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Lynn University Forecasting & Error Analysis PK Village Case Study

Lynn University Forecasting & Error Analysis PK Village Case Study.

PK Village is a neighborhood 24-hour convenience store chain. The outlets, located in gas stations throughout South Florida offer over 10 thousand SKU (store keeping units), including limited selections of dairy products, packaged foods, over-the-counter medications, basic apparel, electronic accessories, hardware, tools, and automotive products.The first store opened in 2002 and it is managed by Sammy Patel, one of its owners. The company now operates a network of 12 stores spread throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. The partners are considering opening other branches in other parts of the state and eventually expand nationwide through franchises after 2020.One of the products sold by PK Village is a general use lubricant sourced from a factory in Malaysia and packed under the PK Village private label.Ms. Patel has noticed that, over the past year, the company has experienced frequent shortages of this SKU, resulting in lost sales as well as periods of excess inventory.Ami places orders for this product every month and is considering implementing a routine methodology to estimate future demand for this product.The demand for this SKU during the past five years is shown in the table below:Month20142015201620172018Jan211244291323328Feb338403386478510Mar191213335327310Apr192244278327346May138153159211261Jun148195209342296Jul205231205288394Aug244327364374331Sep164337263304305Oct200247280337300Nov205234282304322Dec229438273357369Ms. Patel has retained your services to recommend a forecasting methodology to estimate the demand of generic lubricant. Your document should contain:Analysis of the historical data series, including identification of seasonalityA forecasting error comparison of these methodologies:Two-period moving averageThree-period moving averageSingle Exponential Smoothing with constants of 0.4 and 0.3Linear regression (annual) with seasonality adjustment (monthly) A summary of your recommended next steps.Include the Excel file showing all calculations.This short consulting report (no more than three pages long) must be written using business language.
Lynn University Forecasting & Error Analysis PK Village Case Study

Diablo Valley College Impact of Yellow Fever on American Trade Discussion Paper.

“Yellow Fever in the Early American Republic”Step 1: Listen to “Yellow Fever in the Early American Republic” ( (Links to an external site.))Step 2: Summarize the story clearly and thoroughly. Discuss specific people, dates, events and major historical ideas or issues.Step 3: Provide historical context for the episode. Make connections, between the contents of the episode, and what we’ve been reading in this course. Textbook: Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty!, Volume 1, Seagull Sixth EditionFoner, Eric. Voices of Freedom: A Documentary History, Sixth
Edition, Volume 1. 

Diablo Valley College Impact of Yellow Fever on American Trade Discussion Paper

University of Southern Mississippi Aspects of Education Programs Presentation

University of Southern Mississippi Aspects of Education Programs Presentation.

Write a two to three (2-3) page reflection that explains how Head Start should involve parents, and why this is so important. You should have at least three (3) references to support your ideas. Your references should between the years of 2014 to the present. The paper and references should be APA style.Please use Times New Roman, 12 point font, and double space the paper. If you cite or quote any information within your paper, be sure to reference the cite within your paper – APA style.The Program for Infant/Toddler Care (PITC) seeks to ensure that America’s infants get a safe, healthy, emotionally secure, and intellectually rich start in life (Roopnarine, J. & Johnson, J., 2013). Your center director has asked you to present to a group of families a “workshop” or “informational session” on The Program for Infant/Toddler (PITC) for the center you work for. You want to give information to families that would be a help to them in possibly deciding to enroll their child in the program within your center. You are to create an outline, an overview or your “workshop” or “informational session”, and a PowerPoint presentation. Your PowerPoint presentation should contain a minimum of fifteen (15) slides. The outline should allow each participant easily follow the information provided. Be creative.
University of Southern Mississippi Aspects of Education Programs Presentation

Hello I’ll be attaching 2 documents for you to follow, 1 of them is the format of the Leadership Essay

custom writing service Hello I’ll be attaching 2 documents for you to follow, 1 of them is the format of the Leadership Development Plan, and the other one is the Leadership Development Plan that I have notes on, I want you to please focus on the highlighted stuff on the written document and I want you to write things for it.

Cyber Security Concepts Malware Detection And Activation Essay

Cyber Security Concepts Malware Detection And Activation Essay.

i attached multiple slides below , please select any one topic likes malware detection, malware activation anything whare you have an idea..I need atleast 400 words ,the words should be like oral conversation ….why because proffesor asking what you learned from this slides so couple of times i written what i have learned but still he saying that dont teach me subject and he said think practically and write like how it working now adays and future …so should not use more technical words.I hope you understand if you have any queries please ping me
Cyber Security Concepts Malware Detection And Activation Essay

Complete 8 Slide Presentation for Communications Course (UOP)

Complete 8 Slide Presentation for Communications Course (UOP). I’m studying and need help with a Communications question to help me learn.

Read “An Exploration into Research on Critical Thinking and its Cultivation” from the University Library.
Critical thinking is a valuable skill in every aspect of life. Consider the times when you have used critical thinking and how it affected the situation. In this assignment, you will analyze a scenario and use critical thinking to propose a course of action.

Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with audio recording for each slide, including detailed speaker notes. Local campus learning teams should present to the class and will not need to include audio for each slide. Online and local campus learning teams should follow these instructions:
Select one of these scenarios:

A person trying to interpret an angry co-worker’s needs, expressed through a rush of emotion and snide comments, to give that co-worker some help and support.
You are the manager and are having a team meeting. Two people on the team get in a dispute about how to complete a project.
A customer leaves an unfair, negative review on an online site about services/products provided by your business.
You and your friend at work both applied for a management position. You were offered the position and your co-worker was not. Now things are uncomfortable between you two. Your co-worker is only speaking to you at work when necessary and is not speaking to you outside of work at all. You don’t want to live with this tension, and you want your friend back.
Your learning team has four members on it. You’ve been assigned a project to be completed for Week 3. Your team meets once you learn the requirements of the assignment to assign the tasks each team member is going to work on. Immediately, one team member begins asking questions to the team via email that demonstrate that he doesn’t understand what he’s supposed to do even after repeated emails to try to explain. When he turns in his part, the other team members note that it is poorly done. He didn’t do some of what he was asked and some of what he did either he was not asked to do or it was not even part of the assignment.
Create your own scenario or use one from your own experiences.

For your presentation, you should:

Describe the interaction/situation/problem. What inferences did you have to make or what conclusions about the scenario did you have to draw?
Explain the issues in the scenario.
List the questions you asked that demonstrate critical thinking. How did you answer?
Propose how you would handle the interaction. How did you come to your decision? Describe your process.

Format your presentation according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines. You should:

Treat the presentation as if it were an academic paper.
Make the first slide the title page slide.
Include in-text citations on any slide that require it, revealing outside source information.
Make the last slide the references page slide.

Complete 8 Slide Presentation for Communications Course (UOP)