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Machine design

I need help in my machine design project.
For this project you will create a 10-15 minute video presentation. You will chose a mechanical part of any car and explain it to the class in your video. You should talk about function, history and improvements over the years, common problems, and common fixes. Also theorize a possible improvement on the design to combat one of these problems. (A minimum 10 slides is required. These videos will be shared with the class.)Rubric: You will be graded on content (50 points) ContentFunction: 15 PointsHistory and Improvements: 15 PointsExisting Issues and Possible Improvements: 20 Points
Example Project Outline: Steering System
– Explain how turning the steering wheel translates to wheel motion.
– Differences in two and 4 wheel drive could be emphasized
– Why was power steering added – what does it do
– Do all cars use the same mechanism to translate steering wheel motion to wheels – or are there differences – if there are differences discuss advantages and disadvantages
– Are people currently working on any other types of steering systems.
– Can you devise another mechanism to translate the motion. Is your way better or worse? Why?
use a new topic not (steering system). prepare a presentation.