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Hardware and Software Components BUS 210 July 8, 2011 Brian Wirpsa Axia College Material Appendix E Hardware/Software Components In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components Legacy systems| The legacy systems are the IT system as a whole for a company. The legacy system is computers, hardware, and software needed to run an IT system. | Mainframe computers| Mainframe computers were the hub of a company’s IT system information. They were large, used mostly for number crunching, and only accessible by company managers.

Later, although they remained expensive minicomputers were made that were used for word processing, and more readily available for other function departments to use. | Microprocessors| Microprocessors are the software components that help to make the personal computer possible. Microprocessors are essentially the brains inside of a pc. | PCs| PC’s or personal computers are much smaller than mainframe computers and made for individual use. They were computers that use software that any individual can use and within a business held a connection to the company’s mainframe.

Network computers| Network computers act as the middleman in the communication between the pc and a company’s mainframe. This group of pc’s connection to the mainframe server called a “land area network” acts as a landline for the network of computers located in the same building. | World Wide Web and Internet| The world wide web is a connection worldwide to any and every computer in the world. The world wide web allowed information to be transferred to and from anywhere in the world via the internet.

With wires, cables, Ethernet wires, and routers is how The internet was able to transfer information. | Wired and wireless broadband technology| Wired broadband technology is the use of the internet through wires that transmit data at a slow speed. Like a tunnel, wired internet technology must move slowly through the small space provided by the wiring. Wireless technology uses no wiring, therefore that tunnel is now wide open with more space and room for data to transfer at a higher rate of speed. PC software

PC software is the brains that operate the computer. PC software is what is used to connect all functions of a computer together to work such as the hardware components and the software itself. | Networking software| Networking software is the second brain for a computer that allows it to connect to a company’s servers and company pc’s. | Computer security software | Computer security software is the protective shield or skull for a computer that prevents outsiders from entering a computer system and taking vital information.

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What is your position on Russia’s military action in Ukraine? In the HISTORICAL context, can you make a case for it or against it?
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