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M3: Case Study: A Client’s First Visit

Case Study QuestionsAfter reading the case, answer the following questions in your paper.How do you identify Clare’s presenting problem? Was she a hypochondriac? Was she attention-seeking? Was she trying to get out of doing her chores and caring for her child?Why do you believe it took Clare so long to seek help? Was she hoping the medicine would finally work for her? Was it because she secretly hoped there was a medical reason for her headaches? Was she ashamed that she needed help?What did the therapist do to encourage Clare’s willingness to enter into a therapeutic relationship? Why did Clare come to relish her time in therapy? How did the therapist help Clare?  How does Clare’s experience relate to the topic of sacred time and space?

Change Management Process

Change Management Process.

(MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT ADDRESS A CHANGE PROCESS THAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED AND IS PUBLICLY KNOWN ABOUT) 1.You should select an organisation which is experiencing problems or challenges. Examples of issues or problems could include: -Merger envisaged -Inefficiencies and waste -Poor customer service -New technology required -Institutional racism & sexism -Unable to keep up with growing demand. 2. You should analyse the current situation and where possible using change management terminology. 3. You should then identify and critically apply a suitable theoretical approach (or approaches) that could be used to address the challenge or difficulties. 4. You should then outline steps to implement a change management process that builds on the theory to respond to the challenge or problem identified. E.g Lewin, Kotter, Kanter 5. You should also consider any possible difficulties that may emerge in the process of implementation and how these can be addressed. 6. Please use UK English for the essay

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Essay V: Research Paper: Write a research paper on a current controversy.

M3: Case Study: A Client’s First Visit Essay V: Research Paper: Write a research paper on a current controversy..

For your final essay of the semester, you will write a research paper on a current controversy. You must take a position on this issue and write a Rogerian argument. Remember that a Rogerian argument is one that meets the following criteria: • Shows a sympathetic understanding of the opposing argument • Sees those who take the other side as persons of goodwill • Is nonconfrontational • Seeks to achieve some degree of assent rather than to convince entirely (Barnet, Bedau, and O’Hara, 374-375). Your imagined audience will be people who hold the opposite view, but instead of trying to convince them that your position is the “right” one, you must ask for their assent on one particular issue. For example, if you want to argue against banning soft drinks in school lunchrooms, your audience would be people who were in favor of the ban, and you might seek their assent on the importance of empowering students to make good decisions about their health. You will use a minimum of four (maximum of five) sources to support your points. Two of these must support the position you are arguing against and two must support your own position.

Your sources supporting each side must be different from each other in significant ways so that your points are not repetitive. You may include a fifth source that is informative or perhaps non-traditional, like a video or interview. All of your sources must be by authors with verifiable credentials and found in reputable sources. At least one source per side must have expertise relevant to the topic. Show respect for your audience by finding the most credible representatives for their position, not the most inflammatory. Introduction This paragraph should address your purpose in writing this essay, which is to ask for some degree of assent on the part of your audience. To do this, you must identify what the problem is, respectfully acknowledge your audience’s position, and briefly present your own. Keep in mind that you are not addressing an individual but a group, so something like “many Americans” would work better in this rhetorical situation than “you.” Your thesis statement will be the last sentence of the introduction, and it should specifically ask for assent to a particular proposal.

For example: We can all agree that school lunchrooms should be a place where students learn how to make wise choices, but I will argue that it is more effective to educate them than to limit their options. Body Paragraphs 1. Present the opponent’s position using evidence from your two sources 2. Address the aspects of this position that you find valid, perhaps a situation in which it could be acceptable. 3. Present your own position using your sources. 4. Address aspects you think your audience may not have considered/would benefit from considering Conclusion Revisit the commonalities you have identified between yourself and your audience and why you think considering your position will be beneficial. End by appealing once again for their assent on the proposal you suggest in your thesis. This essay should be about 1350 words in length and no more than 20% should be directly quoted from your sources.

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The relationship between internet addiction and depression/mental health.

The relationship between internet addiction and depression/mental health..

 Literature Review (these instructions have been translated from french to english!, if you need any clarifications let me know) Now that you have chosen your topic and research questions, you are ready to immerse yourself in the lectures on this topic to allow them to study the authors before you. The goal of this work A flawless stay To this work, you have to post-to-play, to one to play, to read, to read, to make, not one. Your job must include: title A clear statement of your research problem and your question. What do you want to know? Why is this an important question? (maximum ½ page) Summary and analysis between 4 and 6 scientific articles in pairs on your question or similar questions (2-2 ½ pages). Summarize how your research question is improved or build on existing literature (maximum ½ page). A complete list of bibliographic references. The details: 2.5 to 3.5 pages, not counting the list of references (1000-1500 words). Maybe be a little longer. Use MLA / APA. Use page numbers 12-point font, double spaced Evaluation criteria: Follow instructions Clarity and quality of work References cited correctly Articulation of text with happy Solidity and coherence of argumentation Writing: quality of syntax and spelling

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Visual Research Methodology!

Write an individual pre-assignment that is based on Leadership and Decision Making and the mentioned literature on visual methodologies. Focus of the assignment is to consider how you can enhance your research project—or another academic article project—by employing a specific visual research methodology and approach. Describe briefly the research project’s aims, objectives, analytical approach, data collection, and intended research plan. Consider in particular what would be the benefits but also the challenges and requirements of employing the visual research methods you have in mind. What kind of knowledge would be produced with the visual methodologies and approaches you consider? Important: study in advance the course readings to improve your research plan and focus accordingly. Pre-assignment report should be not more than 4 pages (Times New Roman, 12 pt. 1.5 line space, 2.5 cm margins on all sides)

Resume Truths

Resume Truths.

Resume Truths


Paper details:

This assignment requires students to apply knowledge gained from previous text book chapters, lecture notes, supplemental material, etc. Please consider the strategic, legal, and ethical issues at play within these particular case studies. Students will provide “analysis” thus specifics and facts will be needed to sell student ideas/philosophies. It may be best to think of this as a formal corporate memo to a CEO of a company. That should put you in the right mindset regarding professional format, language, substantiated facts and/or figures, etc. The Case Study assignment should help you not only learn and apply the course material but also help identify and solidify one’s personal ethical philosophy. I expect your memo to be between 4-6 pages (single spaced). Students should use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1″ margins, and well-cited, credible research. Business documents such as contracts and memos are not double spaced (we usually only do that in academia), however the use of multiple paragraphs and/or headers are double spaced. Students are free to use graphs, charts, etc. to provide context but are not included in the 4-6 page total. In the end, I want your document to look as if it should belong in the business world and not in the academic world. This assignment is worth 50 points (40 points for answers to questions + 10 points for professionalism which includes format, language, etc.)

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Microbiology Research/Term paper on Cholera. Please read all the attached guidelines carefully(read twice). Do not include the title page. Please use 5 peer review journal articles. And also to make a powerpoint presentation on the Research/term paper.  please cite if the images are being used. presentation has to be at least 10-12 mins.

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