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An in-depth study of the love relationships in the films of Alfred Hitchcock.

This paper explores the love relationships in Hitchcock’s films. It shows how Hitchcock used his films as a forum for illustrating the ongoing struggle for equality, recognition and acceptance between men and women. It investigates Hitchcock’s ideas of a romantic relationship through the analysis of some of his films, namely: “Notorious”, “Suspicion”, “Spellbound”, “Rear Window” and “North By Northwest”.
“Hitchcock’s motives for approaching love from such a stance could be numerous and interwoven. Certainly, his interpretations draw attention to the kinds of deep-seeded psychological blemishes that are bound to disrupt the continuity and quality of the subject’s interpersonal relations. And the roots are left twisting in obscurity while the viewer works to sort out the morass of emotions that comprise the relationship in question.”





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