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In the book “Major in Success”, author Patrick Combs illustrates through examples and motivates the reader to pursue his/her dreams. He aims to provide the morale support required to ooze the potential out of the reader. In fulfilling this task, he mentions the insignificance of a student’s grades and his choice of a major. Grades define the commencement of one’s career and not being able to maximize your GPA would mean loss of opportunity in terms of time.

As far as a major is concerned, a student, who has realized his dreams in earlier stages of his life excels in the chosen ield way more than someone who has barely any knowledge of where he/she is headed. The definition of success is subjective. Firstly, it is not measurable, but we will stick to measuring success with money because that is the conservative approach that the society uses today. Since there are two ways of earning money, Jobs or proprietorship, means of earning success are also two.

For some, it may mean being successful in his/her Job, while for others, having a Job is a failure, but owning a company is success. Grades are necessary because it shows your potential to the orld. If your definition of success is an entrepreneurial venture, you need not prove your potential to anyone, but yourself, in which case, grades do not matter. For these people, Combs’ advice must be taken with a grain of salt. If their grades do not depict the maximum of their capability, probability is higher that they will be unemployed.

For almost every recruitment manager sets a minimum GPA in order to even qualify to attain an interviewing opportunity. To be able to prove your caliber to a proprietor, igh flying GPAs are more than a prerequisite. Combs talks about the idea of being more of a learner than being knowledgeable. As much as this is an excellent approach to life, it does not entitle success in monetary terms because decisions are taken based on your current knowledge and if one keeps learning right before they make a particular decision, there are chances their decision will not be as effective as a knowledgeable person’s will.

Learning is an ongoing process and should be one, but knowledge requires a deeper understanding nd command over the learned material, and that is what helps one makes decisions in life. Learning is a must, and once you have the required knowledge, learning from your experiences is the best teacher. Combs uses an example that a person receiving a C in a class could have learned much more than a student who received an A. This is a possible scenario, but all it does is that it illustrates the discrepancies of the education system.

It accounts for the lack of ethics that the student with the A could ave used, or that he got lucky to be quizzed on the material that he studied. Also, if the student with the C grade had learned more, he clearly failed to apply that knowledge when tested, which undermines the point that learning is more important than being knowledgeable. The major a student chooses plays a giant role in how an individual’s career has in exceling their dream. Secondly, through formal education, one exposes him/ herself to more time comprehending the material in the chosen field.

This stands for more exposure and command over a chosen subject. Also, a basic example to demonstrate one’s choice of major is the fact that some majors are more profitable than others, monetarily. According to an article from CNN regarding the best entry- level salaries, marketing majors received an average of $43,459 starting compared to finance majors who started with an average of $48,795. This is over a $4,500 difference. If we use money as our success defining basis, clearly we can see who is more successful.

Although Combs makes a great point about selecting a major based on one’s passion, t should not be the only factor that one considers. For instance, people always confuse hobbies with majors. Some individuals enjoy dancing, but if they base their career on this, it might not be the most beneficial to them. Dance is talent that is hard to acquire if one plans to be a successful professional. It is a God gifted talent and can be achieved through hardcore effort. It would be wrong to say that this applies to all because if Michael Jackson would have thought the same, the world would be at a loss.

But, not every dancer is Michael Jackson and one must thoroughly now his strengths and weaknesses before choosing a major. Ultimately, that is one factor that classifies the opportunities that are open to one to make a living. Majors are degrees, which are merely pieces of paper but entitle you to a living. In conclusion, I would classify this read as a good support system that motivates a reader to not quit in life. I expect more guidance and concrete steps at this stage in my life and the arguments presented in here, are not relevant to the working world that we reside in it, at present.

Children of the Dust by Ali Eteraz

Children of the Dust by Ali Eteraz.

The review of Ali Eteraz’s book, Children of the Dust, ought to consider the following: How journey is a common motif in spiritual writings—Eteraz’s journey from childhood to adulthood and from Pakistan to the United States and how these journeys, in turn, convey Eteraz’s evolving self-understanding, spiritual maturation, understanding of Islam, etc. Eteraz’s and his family’s experience of Islam/the Islamic ethos during their residency in Pakistan and America, respectively. How Islam/the Islamic ethos is expressed in contemporary Pakistani culture—Including, when relevant/pertinent, consideration and assessment of central Islamic tenets operative in and experienced by the Eteraz’s during their residency in contemporary Pakistan. The Eteraz’s experience of how Islam is perceived by certain segments of the population in the United States via consideration of relevant/pertinent experiences of the Eteraz’s during their residency in contemporary America…and how Ali’s American experiences impacted, informed, shaped and colored his spiritual journey and his understanding of his faith/religion. What lessons we can take from Eteraz’s experiences that might contribute to a better social experience in our culture and to the improvement of ourselves as individuals as we undergo our own journeys and spiritual maturation, and as our own religious understandings and sensitivities evolve. Additionally: Allow the review to be an occasion by which you reflect upon and consider aspects, anecdotes and aspects of the book and the experience of Eteraz which particularly struck you in some way—positively and/or negatively—and critically engage and assess why this was the case. This may lead some to gravitate on issues relevant to social analysis or cultural rites of passage or interpersonal relationships or religious toleration…In short, there is freedom for you to pursue points of particular interest to you and/or relevant to your major…

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