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Holiday My last holiday was spent in Bhurban. My family and I stayed at the Pear Continental Hotel. Every morning, we would go to the Terrace Caf© for breakfast. Then we would spend some time before Jumping into the pool. We also visited Murree, Nathiagali and Ayubia. The green valley with pine trees looked beautiful. In

Ayubia, I took a ride on the chairlift with my sister. We loved the landscape there. The highlight of my visit was when I take a picture of a white pony on the way to Murree. My whole family enjoyed thoroughly. I hope to visit Bhurban again soon. [E] My Holiday My whole family enjoyed thoroughly. I hope to visit Bhurban again soon.

Module 3 Resource Identification

Review the resources and supplemental material included in Module 3 Preparation.
Explore several of the listed sites.
Choose two resources that discuss one or more of the following: budget development, logic models, and/or developing a program evaluation.
By Thursday, write a post that includes:Your TWO chosen sources
A short paragraph discussing why/how your sources are relevant to the week’s topic(s). You may not duplicate resources.
Both the in-text and end-of-text APA citations

By Sunday, view and comment on two of your peers’ resources—specifically, did the posts you read discuss any ideas you hadn’t considered. Would you save or bookmark any of the resources and why?