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You only live once andliving life is all that matters. Sometimes life can be hard, and throw you curveballs, but in the end what you make out of it is the final outcome.Lana Del Rey really captured this concept in her new album “Lust for Life”.She has her: good songs, her bad songs, and some songs that left me asking myself what did I just listen to? Let’s start with her good songs.

Lana packs her new album with a plethora of finely detailed songs. One of these songs is “Love”. “Love” captures what it’s like to be young and in love, but not on the receiving end. The lyrics tell a story of someone watching as the “popular kids” all fall in love. Soon the main character develops a crush on someone and attempts to look nice for them. At the end of the song the character stops thinking about their crush, and starts focusing on themselves.Any teenager with a crush on somebody could find this song very relatable. Keeping with her love song streak, Del Rey goes on to sing “Tomorrow Never Came”. While “Love” being sentimental and empowering ,it is nothing like” Tomorrow Never Came”, which is packs a whole lot more emotion. The song features guest singer Sean Ono Lennon. The pair’s harmony together is perfect and they go on creating a beautiful piece of artwork. The lyrics paint a picture of a messy breakup between a couple. Lana depicts her and her special other listening to the radio, as well as meeting together in the pouring rain Like many other breakup songs, they the relationship. The one thing this song does that makes it stand out is it talks about only the good parts of the relationship. Unlike some love songs, it is not written in vengeance, it is merely a story of a broken heart. Lana has definitely put a lot of emotion and thought into her album. This showed in the first two songs. Although, her hard work really showed in one particular song “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems”. The song starts off with a strong piano accompaniment and poetic lyrics. She sings about the colors blue, green, and red. As her guest singer, Stevie Nicks, starts soon singing about touch such as warmth and hardness. They both sing with passion and emotion in this song. As the song gets closer to end we begin to realize the meaning of the song. We are all beautiful and we all have our own problems just as beautiful. All these songs are examples of Lana’s hard work and true talent. But there were some songs I found were not her best.

Every artist has some songs that are either unknown or aren’t cared for. I found these songs confusing and hard to understand and /or didn’t like them.The first on my list is “Cherry”. The title is misleading, but it is, in fact, a love song. Unlike her other love songs “Cherry” is marked explicit and has unnecessary vulgar language. The song ismore of a revenge song and I fail to understand what the meaning of the song is. Lana although does use her vocal talent more in this song. The song “Cherry” stood out to me because of Lana’s use of her vocals . Unlike “Cherry”, the song “Summer Bummer” reminded more of her music. Lana has a unique style of music and I didn’t expect her to incorporate rap into her music. But in “Summer Bummer” Lana features rapper A$AP Rocky. The background beat didn’t feel right with her type of vocals. This song really seemed to focus more on A$AP Rocky’s style of music. But some who enjoy rap music may enjoy this song. The last song on my list I found controversial as well. “When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing”. The song is about how when we were at war we kept living our lives. The song is very historic and has a good beat. Some lyrics which repeated itself were hard to understand. “When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing” is also marked explicit and again uses unnecessaryvulgar language. Although these songs weren’t chart-toppers they did certainly surprise me and may interest others but not me. One thing Lana Del Rey does is adds songs to the album that don’t necessarilyhave a clear point.

Every now and then Lana leaves some fans confused by some songs. Like I said earlier Lana is a unique artist and she left me confused by these songs. The first song that confused me was “Change”. The title and song are exactly the same. Lana sings about how change is coming and how she doesn’t know when it’s coming, but she’s ready for it. The song’s vocals are so intricate and lyrics so mystifying, it had me listening to it over and over again, the point is I got confused. It was only until listening to it for about the 50th time did I understand the song. But each time I listened to it I realized, this doesn’t sound like Del Rey. This song is very different from most of her songs. “Change” has a strong piano accompaniment which sets the tone for the song, which is soft and powerful. The next song that confused me was “In my feelings”. The song starts off with Lana describing someone who distracts her from, well I don’t know. Then the song takes a mood change and the chorus comes in. “You got me in my feelings…..” why this immediate change? What does it mean? This was my initial reaction I had to go to the next song “13 Beaches”. The song starts off instrumental, then with someone talking in the background. The song is kind of slow and the lyrics are kind of all over the place along with the vocals. All this combined I didn’t understand the overall main idea of this song. Either way, Lana Del Rey is still an icon.

So there are the good, the bad, and the confusing songs off Lana Del Rey’s latest album “Lust for Life”. An extraordinary singer who has a unique style of music which boosted her fame. Lana Del Rey proves to us that anything is possible after overcoming something so strong. In the end Lana teaches us a something. She overcame something so powerful, why can’t we do the same?The phrase “anything is possible” is true and we are shown this through Lana’s Perseverance. Perseverance is a powerful thing.