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Macroeconomic Policies and Public Health #2: The effect of macroeconomic indicators on health-care expenditure in Iran  ( these two articles. Are there similarities in the conclusions? Are there differences? Why?While answering, consider the following-the country profile-the type of study and tools used for data collection -bias and any specific assumptions -political environment and transparency-importance of the issue to the public and governmentThe post should be developed in a comparative analysis style. Make sure to support your reasoning with evidence (no less than 2) formatted in APA 7.

Trump administration policy

Trump administration policy.

 Description In this essay, you will write a 3-paragraph essay in which you tackle a current issue by using the three different writing modes you have learned this semester: Informative Descriptive Evaluative To do this, pick one of the editorials in this folder and respond to it by writing a 3-paragraph “Letter to the Editor.” INTRODUCTION: This paragraph is an informative paragraph written like an introductory paragraph. It should include: Lead-In: An anecdote or trigger event used to engage the reader Context: History or Background of the issue Thesis: An evaluative statement about the article that you read e.g. In the essay, “Title of Essay,” Author’s Name is incorrect/correct. Listing: Three reasons why the author was correct/incorrect BODY: This paragraph is an evaluative paragraph in which you use the 9-structure format. –Topic Sentence: Restate your thesis. –Listing: Relist the three reasons why the author is correct/incorrect. –Evidence #1: Quote from article –Explain: Explain why this quote is correct/incorrect –Evidence #2: Quote from article –Explain: Explain why this quote is correct/incorrect –Evidence #3: Quote from article –Explain: Explain why this quote is correct/incorrect –Wrap-Up Sentence: Conclude paragraph by combining topic sentence and listing sentence CONCLUSION: This is a descriptive paragraph written as a conclusion. Return to Lead-In Remind reader of major points Restate Thesis Resonate with audience by making a prediction about the future if the United States follows the wishes of the author, if we keep things the same, or if we institue a different solution. Describe the reasons for your predictions and say something meaningful about the importance of this issue. NOTE: If you use outside information from other sources, you MUST cite those sources in your essay and on a Works Cited page.

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Sudan: Homosexuality

Macroeconomic Policies and Public Health Sudan: Homosexuality.

Sudan: Homosexuality


Paper details:

PowerPoint(slider) 3 minutes video I′m Presentations this topic(write a summary about the topic so I can summary.) this is not part of the paper( separate) Running Head Title, Name, Abstract 100 words or less Checklist for research paper: I. Follow the most recent APA guidelines for a. format b. internal citations c. bibliography II Follow the requirements of the assignment a. focused topic b. 5 pages of text (not counting cover page or bibliography) c. minimum of 3 sources d. use nothing larger than a 12-point font e. double space the paper III Edit carefully for a. clear, focused thesis statement b. clear, recognizable structure c. clear, logical organization d. well supported, well developed ideas IV. Proofread carefully for a. grammar b. spelling c. sentence structure d. format V. Avoid a. the second person (you) b. slang c. informal language d. unsupported generalizations e. losing topic focus f. relying heavily on one source g. plagiarism (be sure to cite both paraphrase and quotation) 15 VI. Have someone proofread your paper. VII. Run spell check program just before you print the final copy. VIII. Read through the final copy to be sure no printing glitches occurred; don’t assume everything worked. APA Paper Format: A research paper outline (APA format) will have the following pattern. 1. The title page • the title • the running head • the page number • the name of the author • the course title • the name of the professor • the date of submission. 2. The introduction • the topic • the scope of the topic • the nature of research • relevant background information • the thesis statement 3. The body paragraphs I, II and III • the first, second and third main points respectively • the explanation • the discussion • the justification • presentation of evidence • in-text citations (in (author, date) format) • footnotes (for the additional information on the text) 4. The conclusion • the summary of the main points • thesis reinstated • discussion of further scope for research on the topic • the concluding line. 5. References 16 • text sources • Internet sources, etc. APA Citation Format

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why the future doesnt need us

why the future doesnt need us.

 Description Read Bill Joy’s article “Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us” Answer these questions in your journal: (answers need to be full sentences) 1. When did Joy become concerned? 2. What did Kurzweil invent? 3. Who is John Searle? 4. Who is the author of the quotation “I am as fond as anyone of my body, but…”? 5. What can self replicate? 6. What are the new WMD? 7. What is a luddite? 8. What does dystopian mean? 9. Who was the “Unabomber”? 10. What are the three laws of robotics according to Isaac Asimov? 11. What is “ice-nine” from Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle”? Essay topic: Choose one and write a five-paragraph essay How many of Bill Joy’s concerns about the future have come true recently, what are they and why should we still be concerned? Are the new weapons of mass destruction, the “New WMD” that Joy writes about, still a danger to our society? What can be done to protect us from these new WMD? Now that seventeen years have passed since Bill Joy wrote his article, has he missed anything about what the future would bring? By the year 2045, predict what you foresee will be happening based on what you know about technology today and how it will be used in the future.

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Review Organizational and Community Capacity Building”

Review Organizational and Community Capacity Building”.

Chapter 7 review “Organizational and Community Capacity Building” Community psychology Foundation for Practice by Victoria C. Scott & Susan M. Wolfe This is a reflection; react to the text. what resonated with you? what was learned?

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