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Love Yourself by BTS college admissions essay help Technology coursework help

Jimin’s high sung vocals in the intro “Serendipity” enchant your mind as the hit Korean boy band, BTS releases another dazzling album: Love Yourself. Lead rapper Rap Monster guides the 6 other members: Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, and V into glory as they attract millions of fans worldwide. As K-Pop (Korean Pop) begins to dominate the music world, BTS is definitely one of the biggest trending K-Pop bands along with EXO, Got7, and BLACKPINK. With their dashing looks, talent, and style, they have captured millions of hearts, starting from Korea to any country in the world. They have won countless awards, such as the BBMAs, and easily beat other famous social artists, such as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. After their major debut in 2013, BTS will certainly accomplish success and glory in the bright upcoming years.

The album presents a variety of tracks, ranging from sweetly sung vocals like in “Dimple” or “Her” to hardcore, dynamic feels in “MIC Drop” and “DNA” that give off a different, more outgoing beat than the rest of their songs. BTS does not have a recognizable style, which is what makes the band unique and outstanding. This sense of variety is clearly shown in Love Yourself, proving that BTS is capable of being versatile without losing their sense of charm. Other bands usually just stick to one specific style, such as “cute” or “school boy” feelings, but BTS manages to maintain a big range of themes throughout their old albums, to current trending songs.

Despite the praise given to the album, I wasn’t a big fan of “Best of Me.” The song was a collaboration between the Chainsmokers and BTS. “Best of Me” gives off an EDM vibe, which is exactly what you would expect from the Chainsmokers. However, the DJs always seem to stick to the same tune, especially in songs like “Roses” and “Something Just Like This,” previous songs in which they have collaborated with artists like ROZES and Coldplay. The soundtracks from both songs sounded extremely similar; it was only the vocalists that differentiated the two. The instrumental had a such a similar tune to “Roses” and “Something Just Like This,” which threw me off from otherwise a great album.

A common favorite track that the BTS’ fandom fell for is “Pied Piper,”a sweet, honey-coated song that gives off a different vibe from the other selected tracks. “Pied Piper” speaks of tough love and connection to their fans. BTS praises them through upbeat melodies, but also reminds them to focus on studies. The song is contradictory, vaguely explaining the struggles of fame and success, and how attention can’t always be on them. The lyrics are deep, and can be interpreted in many different ways. “Follow the sound of the pipe, follow this song/It’s a bit dangerous, but I’m so sweet/I’m here to save you/I’m here to ruin you.” These lines captivate the listener, which is exactly what the song is speaking of: Capturing fans with sweet melodies. Billboard quotes, “Her’s (another name for the album) Pied Piper is BTS’ most submersive song of their career, thanks to its takedown of the very fan culture that has helped the act thrive.” After listening to the song for the first time, I was immediately enthralled by the sweet-sounding flute that is distinct in the instrumental, in relation to the traditional tale of the pied piper.

Love Yourself is a sweet album revolving around love, attention, and hard work. The 7 members provide sweet melodies and energetic tunes that can lift your spirits up once you tune in your headphones. Whatever your music tastes, the album will guarantee a smile on your face, reminding you to “love yourself.”