comprises of several parts.We want to examine the communication pathway or medium in which communication is delivered. The communication pathway is the way messages are sent, including:Face-to-face meetings.Electronic mail and online discussions.Written letters or memorandums.Telephone or voice-mail, among others.While some people may be better at using certain mediums over others, some mediums can be better suited for the specific message being conveyed. For this week’s discussion, suppose you are a manager who needs to communicate several messages to employees of the company.MessagesThe CEO abruptly resigns after the news media reports that the CEO embezzled millions of dollars.A plan to relocate the company.The death of an employee.The reassignment of one division to a new location.Step 2 – Post a ResponseRespond to the following for each of the messages above:List the medium (telephone, email, text, face-to-face meeting, etc.) you would use to communicate the message.Explain why you chose that medium over the other possible mediums.Then, consider the importance of the information conveyed in these messages. How might the choice of medium for communication impact trust and credibility among the employees?
Strayer University How To Announce Your Office Relocation Report Paper

Art Written Summary

online dissertation writing Art Written Summary.

Summary Requirements:Choose 1 artwork from the entire textbookProvide: Artist, title, size, location of the artwork.Make sure to embed the image into the body of the text.Create an alternative meaning that could be misconstrued for the artwork when viewed out of context. Be specific in your analysis of the artwork, subject matter, etc.Then, provide the correct context as described in your research.How much does context matter in interpreting an artwork’s meaning? Please present your summary with the 1, 2, 3, 4, format as stated above. It will make for easier reading and guarantees that you are including the correct information. This is a requirement. WRITTEN SUMMARY REQUIREMENTS:Provide the information in the numbered format above.CITE sources, if you use them (it is not necessary to use another source other than your text book). Your submission will be scanned through for originality. I will use this data to inform your grade. If you do not cite, it will “appear” that plagiarism is taking place. Limit your Summary to one page. Exceeding WILL result in a grade drop.Must be submitted as a pdf file.
Art Written Summary

MGT 521 SEU W13 Managing Dynamic Change Employees Layoff Discussion

MGT 521 SEU W13 Managing Dynamic Change Employees Layoff Discussion.

Discussion question, No outline, 2-3 Paragraphs, 2 references and around 15 linesChange involves moving from one circumstance or situation to another. Since organizations involve many components and systems, the ability to effectively communicate any changes throughout the organization becomes a critical component of employee morale and commitment. In this scenario, assume you are serving as a Human Resource Manager for a company in Saudi Arabia that has announced that they must lay off 20% of all employees. Discuss how you would advise management about how best to communicate this message. Include the following areas: the specific process they should follow, the format/channels they should use, the components to include in the message.How can the change pre-layoff and post-layoff be evaluated?What type of control systems would you employ to ensure a smooth transition?What metrics or measurement tools could you use to ensure the current customer base is still being supported after the layoff?Draft a short, one-paragraph message that you believe should be sent to the organization to announce these layoffs. During the week, review and offer suggestions to your fellow students on how they can modify their message to make it more palatable to employees, offering suggested words and approaches that they may consider.In 30 hours, please.
MGT 521 SEU W13 Managing Dynamic Change Employees Layoff Discussion

UCF The Gospel in The Old Testament Fulfillment of The Prophecies Discussion

UCF The Gospel in The Old Testament Fulfillment of The Prophecies Discussion.

I’m working on a philosophy question and need support to help me learn.

Discussion Prompt: The Gospel in the OTAfter completing the required reading and watching the lectures, answer the following prompt:Read Psalm 22 and Matthew 26-27 again. Answer the following questions:What is your reaction to the connection in language between a NT Gospel and an OT Psalm?Is this just a big coincidence, or is there a prophetic connection that shows us that God planned to send Jesus all along?Share your thoughts about this inner-biblical connection, and take some time to write about what this connection could mean in your life.If this connection is truly letting us know that Jesus is the answer to the sin problem, how do you respond?
UCF The Gospel in The Old Testament Fulfillment of The Prophecies Discussion