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M1: Social Problem Discussion

For this assignment, you will look at policy implications of a social problem that is important to you. Your goal is to find some of the federal, state, or other policies which affect the prevention of, interventions for, or understanding of your social problem.To find a policy related to your social problem, navigate to the Encyclopedia of Social Work (Link will open in new tab.) through the YU library. You might have to look at a few articles to find what you need. Choose “policy” or “political” as a search option for “heading” or search on the topic of interest to you, something short like “health care” or “mental health” or “discrimination.”Choose an article about a social problem of interest to you from the Encyclopedia and discuss the policy implications of that problem. Answer the following questions in your initial post:What is the social problem, and why is it important to you?What policy or policies affect the social problem?How does this policy or policies affect the problem? (For example, do the policies contribute to the cause? How we intervene? How we understand the problem?)What don’t you know about this policy or other policies that might relate to this problem that you would like to know?Assigned ReadingsReview the following materials to prepare for this module:Lane, S.R., Palley, E.S.,

Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology.

 In today’s ever-changing world of technology, organizations must compete with each other to offer better products and services. Organizations look for new technologies to run their companies more efficiently and gain market share. Emerging technologies are innovations that are new or cutting-edge or considered ground-breaking and sometimes perceived to “disrupt” the way businesses operate. For this assessment you will read the attached case study, which presents the existing technology and needs of a fictional organization. You will propose an emerging technology solution that will benefit the organization in the case study. You will need to discuss the impacts of this technology within the context of the organization. Requirements: A. – Summarize an organizational need in the case study, including the scope of the need. B. – Propose an emerging technology solution to address the organizational need from the case study. Provide justification that classifies this technology as emerging. C. – Explain the steps of the adoption process that you recommend the organization use to integrate the new emerging technology, including a description of why each step is necessary and how each step relates to the organization. D. – Describe both a positive and a negative impact that your emerging technology solution could have on the people or current processes in the organization, providing examples for how to address the negative impact. E. – Compare your emerging technology solution to an alternative technology solution, providing at least two advantages and two disadvantages that each technology may have for the organization. F. – Recommend a method that can be used to determine whether adoption of the proposed emerging technology solution will be successful or unsuccessful, based on the needs of the organization. G. – Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. H. – Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

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