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Macro Economics Question

As a team we Chose to do this project on Starbucks in Iceland. My part of the project and paper is on Technologies, Structural and Financial. So what I need is 6 and half to 7 pages dedicated to those three topics and then make a 3 power points dedicated on those three topics about starbucks in Iceland, so you are basically summing it up in a presentation. With about four sentences in the speaker notes for each of the power points slides, because I will be presenting it. For the speaker notes please make it sound like you are talking to and audience, very simple explaining the slide. Our professor doesnt like us just reading off the slide, that is why. Below are my professors instructions, so please read carefully. Also can you please chose a really nice theme/template for our presentation for us to use. Thanks!
Final Team Project
You will be part of a team that will choose a country, an industry, and a product or service to perform an analysis on conducting business in that country and industry. In doing so, you should consider the cultural, economic, political, technological, structural, financial, competitive environment and managerial issues that would be relevant for your country, industry, and product or service.
Your group will make an 8 to 10 minute presentation using Power Point, in the last class meeting before the final exam, recommending whether or not pursuing that specific industry in your country is advisable. Your presentation should be a summary of your findings and demonstrate cohesive and convincing arguments as to whether or not this business venture is advisable.
In addition to the Power Point presentation you will submit a 20 page document detailing your findings. Be sure to include the concepts and theories that we have been discussing in class. The purpose of this project is to apply the concepts we have been learning in class to a real world business situation.
More specifically, in your paper, you should include an analysis of the following concepts from class and how it impacts your business decisions: cultural differences, economic environment, political environment (including political risk), legal environment, government influence on business, competitive environment, structure (ex. joint venture, collaboration, greenfield, exporting, etc.). You can also include in your analysis a discussion on the role factor mobility, cross-national agreements, foreign-exchange risk, ethics, global capital markets, adapting marketing, accounting, finance, IT and human resource functions to suit the international environment, and any management issues you foresee as challenges to that environment.
Some resources that you mind find helpful in starting your analysis include: for information on specific countries for trade statistics for country specific data on trade for information on macroeconomic impacts of regulation and expected trends for forecasts and statistics for information on government, economy, transnational issues, etc. library guide for economic research library guide for international business research