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Is what happened to Macbeth a cause of fate or free will? The tragedy of Macbeth is a cause by fate and free will because his fate was to become king but it was his own free will what he did to become king. The three witches told Macbeth that he will become king in the future but he couldn’t become king without killing Duncan. The witches tell Macbeth prophecies and one of the three prophecies was that he was going to become king in the future he went out of his way to become king he killed Duncan and he made it look like the guards killed him and made it looked like they were drunk when they did it.

The only way that Macbeth could become king was that he would have to kill the current king which was Duncan Macbeth says this quote “I dare do all that may become a man who dares to do more is none” in this quote he is talking about what lengths he had to go to become king.Macbeth wouldn’t have killed Duncan if he didn’t know he was going to become king but thanks for the three witches he wouldn’t have known what his fate was going to be. Macbeth said this in ‘if chance has me king, why chance will crown me’ he was talking about if he was actually meant to become king his time will come to become king. Macbeth didn’t have to comment murder in order to become king but the witches told him he needed to become king and that it was his fate. Lady Macbeth was in control of the whole time of this operation she convinced Macbeth to kill Duncan and let Macbeth become king and she wanted to let the prophecies become true. Macbeth didn’t have control over his fate but he did have control over what actions they did take to let him become king.What exactly is fate and free will you maybe be asking yourself.

The definition of fate is the development of events beyond a person’s control. Free will is the ability to act at one’s own discretion. Macbeth was in control of what he did to feel his prophecies and his fate was to become king. Macbeth did whatever it took to become king with the help of his wife Lady Macbeth. It was a mixture between the two fate and free will like he was told that Duncan’s kids were going to become king before him. Macbeth really wanted to become king so he sent two guards to go kill Duncan’s kids and if he didn’t do all the bad things he did to become king he would have lived and became king the way he was meant to.

Describe any personal or economic hardships or barriers and explain how they directly affected your ability to be successful in college.

Describe any personal or economic hardships or barriers and explain how they directly affected your ability to be successful in college..

Your personal statement provides you the opportunity to discuss aspects of your life that may not be apparent in the rest of your application materials. You’ll have four boxes and space for 1,000 total words. Essay 1: Describe any personal or economic hardships or barriers and explain how they directly affected your ability to be successful in college, as reflected in your transcript. As hardships may occur throughout your life, be specific about when you encountered these hardships and how long they lasted. Essay 2: In the context of your life experience, describe your understanding of cultural differences and how this awareness was acquired. Talk about how your experiences influenced the person you are and what you will bring to the Foster School community (i.e. classroom, extracurricular, future career, etc.). You define what “experience” means to you; if it is important to you, it is important to share. Essay 3: Describe 1-2 experiences that demonstrate leadership or initiative in a group or organization. Please do not use examples from high school unless you have completed high school within the past 18 months. Examples could be taken from employment, community service, student organizations, or similar situations. Explain what you learned about yourself through the experience(s). Essay 4: How has the educational background of your parents/legal guardians influenced your own education, especially your decision to go to college? What kind of support did you receive in making and pursuing this decision? Please tell us if you are among the first generation in your family to go to college.

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