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Lufthansa Strategy Analysis

Lufthansa is one of the premier airlines of the world and one of the largest in Europe, in terms of the number of passengers carried by it. The flag carrier of Germany derives its name from Luft (the German word for ‘air’) and Hansa (the Hanseatic Trade Organization that was active in Northern Europe, during the medieval period). Headquartered in Cologne, the major hub of the airline is located at Frankfurt Airport, in Frankfurt am Main. The airline boasts of having the third largest passenger airline fleet in the world and consists of modern aircrafts. The airline is a founding member of Star Alliance, one of the leading airlines alliances in the world. Check out the article to know more about the profile and history of Lufthansa airlines. The generously sized and comfortable seats, the extensive range of entertainment: with the Lufthansa Product Showroom you can now get to know the benefits of our Economy Class on long-haul flights in more detail even before your flight. Take a virtual journey through our offer – from booking, to our services at the airport and on board, right through to your arrival at our Frankfurt hub Comfortable seats On short and medium-haul routes you’ll enjoy plenty of room. In Economy Class, too, the slim construction of the seat backs provides greater leg room, making it easier for you to stretch your legs. On long-haul routes a seat cushion width of over 40 cm, as well as the individually adjustable headrests on every seat, ensure your comfort. When you tilt your seat back, the seat is raised, giving you optimal support Varied entertainment On long-haul flights, as well as reading our in-flight magazine” you can enjoy our extensive In-flight Entertainment Programme during the flight. Meals

Cadbury Integrated Marketing Communication

Executive Summaryonal company which manufactures a variety of cocoa products which are known and sold throughout the world. This paper gives an Integrated Marketing Communication plan that is aimed at promoting the forthcoming rollout of a new premium dark chocolate by Cadbury in the Australian market. The paper commences by looking at Cadbury as a whole-its current marketing strategy and positioning in the global confectionary industry before narrowing down to Australia. The marketing and communication plan touches on issues like; the implication of launching the new premium chocolate product in its Australian market, the different sizes and unique packaging together with the specific promotional strategies. The paper also analyzes market competition and how to combat the already launched Rondnoir dark chocolate product by Ferrero’s (a competitor) in October 2009. Various marketing ingredients will also be analyzed and some will be recommended due to their advantages in boosting the new product market position. Finally there is an implementation plan on how the new product will be distributed to the various outlets in order to reach the primary target market of middle to upper class people over the age of 25. Cadbury’s competitive positioning will be based heavily on its reputation in the marketplace with current products. Its comparative taste and quality ingredients will also be a positioning advantage. The new product will be exclusively distributed through all major supermarket chains, gift stores, delicatessens, specialised coffee shop franchises and major department stores. Introduction Cadbury is the world leading confectionary company with an excellent portfolio of gum, candies, and of course chocolates. The company is reputed for creating brands like Cadbury, Halls and Trident. The company started back in 1824 by John Cadbury, since then the company has expanded into a multinational. Cadbury’s vision is to be the ‘world’s biggest and best confectionary company’. The company has over 35,000 suppliers (direct and indirect) and employs over 50,000 people globally, it is a complex organisation. The company’s units’ focuses on commercial operations these are in: The US, Britain, Ireland, South America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific region. The business model involves a number of category-led operations: Commercial, Supply Chain management, Science and Technology, Human Resources and Corporate affairs, Strategy, legal and secretariat, Finance and IT. This particular structure is well integrated to deliver the Group’s commercial objectives and global growth. Consumer analysis Cadbury marketing strategies and processes are focused towards being the best in performance, while keeping in touch with the regions’ commercial operations. The global confectionary market is large, expanding and with attractive dynamics. Cadbury is estimated to have a retail value of about $141 billion. The main category is chocolate representing more than half of the world’s confectionary market. Globally, the confectionary market is growing at the rate of 5 per cent more than any other packaged foods. Developed markets account for over 67 per cent of the global market. The most popular ranges are: Cadbury Dairy Milk, Eclairs, Halls, Trident, Flake, Clorets, Dentyne, Hollywood, Crème Egg, Stimorol and Bubbaloo. Cadbury’s has managed to create the right range that is available to all and for all. Cadbury is a market leader in many markets in one or two categories. In Australia, their strength is in chocolate and candy. Chocolate remains the most popular category with consumers seeking a particular taste in each of the markets. Cadbury Australia SWOT analysis Internal environment (S)trengths Cadbury is the largest confectionery company with a market share approximated at 10 per cent. The company also enjoys a strong financial position. In addition, Cadbury is competent in its manufacturing process due to a strong brand name and leadership in innovation. The company’s manufacturing focus on chocolate, candy, and chewing gum has helped the company to understand unique consumer segments. The company’s acquisition strategy since 2003 when it acquired Adams has helped it to expand to new markets. (W)eaknesses Cadbury solely depends on confectioneries and beverages for its revenues while some of its main competitors such as Nestle have diversified their product portfolio. This generates more profits that can be ploughed back and/or invested in R

Letter 2: Negative Message

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You are a recent college graduate and are applying for a number of jobs. Unfortunately, you receive two offers on the same day and need to accept one and decline the other. Write a letter to the hiring manager (see below) explaining your acceptance of another offer, keeping in mind the five goals of delivering bad news, found on page 294. You select the scenario that is most applicable to your current situation.
Use the modified block letter format for this assignment. Please refer to pages 584-586 for an explanation of the block and modified block formats. The example in your book on page 585 is a block letter format letter while the example on page 586 is a modified block letter format. Please note the differences carefully.
There are two main ways to format a negative message letter; directly or indirectly. You can find comparisons of these strategies on page 294. For this exercise, you will be utilizing the direct approach, since you do not need to maintain any formal relationship with the organization you are declining. Follow the organization on page 298 as a guide.
The format of your letter tells the reader a lot about you and your professionalism. Since you do not want to completely cut ties, it is important to leave a lasting respectful impression. Pay particular attention to your letter’s margins, line spacing, font type and size, and placement of letter parts such as the return address, date, inside address, salutation, complimentary close, and signature block.
The information for the job you are declining is: Assistant Manager, Hilton Corporation.
The contact person for this position is: Terrence Walters, Hiring Manager, Hilton Corporation, 555 SW 8th St., Miami, FL 33199.
Recommended Organization
Introduction/Opening: Begin your letter with the bad news. The indirect approach includes a buffer, however, the direct approach does not. Be sure to remain professional and concise in this section to not sound rude or ungrateful for the opportunity.
In the first paragraph of the body include your reasons for the decision, without too much detail about the other position. Having the right balance of ambiguity is respectful to the employer you are declining. Use creativity when developing reasons for taking the other position over theirs.
Maybe the schedule was more flexible or the other position better fir your skill set. These are just a few examples to consider when writing this section. In the second paragraph you can add a positive spin to the situation if you desire. This could be as simple as saying you’ll keep this employer in mind for future endeavors or that you will recommend a qualified friend who should apply for the position.
Begin your closing paragraph with a courteous transition and thank the employer for the opportunity. Conclude your letter by indicating how the reader may contact you if he has any questions.
Letter 2: Negative Message

Arrays and Strings with C Code

Arrays and Strings with C Code.

Program Description
Compute the value of the ticket sales for concerts and the total sales for a series of concerts. Then
display the concert information in a sorted list.
Technologies used in this project:
 strings stored as char arrays
 2 dimensional char and int arrays
 getting data from the user into the various arrays
 using only part of an array for valid data
 computing array arithmetic – vector inner products to compute a value
 sorting using selection sort
 displaying data in arrays
1. Get the ticket price for each 3 categories.
a. float float float
2. Get the band name and numbers of fans for each category of each concert.
a. String int int int
b. NOTE: spaces are not allowed in the band names, so use underscores instead of spaces.
c. Period will end the input.
3. Internal computations:
a. Compute the value of the sales for each concert.
b. Compute the total value of the ticket sales.
c. Sort the concerts by value of the ticket sales.
4. Display the resulting data in a nice format.
1. This program is not expected to behave nicely if the input does not follow the specifications
2. All numbers this program will handle should be of moderate size. The exact meaning of
moderate is made precise by the data types, print statements, and array sizes.
Page 2 of 12 Analysis
1. Since we are going to do sorting, we will need to hold the data in arrays.
2. We will use functions to simplify the code, and reflect a modular approach to the design of the
3. We will use global variables to reduce the amount information transferred in parameter lists.
4. We will use a fixed number of categories, but let the number of concerts by determined by the
user at run time, up to a maximum value.
5. The user will end inputting the group information with a flag value, a period.
6. Basic data types
a. ticket prices – float
b. name of concert/band – char array
c. number of concerts and number of fans in each category at each concert – int
d. number of concerts – int.
e. value of tickets – float
7. We will use nested loops to handle most operations:
a. reading the ticket prices
b. reading the group name and attendance
c. computing the value of the ticket sales
d. printing the array of data
e. sorting the arrays by the value of the ticket sales
Arrays and Strings with C Code

Gregory McMillan’s Views On Gradualism Essay

Gregory McMillan’s Views On Gradualism Essay. In his article Mr. Local Custom Must Die, Gregory McMillan discusses the status of black people in the American South. One of his major arguments is that gradualism or slow evolutionary change could not bring significant improvements to the lives of African-Americans. Moreover, this author believes that the Federal Government had to intervene to reduce social tensions existing in the country. The author also noted that American society could encounter significant internal conflicts if these problems had not been addressed by the state. These are the main issues that should be examined more closely. In order to elaborate his arguments, Gregory McMillan says that many social activists, who could be both black and white, did not have sufficient political power to eliminate existing discrimination. Their opinions could simply be disregarded by local legislators. In contrast, policy-makers were interested in the presentation of the status quo or the situation when African-Americans had no chance to uphold their rights. Thus, they did not want to make any radical changes. Thus, one can say that democracy in the South did not work very effectively. This is one of the main issues that this author focuses on. Furthermore, the journalist notes that many of the initiatives supported by the general public were not properly implemented. For instance, one can mention that schools in the South failed to integrate black students even though many people regarded education as a critical factor for reducing inequalities. Furthermore, Gregory McMillan points out that gradualism did not promote the economic welfare of black people. In his opinion, many of them could not secure employment primarily because of prejudices that entrepreneurs could have held against them. In the long term, this disparity in income level could also result in hostilities. Overall, this evidence illustrates that gradualism resulted in stagnation, rather than social progress in the South. In turn, the author argues that by turning a blind eye to this problem, the society could eventually undermine its own welfare. As it has been said before, Gregory McMillan insists on the intervention of the federal government as an alternative to gradualism. Moreover, in his view, the further delay could prove fatal for American society. This is one of the reasons why the author mentions the Sharpeville massacre which took place in South Africa. He argues that the United States could also face a similar disaster provided that the state did not try to eliminate racial inequalities. In turn, changes in the legislature were instrumental for reducing the risks of open hostilities and violence. Moreover, he stresses the role of businesses that should not stay neutral in this debate since their products and services could be boycotted by the public. On the whole, this author emphasizes the need for rapid changes because in the early sixties the unity of the American society could be at risk. These examples indicate that the legacies of slavery were difficult to overcome, even though many people living in the American South did not support racial ideology. The principle of evolutionary change was not suitable for eliminating inequalities existing in the society there was no legal incentive to eradicate discrimination. In his article, Gregory McMillan urges the policy-makers to adopt a different attitude toward the difficulties encountered by African-Americans. His major argument is that the state could not remain indifferent to these people; otherwise, the country could be affected by a catastrophic social crisis. Gregory McMillan’s Views On Gradualism Essay