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I haven’t ever seen a review on M83 but I suppose I’ll write one, but my opinion doesn’t really matter to you, does it? NO! Then why are you reading it? Cause you want to explore and I want to express this, so let me!

M83 is a french electronic band that beleive it or not isn’t quite together anymore. Anthony Gonzalez basically is M83 now since his band mates left him. I don’t know a WHOLE lot about their past, I just know some simple facts. Like they did the whole album for the movie Oblivion with Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman in it.

Their music , I can’t really give a word to describe it. Each song has its own feeling. Like sadness, celebration, rebellion, harmony, and more. Thats how I decide which song of their’s to listen to, based on feeling.

Anthony is a very talented musician, but many of their songs don’t necissarily involve lyrics. Its just music, well not just. More like, the music is the only kind that can reach deep into your soul and pull your heart strings.

I place many of the songs by M83 in my life and associate them with things. Like Midnight City is for when I’m in Leadership. Or Wait is when I’m feeling unloved by people.

I don’t try and stop their songs from coming back to me because they are a special thing to me. They ARE a part of me I guess you could say.

Everybody knows them from TFIOS or TVD or even Divergent, but I know them all because of my little brother. He liked only one of their song’s and I listened to it and eventually fell in love with their music. Who can blame me? They’re just so…..exotic, harmonistic, I don’t even know.

They aren’t a very popular band, but they’re what I like, and thats all that matters to me.

Option #1: Services for LGBT Youth and Homeless Adults.

Option #1: Services for LGBT Youth and Homeless Adults..

For this assignment, you will be researching services for two distinct groups. The first group is LGBT youth. The second group is homeless adults. Conduct Internet research regarding services in your geographic area for these two groups. For each of these two groups, write a summary and analysis of the services you find (approximately half of your paper should be devoted to each group). If your local community does not have services for these two groups, expand your search to the nearest mid-size to major city and look for services there. Be sure to address the following items when summarizing and analyzing the results of your research: Identify the service organizations you find by name and include the full Web site information. Describe the types of services each service organization provides to assist members from each group. Explain which of Maslow’s needs is addressed by each of the service organizations and describe how each need is met. Evaluate whether or not adequate services for these groups are provided in your area. If not, assess the shortcomings. Describe how services could be enhanced to better meet the needs of each group. Describe how each service organization is funded. Discuss and cite the course textbook and at least one additional credible source to support your analysis and position. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find this credible source. Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length, with documentation and citations conforming to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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