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Magazine Advertisement

You need to explain what kinds of advertisements are normally included in the magazine, including some detail about how the advertisements present the product or service to readers. Here’s a possible way that the document would be used: an account executive is placing ads for a new children’s breakfast cereal that is targeting health-conscious parents. The executive would pull your document to see whether the ad would fit in the magazine that you’ve examined.Chose a magazine. To get started, pull all the advertisements from your magazine that take up a full-page or more (in other words, also pull ads that take up two or more pages). Now go through the advertisements, and create a classification system to organize them into piles. For example, you might use a classification system based on the kind of product, the persuasive appeal used in the advertisement, or the segments of the audience that the advertisement is targeting. When you’ve divided all the ads, write a short description that explains your classification system.Examples file is in the attachment

to each question for a pharmacology case study, while using scholarly articles and the required text: Woo, T. M.

HISTORY Josiah is a 9-month-old who presents to clinic for a well child examination. He appears healthy with no parental concerns. His height is 28.5 inches (60th percentile), weight is 9.8 kg (70th percentile), and head circumference is 18 inches (60th percentile). His growth is consistent along the growth curve. The infant’s diet is as follows: breastfed, some solids, mostly family diet pureed for baby, and no meats yet. He does not like iron-fortified baby cereals, but likes crackers and teething biscuits. His mother gives him vitamin D drops daily and no other supplements. ASSESSMENT Josiah is alert, pulls to a stand, babbles, and is interactive. The anterior fontanelle is flat. His skin is pale and conjunctiva is slightly pale. His skin is pink and warm, with no bruising. The rest of the examination is within normal limits. Finger stick hemoglobin (Hgb) is 10.2. 1. What additional information (e.g., clinical findings, laboratory test results) will confirm the diagnosis? 2. What are your differential diagnoses for this patient? 3. What is your likely diagnosis? 4. What is(are) the desired treatment outcome(s)? 5. What non-pharmacological therapy would you recommend? 6. How would your pharmacotherapeutic plan differ, based on special population patients (such as obstetrics, geriatrics, etc)? 7. What pharmacotherapeutic plan (include prescription and non-prescription drugs) would you design for this patient? Rationale for pharmacotherapy to include mechanism(s) of action list drug(s), dose, route of administration, frequency, duration of treatment and one monitoring parameter. 8. What are the clinically significant adverse effects and drug interactions for the agents discussed? 9. How will you monitor the patient’s response to therapy? 10. How will you counsel your patient about the pharmacotherapeutic plan?

Rhetorical Analysis of Internet-Based Communities

Magazine Advertisement Rhetorical Analysis of Internet-Based Communities.

Fanfiction comprises plots and stories created and shared by people who enjoy certain movies, television shows, cable programs, and other narrative forms. Visit and choose a community to visit—pick one for a work that you know well. Read through some submissions, then click on the number next to “Reviews” under a story. (You have to click through to “open” a story in order to make the reviews number into a hyperlink.) Then visit the Archive of Our Own at Review how the Organization for Transformative Works organization operates at What purpose do these fanfictions fill? Who is the audience for the selections that you read? What function do the reviews play in forming a community of fanfiction writers, if any? How do reviews and/or submissions work together to create a community around these fanfiction texts and the original works that serve as a basis for the posts? What are some differences that you see between the non-branded site and the branded one? What are some marketing possibilities that you see happening through fanfiction?

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Week 7 Responses

Please respond substantively to two of my responses in the attached word document. Your initial post per response should be 75-100 words. Your response should be more than “I agree,” or “You’re right on the money!” Tell me why you agree with my responses and try to offer an example or something additional to keep the conversation moving.


The term papers should be typed and double spaced, using a Times New Roman font of 12. There should be a title page and one-inch margins should be utilized throughout the paper. WRITE A TWO-THREE PAGE PAPER ON THE ARTICLE “COXEY’S ARMY BY PAGE SMITH” USING MICROSOFT WORD! IN THE PAPER YOU NEED TO DISCUSS WHAT IS THE ARTICLE ABOUT, WHAT IS THE AUTHOR TRYING TO ARGUE AND WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT THE ARTICLE…..NO PLAGIARISM!!!! DO BY 2/25/2022 BY 1:PM

Nursing: Antimicrobial resistance

Nursing: Antimicrobial resistance.

Analyze the position statement from the International Council of Nurses (Antimicrobial resistance). This position statement is the foundation for this final project.( please refer to the website) In a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation, not including the title slide and reference slide, address the following: • Present the Position Statement. • Describe why this issue is important to professional nursing practice.

• Analyze at least three scholarly nursing articles related to this subject, including what the articles add to the understanding of this issue. • Describe legal and ethical implications of the issue using the ANA Code of Ethics (2001) as framework. • Summarize how this position statement can be utilized to improve the health of the population. Use bullet points on the content slides and include speaker’s notes to discuss the content. Remember to use APA 6th edition formatting for slide references and review the link on How to make an APA formatted PPT slide presentation.

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Cultural Management

Cultural Management.

“National origin serves as the point of departure for managers as a source of values, meaning and norms, but is not determinant with respect to behaviour or communication outcomes” (Clausen, 2007, p. 318). Discuss.

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