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M5D1: Analyzing Arguments

This activity aligns with module outcome 1. These questions are adapted from Stop

Human Resources/ Strategic Partner : Changing Marketplace

The marketplace has constantly changed and continues to change. Continue to research the topic of the changing market place. Write a 3-page paper discussing how the marketplace has changed over the years, what has caused that change, what changes are on the horizon, what management/leadership can do to capitalize on the change, and what is HR’s role in the process.
For this assignment you should incorporate a minimum of two references per page (6 references minimum for the whole paper). You may use your textbook as a source if you like along with other scholarly/peer reviewed sources. Wikipedia and blogs are NOT considered scholarly sources and should not be used. Essay services are not allowed in the completion of this assignment as this should be original and a reflection of your work. In-text citations must be incorporated into the body of the paper in addition to a full APA citation on the reference page.

Islam: Women

M5D1: Analyzing Arguments Islam: Women.

Read Qur’an 4:34-35 and 4:128-130 in the Haleem translation of the Qur’an, specified for this course. Pay particular attention to 4:34, a notoriously problematic verse. Compare these translations with the rather different way that Laleh Bakhtiar (one of the few female translators of the whole Qur’an) has translated that verse in her translation, The Sublime Quran ( 2007): “Men are supporters of wives because God has given some of them an advantage over others and because they spend of their wealth. So the ones (f) who are in accord with morality are the ones (f) who are morally obligated, the ones (f) who guard the unseen of what God has kept safe. But those (f) whose resistance you fear, then admonish them (f) and abandon them (f) in their sleeping place, then go away from them (f); and if they (f) obey you, surely look not for any way against them (f); truly God is Lofty, Great.” (The “(f)” indicates that a feminine pronoun is present). THEN read Edip Yuksel’s article, “Should men beat their wives?” (will provide) THEN read Laleh Bakhtiar’s explanation for her translation. Her first couple pages deal with more general issues of translation, before she deals specifically with 4:34, but notice especially how she deals with the example of the Prophet in the Sunna as a way of understanding what the Qur’an passage means. AFTER critically reading these resources, answer this question in a 2-3 page thesis-based paper: Was Qur’an 4:34 originally intended to encourage violence against women? The first paragraph of your paper must include a 1-2 sentence “thesis statement” that directly answers the question in the previous sentence. Make certain that you provide reasons/arguments for your answer, demonstrating that you understand the process by which Muslim scholars try to understand the meaning of a Qur’an passage.

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Neo-Classical Economics or Keynesian Economics

Neo-Classical Economics or Keynesian Economics.

Regarding the thesis statement:

After analyzing the topic, you will develop a thesis statement, and that statement should include two things: What you have reasoned to be the Economic Philosophy underlying the claim/proposition offered in the article and your own position on this claim. Regarding the essay: Introduction: It should be one to two paragraphs that briefly introducing the article’s subject matter, the philosophical claim of the author/story’s figure(s), and your own original evaluation and position. The thesis statement has to be UNDERLINED. Therefore, you will provide a Road-map: Preview the structure your paper by creating a brief road map that shows how you plan to travel from the intro/thesis through the explanation/argument and to the conclusion of the paper. Then, at the end you will address your thesis. Specify the particular question at hand and the thinkers/theories at hand. Please forgo platitudes such as “since the beginning of time . . .” or “man has always. . . ”

Article Claim/Evaluation (II):

This section can be 2 to 3 paragraphs. It should be summarizing and evaluating the main point(s) of the article with a specific focus on the philosophical proposition/claim. It is important to focus on content that relates specifically to your own potions that you developed in the thesis; as your evaluation in the 3rd section will draw directly from this 2nd section to support your own position. Keep in mind that you only need to discuss the materials that is directly relevant to YOUR ARGUMENT. Also, demonstrate to the reader that you fully comprehend the thinker/theory, and use quotes sparingly, but use references where necessary. There should be 2-4 Citations per page will be used. (this is simply a rough average)

Your Argument/Evaluation (III): Also this section can be two to three paragraphs. In this section, you will critically evaluating the article using logic, textual interpretation, and citations/references to class/other sources to support a reasoned line of argument in support of your claim. Thus, you will recall your thesis statement and draw upon the thinkers/theories presented in the previous section, so you will be explaining your thinking one way or the other. Also include a counter argument; engage with the thinker/theory you oppose and counter their/its claims. Conclusion (IV): Should be about 1-2 paragraphs laying out a clear conclusion that recaps the essay as a whole, re-asserts your thesis, and touches on the broader implications of your thesis. Things to keep in mind while writing the essay. 1) You will be using Chicago Style; properly formatted footnotes and a bibliography page 2) quotations CANNOT be more than three lines long 3) for the sources, use what you think it’s necessary

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Growth mindset

Watch this brief TED talk by Eduardo Briceno (Links to an external site.)
Describe 3 differences in the ways individuals with fixed and growth mindsets approach learning that were described by Briceno
Reflect on your own life: – Do you believe you generally view intelligence as fixed? – Describe some of your reactions to academic struggles. Assess the extent to which these reactions are employing a “fixed mindset voice.” – Propose some responses you could use that would help you to establish a growth mindset. If you prefer you can answer this question thinking about someone you know well rather than yourself.
Propose a plan that would help college students rise up to meet the challenges they encounter in college by fostering a growth mindset. Create an action plan on how you will prepare to succeed in this course. Think of suitable steps you will take in case you do not perform well initially or during the semester.
Write your top 3 list: List the top 3 things you would like to remember about mindsets in order to be a better your life and be successful.

Currency Exchange Rate

Currency Exchange Rate.

Paper details:

Week 4 – Currency Exchange Rate What is the difference BETWEEN fixed and floating/fluctuating interest rates? Analyze how foreign exchange rate is determined when dealing with the business implications. Also, compute the exchange rate between the USA Dollar (fixed) and a country currency (floating) of your choice, then give the rates. Go to or and monitor rates for 2 consecutive days – giving dates. Write 2 full pages of text not including your cover page and references, in APA Format. Policy: Use peer-reviewed journals or reputable articles from 2009 – present to support your research, in APA format. No Wikipedia, BLOGS with ads from or search engines;;, or site that challenge as they present a biased opinion.

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