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M1CT1 – Ecology of Public Health – A Science-Based Approach

M1CT1 – Ecology of Public Health – A Science-Based Approach. I don’t know how to handle this Health & Medical question and need guidance.

Designing Healthy Communities for our Future Generations
Consider the multidisciplinary interactions of biological and social sciences as presented in Chapters 2 and 3 (attached). With this in mind, perform an episode analysis of the information delivered in this episode about the future that our children face and how we can build healthier communities for them, as discussed in the text.
Designing Healthy Communities, Episode 2 (Links to an external site.)
Watch the video and look at the suggestions there for improving health in your own community. Once you are satisfied with your review of the episode, write an essay that addresses the following questions:

Begin by summarizing the episode in 100 words or less.
Relate the information from this episode to what you learned in Chapters 2 and 3 of your textbook (attached). What specific public health disciplines mentioned in Chapter 2 and 3 of your textbook are related to the information presented in the video and why?
Critique the information. Do you feel that the information presented is valid and easy to understand?
What information does the episode offer about public health problems? Consider, for example, whether it provides details on how public health can be characterized and measured and whether it describes common hazards and afflictions affecting modern Americans and American communities.
What information does the episode offer about the nature of communities? Consider whether it provides details on how communities may be altered to improve public health.
What information was missing from the episode? How could the content be improved? What would you like to see in future episodes?


Write a 2-3-page paper, not including the title and reference pages, which are required.
The paper must be formatted correctly using APA style. Remember, all research material used in your paper must be paraphrased and include an in-text citation.
Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according to APA format.
This is an individual paper; however, you should reflect on our Discussion Forums and incorporate ideas from there, as appropriate.
Be sure you utilize your text appropriately as a reference and cite at least one other credible external reference such as a website or journal article to support your proposed resolution of the case.

M1CT1 – Ecology of Public Health – A Science-Based Approach

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Read and review “He Speaks Not, Yet He Says Everything; What of That?: Text, Context, and Pretext in State v. Jeffrey Dahmer.” In a 750-1,000-word essay, do the following:

Analyze how the theories of psychopathology could explain the behavior of Jeffrey Dahmer.
Consider whether psychopathology could provide any aid to persons such as Jeffrey Dahmer.

Provide two to three peer-reviewed sources to support your claims.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion
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RC General & Intelligence Psychology Scientific Methods & Research Gap Discussion

RC General & Intelligence Psychology Scientific Methods & Research Gap Discussion.

The scientific method allows us to pose questions, test questions, and analyze results. Through observation and research we begin to understand the world around us. Consider research you have read about or been a part of and analyze the following in one page:Was the Scientific method followed? How?What pieces were or were not part of it? (Randomization, study type, placebos, etc.)For the second part, present a research project you would like to propose in approximately one page.How can it help us learn about basic principles of behavior?How can you use the scientific method to find and address possible problems in your research design?This paper should be 2 pages in length and use APA formatting (cover page, paper body formatting, citations, and references: see Rasmussen’s APA guide in the Resources tab, or by clicking here . Prior to submitting your paper, be sure you proofread your work to check your spelling and grammar. If you use any outside sources, please site those sources in APA citation format.
RC General & Intelligence Psychology Scientific Methods & Research Gap Discussion

Help In doing a MEMO

essay writer Help In doing a MEMO. I don’t know how to handle this Management question and need guidance.

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West Los Angeles College Wk 8 The True Diary of a Part Time Indian Essay

West Los Angeles College Wk 8 The True Diary of a Part Time Indian Essay.

Week 8 Discussion–The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Part 2No unread replies.No replies.This week’s Discussion Board assignment has two parts. Part 1 should be ~400-600 words in length and should be completed no later than 5pm on Thursday of Week 8. Part 2 should be ~100-150 words in length per response post and must be posted by the final deadline of 11:59pm on Saturday of Week 8. Part 1: In a passage from this week’s reading, Arnold observes that “Traveling between Reardan and Wellpinit, between the little white town and the reservation, I always felt like a stranger. I was half Indian in one place and half white in the other” (118). How is this sense of hybrid identity manifested in the novel? What challenges does Arnold face as the result of feeling (and being treated) as “half Indian” and “half white”? Does this sense of cultural hybridity have any advantages? Be sure to discuss specific examples and incorporate supporting quotations from the novel. Structure:Your primary post should include an introduction that introduces the topic and ends with a clearly worded, 1-2 sentence thesis statement. Each supporting paragraph (there should be at least 3) should begin with a strong topic sentence and should incorporate evidence, including direct quotations from the short stories as needed to support your argument. Direct quotations should be incorporated using the quotation sandwich method and proper MLA in-text citations. The post should also contain a strong conclusion. Please post Part 1 by 5pm on Thursday. Part 2: As usual, you will respond to two classmates’ posts for this assignment. This week, I want you to focus on two things in your response posts: first, state whether you agree or disagree with your peers’ arguments and explain why. Second, evaluate how how your peers introduce evidence, particularly direct quotations. Are they using the quotation sandwich method effectively? What do they do well, and how might they improve? Offer specific examples for improvement. Please post Part 2 to the Discussion Board by 11:59pm on Saturday. Tips for Posting to the Discussion Board: To submit your discussion board post, click “Reply” at the bottom (this tab is located under these instructions). After that, when you’re done composing your initial post, you’ll click “post reply” (I advise that you first compose your post in a Word document, save it to your computer, and then copy and paste the entry–that way, you don’t risk losing your work). Once others have submitted their initial posts, you’ll be able to view those and reply to the summary of your choice. Note that you will not be able to see any other posts until you have posted Part 1.
West Los Angeles College Wk 8 The True Diary of a Part Time Indian Essay

Employee Use of a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Essay

It is difficult to notice the work related effects that health care practitioners go through. Health care personnel who take care of mentally or physically ill patients tend to experience symptoms which resemble post traumatic stress disorder. This happens because of the trauma that employees develop as a result of investing long hours at the workplace and dealing with stressing situations in the workplace. Many employers think that by providing their employees with attractive benefits and services, they will be able to motivate and retain their workforce. This at times results in low morale, decline in job performance and high rates of employee turnover, absenteeism and taking of sick leaves (Cohen, Ruggie and Micozzi, 48). If all these setbacks occur even after employers provide work incentives, what could be the underlying problem? Most of the time, it is the welfare of victims that is taken care of when there is a disaster. Even during war, the injured are the ones who receive urgent medical attention. The priorities of medical personnel who work in military medical facilities are to selflessly devote their time and efforts towards saving the lives of soldiers who are injured during wars. They attend to soldiers who have had their legs torn off by landmines as well as those who received bullet wounds. The medical personnel also attend to those who fall sick while in the jungle and soldiers who are rescued from kidnappers. Medical personnel who attend to these victims and patients devote their full attention to their work so that they are able to help the wounded recover fully. The families of these victims are also taken care of by being accorded all the necessary support when they are bereaved or their members affected by disasters. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The above findings indicate that victims of disasters and their families are often well taken care of. But what about the personnel who take care of them? The plight of this category of individuals is usually ignored since employers assume that their employees are well trained and capable of handling all kinds of situations. Employers however fail to remember that their members of staff are also human and that they also develop side effects from dealing with people who have undergone disasters (Leach, 402). It is not only the people that have been affected directly by disasters who develop traumas. Many medical personnel have developed work related secondary traumatic stress as a result of dealing with sensitive cases while discharging their duties. Is the welfare of such kinds of employees taken care of? Many organizations are slowly adopting the idea of providing on-site services such as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for their employees. These investments are not a waste of funds since wellness clinics produce good results when they are implemented effectively. Surveys have revealed that wellness clinics produce positive results in employees. For instance, Duncan et al. brought out that employees who attend wellness clinics and CAM reported that they developed improved nutrition, sleep, self awareness, moods and cognition (812). We will write a custom Essay on Employee Use of a Complementary and Alternative Medicine specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They also exercised more, increased stress reduction practices and reduced the use of addictive substances that were previously used to deal with the trauma (812). Benefits and services are not enough if employers are to retain their workforce. That is why there is increased investment in on site child care, on site food and on-site CAM wellness clinic. Works Cited Cohen, Michael H., Ruggie, Mary and Micozzi, Marc S. The practice of integrative medicine: a legal and operational guide. New York: Springer Pub. Co., 2006 Duncan, Alaine D., Liechty, Janet M., Miller, Cathy et al. “Employee Use and Perceived Benefit of a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Wellness Clinic at a Major Military Hospital: Evaluation of a Pilot Program.” The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 17.9(2011): 809–815 Leach, Robert A. The chiropractic theories: a textbook of scientific research. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams

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