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Magazine article (topic undecided) article assignment offers a unique opportunity to get your writing published in a widely read online magazine created and run entirely by USC students. Illumin is a readable, popular publication which caters to an audience of non-technical people who are curious about the many intersections of engineering and society. The range of topics is wide so choose something that genuinely interests you and that you want to know more about. Make sure the topic has some link to engineering or technology. Write an engaging article which highlights the role engineering plays in all areas of everyday life.Steps to progress on this assignment:1.    Read the magazine. 2.    Pick any topic you want to know more about.3.    Research the topic.4.    Consider audience.5.    Engage the reader.6.    Use multimedia.7.    Submit for publication. Link will be provided. RequirementsThe articles should be between 1,500 and 2,500 words in length. In addition, authors should: Double space and use 12 point font Document the use of all outside sources in IEEE format (please see your text for details). Failure to do so may constitute plagiarism (see section 11 of SCampus for more information on academic integrity). Do a careful fact-check to ensure that articles contain correct information. This is especially important since Illumin submissions could potentially be read by a large number of people. Suggest or include illustrations, multimedia content, or links. Article submissions should be in Word (.docx) format.On the title page, please include: Article Title Contact information (name, campus, and permanent email addresses) so editors can make contact in subsequent semesters Article abstract (150-200 words) A brief, two-line biography of the author A list of 5-6 keywords for search engines to recognize

Religion essay

Religion essay.

Research and write about Eastern (Non-Western) Art influenced by either Native American, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or Taoist religions. In this minimum 300 word essay, you will view a self-selected work of EASTERN art, compose a 2-paragraph original essay. 1. After reviewing the Materials above, select a work of EASTERN art available online of your own choosing that meets the following criteria: The work can be from any humanities discipline except film (literature, visual art, music, theater, or dance are all acceptable) The work must have a URL that you can include in your essay so that it can be verified. The work must be influenced by one or more of the EASTERN religions identified in this module (only Native American, Hindu, Buddhist, or Taoist influences are acceptable). 2. Go to the dropbox, and write the essay using the following instructions: In the FIRST paragraph (at least 150 words): Clearly indicate the type of EASTERN art (e.g. painting, sculpture, song, poem, etc.) and its title. Include a hyperlink to the URL of the online version of the work you are discussing in the essay. Do research by finding and reading at least ONE research source BEYOND THE TEXT BOOK concerning your selection and cite the research source. Identify the EASTERN artist (if known) and the year that the art was created. Identify the culture and EASTERN religion that influenced this work. Be sure to cite specific examples to support your claim by integrating your research on the artist, the work, the culture, and the time period. Discuss the meaning of the art based on your response and research. In the SECOND paragraph (at least 150 words) based on your research: Evaluate its “craft.” Is this a good example of this type of EASTERN art? Is it well presented? What are its points of value? Does it have a message? How well does the work represent the intended EASTERN religious theme(s)? How well does the work convey its meaning? In the end, did you have mostly an Apollonian or Dionysian experience?

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Fundamentalists & their religious belief

Magazine article (topic undecided) Fundamentalists & their religious belief.

Using these 3 books as sources:
The Search for Meaning by Dennis Ford
Myths to Live By, Joseph Campbell
The Dynamics of Faith by Paul Tillich

This essay should include personal elements as well as ideologies and terminologies from these authors. Foot notes are needed.


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Lynching of Henry Patterson in Labelle

Lynching of Henry Patterson in Labelle.

Lynching of Henry Patterson in Labelle

Should the lynching of henry patterson in labelle florida be memorialized

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DirectFresh Implementation of Solution

DirectFresh Implementation of Solution.

Based on the current Microsoft Word file provided that is pertaining information from the case study (also provided) on the company DirectFresh. How would the writer answer the question provided with proper formatting and criteria.

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constructivism & humanism

constructivism & humanism.

rior to engaging in this discussion, please read chapters five and six in your e-book and review the Instructor Guidance. If your last name begins with A-M you will discuss the theory of constructivism and its relationship to learning. If your last name begins with N-Z, you will discuss humanism and its relationship to learning psychology. Constructivists suggest that a person’s reality is unique from others and thus, effects what, how, and how effective knowledge is acquired. This is suggested to be affected by numerous variables such as culture, past experiences, and past knowledge. Humanism posits a purposefully person-centered approach to learning, that includes personal growth, focus on self-development, and personal needs. -Do you feel that learning, from the approach of a human’s potential, rather than from a purely content driven (you need to know this) perspective, is a viable way to approach investigating “how we learn”? Why or why not? -Waldorf Education posits that it is a school founded on humanism ideologies. After reading the content, do you agree with their position? Would this type of education work with adults (yourself)? -Describe a personal example of experiential learning that you have experienced. -How can the areas of motivation and needs potentially increase effective learning, as suggested by humanistic ideologies? -How do the variables of organismic integration theory (OIT) reflect the humanistic model?

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Accounting Standards & Regulations

Accounting Standards & Regulations.

Accounting Standards & Regulations – 22420 – Spring 2017
ASR Assignment 1 (20%)
You are a recent accounting graduate and have been employed in the Financial Reporting Unit of Myer
Holdings Ltd, an ASX listed firm. Preparations are underway for the completion of the general purpose
financial report for the year ended 29 July 2017 and you have been asked by the Chief Financial Officer to
identify any major accounting issues which will need to be considered. Your attention is drawn to a media
release by ASIC on 31 May 2017 (ASIC Media Release 17‐162) and this identifies areas of concern where
attention will be directed in the ASIC surveillance program. Not surprisingly given a recent academic paper1
‘impairment of assets’ receives specific mention.
You are required to prepare a report for the CFO considering whether impairment of assets is an issue
requiring address for the firm. The report should, with reference to AASB 136:
a) With reference to Myer outline what evidence is there that impairment testing of assets is necessary;
b) With reference to Myer outline the processes required to be addressed in determining any asset
impairments that might be necessary
c) With reference to Myer outline the information needed in determining asset impairments
d) Evaluate the flexibility management has available in the determination of asset impairments .
Your assignment must be set out as a report with the four sections (a) (b) (c) (d) clearly shown. You must link
your discussion to relevant accountings standards, including references to specific paragraphs. You must carry
out independent research to complete this assignment and you must cite relevant academic (where relevant)
and practitioner articles that support the material and views you present. Use Harvard style referencing.
Your report must be typed using 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing and 2.5 cm margins on all sides, with a
maximum length of 1300 words (excluding references, executive summary and appendices). You do not need
an introduction or conclusion. State the word count at the beginning of the assignment. Refer to the UTS
Business School Guide to Writing Assignments (link below) on recommendations and suggestions on how to
structure your report. All material (excluding executive summary, references and appendices) over 1300 words
will be disregarded.‐writing‐guide‐2014.pdf

Marking Guide
Parts (a), (b), (c) and (d) are each worth 10 marks. In addition, presentation and communication are worth 10
marks combined. This gives a total mark of 50 for the report, which will be converted into a mark out of 20.
Your report should address each of the parts equally. Attached is the marking scheme that will be used in
marking your report. This report is worth 20% of your total subject marks.
1 Bond, D., Govendir, B. & Wells, P. 2016, ‘An evaluation of asset impairments by Australian firms and whether
they were impacted by AASB 136′, Accounting and Finance, vol. 56, no. 1, pp. 259‐288
Accounting Standards & Regulations – 22420 – Spring 2017
Attachment: Assignment marking matrix
The criteria and weighting of each criterion used to mark your assignment are listed below:
Well below
Well above
Presentation and Communication (10 marks)
Title Page
Title of assignment, subject name, student number and
name is given
Body is organised into main sections and sub‐sections
Sections and sub‐sections have appropriate headings
Report organisation suits requirements
Main issues relevant to the topic are explained
Report is the correct length
Correct formatting (i.e. font/spacing)
Tables/graphs are used correctly (if appropriate)
Writing Style
Information flows logically; Report is easy to follow
Paragraphs are well constructed
Sentence structure is grammatically correct
Tenses are used correctly and spelling is correct
Statements made in‐text are referenced
In‐text reference format is correct
End‐text references format is correct
Content (40 marks)
Part A (10 marks)
Evidence of asset impairment being necessary is
identified and discussed.
Part B (10 marks)
Processes for determining asset impairments identified
and discussed
Part C (10 marks)
Information needed to determine asset impairments is
identified and discussed.
Part D (10 marks)
Flexibility management has in recognising asset
impairments is identified and discussed.


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Sickle Cell disease

Sickle Cell disease.

Write a 3 page paper addressing the Sickle Cell disease Use the outline below Describe the reason for the genetic counseling Discuss the possible reactions the patient may have to your counseling and how to avoid negative reactions. Imagine this assignment as if you are giving this counseling to a patient. Discuss the following: 1. Health. 2. Prevention 3. Screening 4. Diagnostics 5. Prognostics 6. Selection of treatment 7. Monitoring of treatment effectiveness

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Economics Question- Company Analysis

Company Name – Hallmark Cards, Inc
Product Name – Greeting Cards.
1. Introduction- who started, when and how is it doing?
2. The market position of the company. Product Discription – greeting cards
3. Please show graphs, trends and refer to the graphs and explain. Add references and citations.
4. Quarter earnings for last fiscal year (Net profit, operating profit, net sales)
5. How has the company performed over years, what are their major selling product, what is their demand and strategy?
Add APA references and citations.