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M8 Writing Analysis

M8 Writing Analysis.

Assignment Instructions:There is a decline in the elephant population in a specific area in Africa. You are an activist trying increase the elephant population. You are required to present a proposed solution to this problem. Create a proposal to solve this elephant problem. Please include the following:Background Information. (Describe the main biome where elephants are located; describe an ecosystem, and describe 4 other types of biomes)Name and discuss how elephants are threatened in Africa. (Research)Discuss how biodiversity can affect the increase and decline of the elephant population.Differentiate between the types of population growth models that can increase or decrease the elephant population.Discuss how community populations relate to your proposal.IMPORTANT: Additional resources are welcomed for more support, but the grade associated with the information from the book designated for this class will be the measurement tool to assess your paper.Please review the “plagiarism” screencast below. This will assist with plagiarism flags from your writing assignments.
Length/Formatting InstructionsLength1000 WordsFont12 point , Calibri Font, no more than 1″ marginsProgram/File TypeSubmit in WordAttachmentsShould be pasted into the Word document if possible.Referencing systemAPA referencing system is necessary in assignments, especially material copied from the Internet.For examples of correct citations, visit the following links:
M8 Writing Analysis

DSRT 837 Southern Virginia University Theoretical Perspective Discussion.

1 Write a theoretical perspective section for your research plan following the script for a quantitative theory discussion presented in this chapter.2 This Writing Assignment will be an exercises where critical thinking and writing sentences will be evaluated. Please think about the question and write a three hundred word essay to state your opinion. In a Phase III study, a drug or treatment is given to large groups of people to confirm its effectiveness, monitor side effects, compare it to commonly used treatments, and collect information that will allow the drug or treatment to be used safely
DSRT 837 Southern Virginia University Theoretical Perspective Discussion

Chapter 4 Methodology and Implementation This chapter describes the methodology and implementation of the speaker independent speech recognizer for the Sinhala language and the Android mobile application for voice dialing. Mainly there are two phases of the research. First one is to build the speaker independent Sinhala speech recognizer to recognize the digits spoken in Sinhala language. The second phase is to build an android application by integrating the trained speech recognizer. This chapter covers the tools, algorithms, theoretical aspects, the models and the file structures used for the entire research process. 4.1Research phase 1: Build the speaker independent Sinhala speech recognizer for recognizing the digits. In this section the development of the speaker independent Sinhala speech recognizer is described, step by step. It includes the phonetic dictionary, language model, grammar file, acoustic speech database and the trained acoustic model creation. 4.1.1 Data preparation This system is a Sinhala speech recognition voice dial and since there is no such speech database which is done earlier was available, the speech has to be taken from the scratch to develop the system. Data collection The first stage of any speech recognizer is the collection of sound signals. Database should contain a variety of enough speakers recording. The size of the database is compared to the task we handle. For this application only little number of words was considered. This research aims only the written Sinhala vocabulary that can be applied for voice dialing. Altogether twelve words were considered with the ten numbers including two initial calling words “amatanna” and “katakaranna”. Here the Database has two parts, the training part and the testing part. Usually about 1/10th of the full speech data is used to the testing part. In this research 3000 speech samples were used for training and 150 speech samples were used for testing. Speech database Before collecting data, a speech database was created. The database was included with the Sinhala speech samples taken from variety of people who were in different age levels. Since there was no such database published anywhere for Sinhala language relevant for voice dialing, speech had to be collected from Sinhala native speakers. Prompt sheet To create the speech database, the first step was to prepare the prompt sheet having a list of sentences for all the recordings. Here it used 100 sentences that are different from each other by generating the numbers randomly. 50 sentences are starting with the word “amatanna” while the other half is starting with the word “katakaranna”. The prompt sheet used for this research is given in the Appendix A. Recording The prepared sentences in the prompt sheet were recorded by using thirty (30) native speakers since this is speaker independent application. The speakers were selected according to the age limits and divided them into eight age groups. Four people were selected from each group except one age group. Two females and two males were included into each age group. One group only contained two people with one female and one male. Each speaker was given 100 sentences to speak and altogether 3000 speech samples were recorded for training. The description of speakers such as gender and age can be found in Appendix A. If there was an error in the recording due to the background noise and filler sounds, the speaker was asked to repeat it and got the correct sound signal. Since the proposed system is a discrete system, the speakers have to make a short pause at the start and end of the recording and also between the words when they were uttered. Speech was recorded in a quiet room and the recordings were done at nights by using a condenser recorder microphone. The sounds were recorded under the sampling rate of 44.1 kHz using mono channel and they were saved under *.wav format. Sampling frequency and format of speech audio files Speech recording files were saved in the file format of MS WAV. The “Praat“ software was used to convert the 44.1 kHz sampling frequency signals to 16 kHz frequency signals since the frequency should be 16kHz of the training samples. Audio files were recorded in a medium length of 11 seconds. Since there should be a silence in the beginning and the end of the utterance and it should not be exceeded 0.2 seconds, the “Praat” software was used to edit all 3000 sound signals. 4.1.2 Pronunciation dictionary The pronunciation dictionary was implemented by hand since the number of words used for the voice dialing system is very few. It is used only 12 words from the Sinhala vocabulary. To create the dictionary, the International Phonetic Alphabet for Sinhala Language and the previously created dictionaries by CMU Sphinx were used. But the acoustic phones were taken mostly by studying the different types of databases given by the Carnegie Mellon University’s Sphinx Forum (CMU Sphinx Forum). Two dictionaries were implemented for this system. One is for the speech utterances and the other one is for filler sounds. The filler sounds contain the silences in the beginning, middle and at the end of the speech utterances. The attachment of the two types of dictionaries can be found on the Appendix A. They are referred to as the languagedictionaryand thefiller dictionary. 4.1.3 Creating the grammar file The grammar file also created by hand since the number of words used for the system is very few. The JSGF (JSpeech Grammar Format) format was used to implement the grammar file. The grammar file can be found in Appendix A. 4.1.4 Building the language model Word search is restricted by a language model. It identifies the matching words by comparing the previously recognized words by the model and restricts the matching process by taking off the words that are not possible to be. N-gram language model is the most common language models used nowadays. It is a finite state language model and it contains statistics of word sequences. In search space where restriction is applied, a good accuracy rate can be obtained if the language model is a very successful one. The result is the language model can predict the next word properly. It usually restricts the word search which are included the vocabulary. The language model was built using the cmuclmtk software. First of all the reference text was created and that text (svd.text) can be found in Appendix A. It was written in a specific format. The speech sentences were delimited byandtags. Then the vocabulary file was generated by giving the following command. text2wfreq svd.vocab Then the generated vocabulary file was edited to remove words (numbers and misspellings). When finding misspellings, they were fixed in the input reference text. The generated vocabulary file (svd.vocab) can be found in the Appendix A. Then the ARPA format language model was generated using these commands. text2idngram -vocab svd.vocab -idngram svd.idngram < svd.txt idngram2lm -vocab_type 0 -idngram svd.idngram -vocab svd.vocab –arpa Finally the CMU binary of language model (DMP file) was generated using the command sphinx_lm_convert -i -o svd.lm.DMP The final output containing the language model needed for the training process is svd.lm.dmp file. This is a binary file. 4.1.5Acoustic model Before starting the acoustic model creation, the following file structure was arranged as described by the CMU Sphinx tool kit guide. The name of the speech database is “svd” (Sinhala Voice Dial). The content of these files is given in Appendix A. svd.dic -Phonetic dictionary -Phoneset file svd.lm.DMP -Language model svd.filler -List of fillers svd _train.fileids -List of files for training svd _train.transcription -Transcription for training svd _test.fileids -List of files for testing svd _test.transcription -Transcription for testing All these files were included in to one directory and it was named as “etc”. The speech samples of wav files were included in to another directory and named it as “wav”. These two directories were included in to another directory and named it using the name of the database (svd). Before starting the training process, there should be another directory that contains the “svd” and the required compilation package “pocketsphinx”, “sphinxbase” and “sphinxtrain” directories. All the packages and the “svd” directory were put into another directory and started the training process. Setting up the training scripts The command prompt terminal is used to run the scripts of the training process. Before starting the process, terminal was changed to the database “svd” directory and then the following command was run. python ../sphinxtrain/scripts/sphinxtrain –t svd setup This command copied all the required configuration files into etc sub directory of the database directory and prepared the database for training. The two configuration files created were feat.params and sphinx_train.cfg. These two are given in Appendix A. Set up the database These values were filled in at configuration time. The Experiment name, will be used to name model files and log files in the database. $CFG_DB_NAME = “svd”; $CFG_EXPTNAME = “$CFG_DB_NAME”; Set up the format of database audio Since the database contains speech utterances with the ‘wav’ format and they were recorded using MSWav, the extension and the type were given accordingly as “wav” and “mswav”. $CFG_WAVFILES_DIR = “$CFG_BASE_DIR/wav”; $CFG_WAVFILE_EXTENSION = ‘wav’; $CFG_WAVFILE_TYPE = ‘mswav’; # one of nist, mswav, raw Configure Path to files This process was done automatically when having the right file structure in the running directory. The naming of the files must be very accurate. The paths were assigned to the variables used in main training of models. $CFG_DICTIONARY = “$CFG_LIST_DIR/$CFG_DB_NAME.dic”; $CFG_RAWPHONEFILE = “$CFG_LIST_DIR/$”; $CFG_FILLERDICT = “$CFG_LIST_DIR/$CFG_DB_NAME.filler”; $CFG_LISTOFFILES = “$CFG_LIST_DIR/${CFG_DB_NAME}_train.fileids”; $CFG_TRANSCRIPTFILE = “$CFG_LIST_DIR/${CFG_DB_NAME}_train.transcription”; $CFG_FEATPARAMS = “$CFG_LIST_DIR/feat.params”; Configure model type and model parameters The model type continuous and semi continuous can be used in pocket sphinx. Continuous type is used for continuous speech recognition. Semi continuous is used for discrete speech recognition process. Since this application use discrete speech the semi continuous model training was used. #$CFG_HMM_TYPE = ‘.cont.’; # Sphinx 4, Pocketsphinx $CFG_HMM_TYPE = ‘.semi.’; # PocketSphinx $CFG_FINAL_NUM_DENSITIES = 8; # Number of tied states (senones) to create in decision-tree clustering $CFG_N_TIED_STATES = 1000; The number of senones used to train the model is indicated in this value. The sound can be chosen accurately if the number of senones is higher. But if we use too much senones, then it may not be able to recognize the unseen sounds. So the Word Error Rate can be very much higher on unseen sounds. The approximate number of senones and number of densities is provided in the table below. Vocabulary Hours in db Senones Densities Example 20 5 200 8 Tidigits Digits Recognition 100 20 2000 8 RM1 Command and Control 5000 30 4000 16 WSJ1 5k Small Dictation 20000 80 4000 32 WSJ1 20k Big Dictation 60000 200 6000 16 HUB4 Broadcast News 60000 2000 12000 64 Fisher Rich Telephone Transcription Configure sound feature parameters The default parameter used for sound files in Sphinx is a rate of 16 thousand samples per second (16KHz). If this is the case, then the etc/feat.params file will be automatically generated with the recommended values. The Recommended values are: # Feature extraction parameters $CFG_WAVFILE_SRATE = 16000.0; $CFG_NUM_FILT = 40; # For wideband speech it’s 40, for telephone 8khz reasonable value is 31 $CFG_LO_FILT = 133.3334; # For telephone 8kHz speech value is 200 $CFG_HI_FILT = 6855.4976; # For telephone 8kHz speech value is 3500 Configure decoding parameters The following were properly configured in theetc/sphinx_train.cfg. $DEC_CFG_DICTIONARY = “$DEC_CFG_BASE_DIR/etc/$DEC_CFG_DB_NAME.dic”; $DEC_CFG_FILLERDICT = “$DEC_CFG_BASE_DIR/etc/$DEC_CFG_DB_NAME.filler”; $DEC_CFG_LISTOFFILES = “$DEC_CFG_BASE_DIR/etc/${DEC_CFG_DB_NAME}_test.fileids”; $DEC_CFG_TRANSCRIPTFILE = “$DEC_CFG_BASE_DIR/etc/${DEC_CFG_DB_NAME}_test.transcription”; $DEC_CFG_RESULT_DIR = “$DEC_CFG_BASE_DIR/result”; # These variables, used by the decoder, have to be user defined, and # may affect the decoder output $DEC_CFG_LANGUAGEMODEL_DIR = “$DEC_CFG_BASE_DIR/etc”; $DEC_CFG_LANGUAGEMODEL = “$DEC_CFG_LANGUAGEMODEL_DIR/ ${CFG_DB_NAME}.lm.DMP”; Training After setting all these paths and parameters in the configuration file as described above, the training was proceeded. To start the training process the following command was run. python ../sphinxtrain/scripts/sphinxtrain run Scripts launched jobs on the machine, and it took few minutes to run. Acoustic Model After the training process, the acoustic model was located in the following path in the directory. Only this folder is needed for the speech recognition tasks. model_parameters/svd.cd_semi_200 We need only that folder for the speech recognition tasks we have to perform. 4.1.6Testing Results 150 speech samples were used as testing data. The aligning results could be obtained after the training process. It was located in the following path in the database directory. results/svd.align 4.1.7Parameters to be optimized Word error rate WER was given as a percentage value. It was calculated according to the following equation Accuracy Accuracy was also given as a percentage. That is the opposite value of the WER. It was calculated using the following equation To obtain an optimal recognition system, the WER should be minimized and the accuracy should be maximized. The parameters of the configuration file were changed time to time and obtained an optimal recognition system where the WER was the minimum with a high accuracy rate. 4.2Research phase 2: Build the voice dialing mobile application. In this section, the implementation of voice dialer for android mobile application is described. The application was developed using the programming language JAVA and it was done using the Eclipse IDE. It was tested in both the emulator and the actual device. The application is able to recognize the spoken digits by any speaker and dial the recognized number. To do this process the trained acoustic model, the pronunciation dictionary, the language model and the grammar files were needed. The speech recognition was performed by using these models in the mobile device itself by using the pocketsphinx library. It is a library written in C language to use for embedded speech recognition devices in Android platform. The step by step implementation and integration of the necessary components were discussed in detail in this section. Resource Files When inputting the resource files to the Android application, they were added in to theassets/directory of the project. Then the physical path was given to make them available for pocketsphinx. After adding them, the Assets directory contained the following resource files. Dictionary svd.dic svd.dic.md5 Grammar digits.gram digits.gram.md5 menu.gram menu.gram.md5 Language model svd.lm.DMP svd.lm.DMP.md5 Acoustic Model feat.params feat.params.md5 mdef mdef.md5 means means.md5 mixture_weights mixture_weights.md5 noisedict noisedict.md5 transition_matrices transition_matrices.md5 variances variances.md5 Assets.lst models/dict/svd.dic models/grammar/digits.gram models/grammar/menu.gram models/hmm/en-us-semi/feat.params models/hmm/en-us-semi/mdef models/hmm/en-us-semi/means models/hmm/en-us-semi/mixture_weights models/hmm/en-us-semi/noisedict models/hmm/en-us-semi/sendump models/hmm/en-us-semi/transition_matrices models/hmm/en-us-semi/variances models/lm/svd.lm.DMP Setup the Recognizer First of all the recognizer should be set up by adding the resource files. The model parameters taken after the training process were added as the HMM in the application. The recognition process was depended mainly on this resource files. Since the grammar files and the language model were added as assets, these two can be used for the recognition process of the application as well as the HMM. The utterances can be recognized from either the grammar files or language model. The whole process is coded using the Java programing language. 4.3Architecture of the developed Speech Recognition System
Determine the domain of x + 7 x2 + 8x – 9 ..

A)all real numbers except 0B)all real numbers except -9C)all real numbers except -9 or 1D)all real numbers except 9 or -1
Determine the domain of x + 7 x2 + 8x – 9 .

The Importance of Socio dramatic Play

The Importance of Socio dramatic Play. Much of our understanding of the value of play has originated from Piaget (1962) and Vygotsky (1978), who focused on the role of play in childrens development. They saw children as active explorers of their world. With each new encounter or interaction, children were able to discover new meanings, and thus developed more complex understandings and skills. Play is therefore, an important part of the process of constructing knowledge. It enables children to control what happens and to use what they already know to further their understanding and development. Socio-dramatic play is one of the most important forms of play (SmilanskyThe Importance of Socio dramatic Play

MAN 3100 Florida International How to Be Happy in Life and At Work Essay

essay writer MAN 3100 Florida International How to Be Happy in Life and At Work Essay.

Two page paper on how to be happier in life both short term and long term. Reference page does not count as a page. Must use sources. Please divide your paper into two. In the first page, write about how you can be happier in your life. Then, in the second page, write about how you can be happier in your work life. Please separate these two parts under two main headings such as “HOW I CAN BE HAPPIER IN MY OWN LIFE,” and “HOW I CAN BE HAPPIER AT MY WORK LIFE.”Please use Times New Roman, 12-font, and 1.5 line spacing (you can use single or double spacing if you prefer to do so) and type your paper in a “Word” document. Utilizing the research you have done as well as your own creative ideas, experiences, and knowledge, write a professionally written paper on how you are planning to actually be happier in your life and in the workplace (whether you work for yourself or others).
MAN 3100 Florida International How to Be Happy in Life and At Work Essay

BIOL University of Maryland General Biology Multiple Choice Questions

BIOL University of Maryland General Biology Multiple Choice Questions.

I’m working on a biology test / quiz prep and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

I would appreciate assistance with this study prep.. What are two atoms with the same atomic number, but different atomic mass, called?undefined radioactiveisotopesproteinselectronsnuclei undefinedundefined2. You observe a cell under a microscope and don’t see a well-defined nucleus. What type of cell is this?undefined ProkaryoticEukaryoticPlantAnimal undefined3. What is the atomic number of an element with 10 protons, 11 neutrons and 10 electrons?undefined 10112131 undefinedundefinedundefined4. Which of the following statements about mitosis and meiosis is *NOT* true?undefined The cells resulting from meiosis are diploid and the cells resulting from mitosis are haploid.Meiosis and meiosis both starts with one cell, meiosis ends with four and mitosis with two.Mitosis produces new cells for growth and repair, meiosis produces gametes.Mitosis goes through cytokinesis once, meiosis goes through cytokinesis twice.Cross over happens in meiosis, but not in mitosis. undefined5. What will most likely happen if a cell’s lysosomes burst?undefined The cell would shrivelThe cell would divide into two cellsThe cell would digest itselfThe cell would need to manufacture more lysosomes undefinedundefined6. Which of the following statements about photosynthesis is correct? undefined The light dependent reaction produces glucose from sunlight energyOxygen is converted to carbon dioxide in the photosynthetic reactionThe products of cellular respiration are used as reactants in photosynthesisWater is used during photosynthesis to capture the electrons released from excited chlorophyll pigmentsThe oxygen produced in the light reaction is used to make sugars in the Calvin cycle undefined undefined7. If you start with a DNA sequence of AAACAGGTCCCA, what will the resulting mRNA sequence be after transcription? undefined AAACAGGUCCGTTTTGTCCAGGGTUUUGUCCAGGGUCCAGTGGACCCA undefined undefined8. Which of the following organisms do have cellular respiration? Select all that apply. undefined Sunflower Siberian tigerMushroomGreen AlgaeZebra Fish undefined undefined9. Consider a cell that underwent mitosis but not cytokinesis. What would the result be?undefined One cell with one nucleus containing twice the normal number of chromosomesOne cell with two nuclei, each containing a normal number of chromosomesTwo daughter cells that are unusually smallTwo daughter cells with no nucleusTwo daughter cells with twice the number of chromosomes undefined10. The allele for brown eyes (B) is dominant, while the allele for blue eyes (b) is recessive. A man with genotype bb and a woman with genotype BB have four children. How many of the children are likely to have blue eyes? undefined 34012 undefined11. A man carries a sex-linked gene for Goltz Syndrome on his X chromosome. Who will he pass this on to? undefined All of his daughtersHalf of his daughtersAll of his sonsHalf of his sons undefinedundefined12. Information stored in genes is expressed as proteins. Which two processes are involved in the transfer of information from genes to proteins? undefined translation and mutationrespiration and translationtranslation and protein synthesis transcription and translationrespiration and protein synthesis undefined13. If various types of human cells were genetically modified, which of the following cell types would transfer these modifications to future generations?undefined ImmuneGameteIntestinalSomatic undefined undefined14. What is the smallest biological unit that can evolve? undefined Individual CellsSpeciesPopulation undefinedundefined15. What is a recessive trait? undefined A trait that not everyone in your family shareA trait only visible when organisms are heterozygous for the responsible geneA trait that a person carries but that does not affect the phenotypeA trait that appears when a person has two recessive alleles for that geneThe least common variation of that trait in a population undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined16. Biomedical scientists study species as different as worms, fruit flies, mice, zebrafish, or rhesus monkeys to understand human genes and how they lead to diseases. Why? undefined Because they make up an interconnected food web when bacteria are added.Because these species have many inherited features that are very similar to our own.Because rhesus monkeys gave us the Rh+ factor when they bit our ancestors.Because these species are all prokaryotes, and therefore their genes are 99.9% identical to one another. undefined undefined17. Why are most food chains limited to 3 to 5 trophic levels?undefined The higher the trophic level, the larger the organism; the larger the organism, the less likely it will be prey.The nutritional quality of existing biomass decreases with increasing trophic level.Most ecosystems have insufficient space to support the increased number of organisms that more trophic levels would require.There is insufficient energy to support more trophic levels. undefinedundefined18. Which of the following factors in considered the greatest threat to biodiversity today?undefined Habitat destruction and fragmentationInvasive speciesOverexploitationPollution undefinedQuestion 19undefinedThe Tomato Hornworm is the caterpillar stage of the five-spotted hawkmoth (Manduca quinquemaculata). The white objects seen on the back of the caterpillar are wasp eggs. When the larvae hatch they will feed on the worm.Which term best describes the relationship between the wasps and the Tomato Hornworms?undefined competitionmutualismpredationsymbiosis undefined20. What is one way in which energy flow differs from chemical cycling?undefined Energy flow is unidirectional; chemical elements can be recycled.Energy can enter but cannot leave an ecosystem; chemical elements can leave but cannot enter an ecosystem.Energy flows from lower to higher trophic levels; chemicals cycle from higher to lower trophic levels.Energy can both enter and leave an ecosystem; chemical elements always remain within a single ecosystem. undefined undefined21. Why do some scientists argue that viruses are non-living?undefined Viruses are able to reproduceViruses evolveViruses are not made of cellsViruses have an organized and complex structure undefined22. Which of the following activities decreases greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?undefined Cutting down trees.Driving gasoline-powered vehicles.Using electricity from coal power plants.Planting trees.Heating your home with an oil furnace. undefined23. How does high heat impact most enzymes? undefined Enzyme activity is decreased due to hydrolysisEnzymes are inactivated due to denaturationEnzyme activity is increased due to saturationSince enzymes are temperature independent activity will remain the same. undefinedundefined24. Which of the following situations has the greatest potential for observer bias in an experimental study?undefined Ms McCormack is an outside consultant who is conducting a health and wellness survey for a pharmaceutical company. She neither knows the name of the company, nor the name of the drug being tested during the surveyGraduate student Jonas Brown is conducting a survey of weight loss for his professor. He asks each student in the study the same questions.Dr. Smith is analyzing biopsy examples from rats who have been given either a placebo or an experimental drug believed to reduce inflammation. Each sample is identified by a code number; therefore, Dr. Smith cannot tell which treatment each rat received.Ms Williamson is a research technician who surveys the responses to a new cold remedy by a study group. She only knows the e-mail address of each participant and asks them identical questions by computer.Dr. Jones is evaluating cancer patients for their responses to a new therapeutic drug. She knows which patients are receiving the drug and which patients are receiving the placebo. undefined25. If life on another planet were fundamentally like life on earth, the macromolecules of living things would be based on which element?undefined A. Carbon B. Hydrogen C. Nitrogen D. Oxygen E. Phosphorus undefinedundefined26. Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration?undefined Photosynthesis occurs only in plants and respiration occurs only in animals.Respiration is anabolic and photosynthesis is catabolic.Photosynthesis stores energy in complex organic molecules, while respiration releases it.ATP molecules are produced in photosynthesis and used up in respiration.Photosynthesis produces energy, respiration uses energy. undefined undefined27. You have formulated a hypothesis: “Blueberries contain more vitamin C than raspberries.” To test this hypothesis you measure vitamin C levels in 20 blueberries and 20 raspberries from plants that were grown in the same field with the same temperature, amount of rain and sunlight. Select all statements that are true about this experiment.undefined The control group in the experiment is the raspberries The type of berry is a controlled variableThe independent variable is temperatureThe dependent variable is the vitamin C levels in the berries undefinedQuestion 28undefinedSelect all correct answers as they apply to this picture of a cell.undefined #1 (d, e) is a chloroplast#2 (f, g) is a mitochondriaThis is a plant cellThis is an eukaryotic cellThis is a prokaryotic cell#3 (m, n, o) is the nucleusThis is an animal cell#1 (d, e) is the cell wall undefinedQuestion 29undefinedUsing the provided image of a food web please answer the following questions: undefined1. Name at least two producers, two herbivores and two carnivores in this food webundefined2. What is the maximum number of trophic levels in this food web? undefined3. Explain three processes in which carbon atoms cycle in an ecosystem. undefined4. Explain how one element cycle through this food web, mention at least 3 processes involved. undefined5. How may human activities negatively impact this ecosystem? undefined30. A graduate student injects 10 mice with a chemical compound commonly found in the environment and finds that all of the mice die within a few days. Eager to publish her results, the student comes to you, her adviser. What would you suggest the student do before publishing her results? Help her design a controlled experiment. State a good hypothesis, describe the experiment, identify the control group, independent, dependent and controlled variables.undefined31. Lithops are succulent plants that resemble stones. Describe four of the characteristics of life that distinguish these plants from the dead stones they mimic.undefined32. In spring, Lisa notices that there is an equal amount of long and short stemmed buttercups in the vacant lot across the street from her house as well as in his own backward. In late summer she notices that there are mostly long-stemmed buttercups in the lot, but mostly short stemmed buttercups in her yard. These observations are examples of what biological principle. Develop a hypothesis to explain Lisa’s observations.undefined33. A group of researchers investigated the effects of a drug called Pressure Drop Z on lowering blood pressure in a group of women between the ages of 60 and 80 years old. The researchers did the following experiment and obtained the indicated results: One group of 100 women took a tablet containing Pressure Drop Z for 4 weeks – 95 of these women experienced decreased blood pressure by at least 10%. Another group of 100 women were given a tablet with no added Pressure Drop Z for 4 weeks – 10 of these women experienced decreased their blood pressure by 10%. What is the independent variable in this experiment?undefined Amount of Pressure Drop ZBlood pressureThe age and gender of the participantsThe 4 week time period and sample size of 100 e. The group of women that received the pills with no added Pressure Drop Z 34. Which macromolecule is the primary energy source for organisms? SunlightProteinFatCarbohydrateNucleic acid
BIOL University of Maryland General Biology Multiple Choice Questions

University of California Irvine CH5 Determinant Factors in Digital Start Up Valuation Paper

University of California Irvine CH5 Determinant Factors in Digital Start Up Valuation Paper.

I’m working on a business discussion question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

udent Learning Outcome: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the elements and considerations required to start a new business. (Ch 5/6)Review Discussion & Writing Assignment: Grading Criteria Read: In this assignment, you will think to write about what it takes to start a business using concepts learned from chapters 5 and 6.Pick a business you might want to start right now. Think about something you are good at or enjoy doing AND something you see a need for in your community or area.You will need to support your claims with outside sources. Include citation/links at the bottom of your post.I will grade you on whether you provide support or not. For example I want to start a dog walking business because I know a lot of people have adopted dogs during the pandemic and as we are becoming vaccinated as a population, more people will go back to work. OKAY, BUT WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE?Like this. According to an ASPCA survey given during the first two months of the pandemic, adoptions were up 400%. (链接到外部网站。)Ideas for small businesses or where to start: Maybe you are really good at algebra, AND you notice many students struggling during the pandemic. You can start a tutoring business. But think about how do you know there are students who need tutoring? (Must find outside source – something to support your answer)Maybe you love shopping for deep discount sales, you can sell products online through retail arbitrage. (What products will you sell and how do you know they are actually moving?)Do you love dogs? You can walk dogs as people are heading back to the office and during the pandemic, dog adoptions were through the roof. (Is this really true? Find facts to support it)Are you are a talented dancer? You can give dance lessons if there is a need. (Are you sure you’ll have takers?)Do you have experience in a niche area or field? Maybe you’ve been in a specific industry for some time, you can start a consulting business.Take amazing photos? Do you make great chocolate chip cookies? You can sell baked goods, you can (fill in the blank.) You may read my College Micropreneurship Story here.Task: Respond to this post for each of the following numbersUsing at least three bolded terms from the text (bold them).Support your claims or estimates by facts or reasoning (give the reason why your idea is likely to work)
cite sourcesName the kind of business you might choose (if you’re having a hard time choosing, feel free to choose something from above)Demonstrate who the market is for this business and why there is a good chance they are interested:
Who is the target market? Specifically. Age range, gender(s), education level, income, likes, dislikes. Be clear on the market. Do NOT say, everyone. When you are selling to everyone, you are selling to no one, especially at first.How do you know they want the product or service? Look at other trends, likes, substitutes, etc.How much would it cost to start this business?Specifically, give a ballpark estimate based on costs associated with startup. Show those numbers here.(Where would you get the money if it’s more than you have?)Choose the type of business ownership you would start with and give one reason whyName one thing you’d do to protect yourself as a business ownerAbout 250-300 words
University of California Irvine CH5 Determinant Factors in Digital Start Up Valuation Paper