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Los Angeles City College Business and Professional Code for RN Paper

Los Angeles City College Business and Professional Code for RN Paper.

Pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 2750 (Links to an external site.), the Board of Registered Nursing has authority to discipline a registered nursing license for violation of the Nursing Practice Act. The disciplinary penalty is determined based on a number of factors including but not limited to: severity and recency of offense, rehabilitation evidence, current ability to practice safely, mitigating factors, and past disciplinary history.” (BRN webpage) Instructions: * Go to the Broad of Registered web page, Click on ‘Enforcements’. Read all the information related to disciplinary actions and reinstatement. Also review cases available on the BRN web site/other locations. Decide on a topic of concern to write about. Search as needed for information on your topic. The paper must be in APA format, with a reference list. APA Format – is the format nursing schools use in higher education. * Write 5 pages using the APA format for health care professionals. The title page and reference list are not included in the maximal number of pages. The APA format is a guideline for scholarly written documents and is the format you will be using as you continue your education in healthcare. There are many APA format resources available. The one you choose must be for healthcare professionals. Do not use microsoft office paper formats. Include the source you used for the APA format in the reference list. An example of an appropriate APA format text for health care professionals –…* Write the paper in APA (the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) format. There are more than one APA publications available, some on line as well as hard copies. I am not choosy which publications you use. However, you must identify the source. The basic APA documentation and format is acceptable for this assignment. Jane E. Aaron, Essential Handbook for Writes has the basic concepts included for APA. ISBN # 0-321-20-257-0 is another example. * Complete a reference list with at least five professional, researched based references in APA format. Web sites such as Mayo clinic, WebMD etc, are not professional references for college papers.
Los Angeles City College Business and Professional Code for RN Paper

Issues in a New Group Among the most problematic issues of a man’s life is the relationship within the group to which the man belongs to. Whether (s)he will be accepted or not, how the rest of the team will treat him/her and the like are often the matter of life and death to an individual. Showing what place one takes in the given group is the key issue. Identifying ourselves in the company, we prevent ourselves from merging with the rest of the group, from losing our personality. The rank is the second thing to consider. Depending on the extent of control that one can take over the rest of the company, the social status may be changed into a higher or a lower one. Since every group has certain aims, it is important to realize whether your own needs and wants will be taken into account. Often connected with the rank and the amount of influence, this issue is extremely important for a healthy atmosphere in a group. Finally, it is important to realize the quality of relationships in the group as well. Often haunted by the fear of alienation, many people try to get as close to the new company as possible. In spite of the fact that warm and hearty relations in the group are preferable, one must keep in mind that there must be a certain border between the company life and the private sphere of each of the members. Thus, it is necessary to be a little bit distanced from the group – just to differentiate between the peers and the family, for example. Effective Goal Statements for Leadership in Group At the end of the course, I will be able to take an active part in the group discussions and suggest working solutions for certain problems. When the course is over, I will be able to make a distinction between the group goals and between my ambitions and compromise so that they both could coexist. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More By the next week, I will take a more active position in the group activities. As the course is over, I will try to change my current group status. At the end of the year, I will become the group strategist who considers every problem which appears in the group and helps to solve it. Reflections on Ricky Sherover-Marcuse’s “Towards a Perspective on Unlearning Racism” Article “No young person acquires misinformation by their own free choice. Racist attitudes and beliefs are a mixture of misinformation and ignorance which has to be imposed upon young people through a painful process of social conditioning. “You have to be taught to hate and fear.” It seems that if all people had an opportunity to read these words, there would be no wars at all. However, can it be that such a simple and natural idea could not occur to some people and trigger devastating wars and terrible misunderstandings? It seems that there much more to this problem than meets the eye. On the one hand, hardly anyone wants to be buried under the thick layer of prejudices and social injustice. Yet, on the other hand, the political issues leading to discords and wars must be based on something much more solid than the ideas of hatred and fear. There is no doubt that people have to be taught certain things to start a conflict or a war. However, there must be the one who implants the destructive ideas into the brains of millions of people, and this evil genius, this mysterious person is the key element of the paradox. Who could have taught this very person, the “firestarter”, the evil plans, and the harmful ideas? Could that be that the evil roots much deeper than people can think? We will write a custom Essay on Leadership Skills for a Diverse Society specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It seems that the plans of mischief and hatred cannot be merely seeded in someone’s head – in my opinion, it is unnatural for a man to be evil. This must be a psychological twist which certain people are born with, and they infect the others – this is where the above-mentioned “social conditioning” starts. Take Hitler as an example. “As young people, we have often witnessed despair and cynicism in the adults around us, and we have often been made to feel powerless in the face of injustice. Racism continues in part because people feel powerless to do anything about it.” Do the things which people witness at a young age influence their future life so hard that they cannot tell the right thing from the wrong one? Indeed, a child trauma can be painful, and it can result after a bunch of years have passed, but it still seems to me that childhood memories can be handled. The bases of psychoanalysis teach us that even the most painful experiences from the past can be handled, and an individual can be healed completely. However, there is no doubt that, when neglected, a problem faced in childhood can bring tragic results in the future. Even if one seems to have forgotten about what happened some years ago, the reminiscences are still kept deep inside. Still, these “rudiments” can be coped with, once a person realizes that something is going wrong deep inside him/her. Once the source of pain has been identified, it is possible to fight it, and thus even the oldest trauma can be healed. It is only that such a process can take time, like any other therapy.
Table of Contents Introduction Literature Review Identifying Market area and Characteristics Location for the Banana Republic Definition of the Target Markets Competitive Analysis Introduction The hospitality industry has become fiercely competitive given the globalization and liberalization of the economy and Switzerland has been a hot destination for leisure and hospitality purposes. Leysin is one such place, a high-altitude center, known more popularly for the well-maintained ski-resorts. Since the place is frequented by tourists and business visitors from all over the world, it is ideal for a casual dining restaurant that will offer formal dishes/meals from 3rd world countries, such as Thai, Indian, Japanese, South American cuisine, etc. The restaurant is to be named ‘The Banana Republic’. Literature Review In general, various sociological, technological, environmental, political, legal, and economic factors influence the way a company operates within any marketplace. The extent of variations in these factors, from one market to another, determines the strategic moves being planned by the company. Therefore, to make the Banana Republic a successful venture, we need to understand well the target markets and the segments that will be the focus for such marketing efforts. The Banana Republic initially plans to offer formal dishes from 3rd world countries like Thai, Indian, Japanese, South American, etc. Such cuisines are liked not only by the natives but by the European and American visitors as well. In the hospitality and restaurant business in particular the customer is consistently on the lookout for the best available services at reasonable prices. In this section, efforts would be made to have an insight into the hospitality industry, the present business prospects, challenges under the globalization regime, and the organizational efforts required to make an impact. An effort would also be made to understand some of the successful restaurant chains in the countries like Thailand, Japan, and India to understand the preferences of the natives and how best these tastes could be implemented under the climates of Leysin or if possible, what improvisation efforts could be put into the venture. Identifying Market area and Characteristics No business can prosper without approaching the existing as well as prospective customers. Intense marketing efforts, therefore, happen to be the key elements of a success story. We need to segment the market with the help of the demographic information i.e. the statistics of the people within Leysin, the number of tourists that frequent the region, and what are the peak seasons for such activities. Since our main target market will be people in the age groups of 25-55, therefore the market can be broadly segmented by classifying the population into the categories like; Students/ Youth Middle class Working-class Affluent Sections Business houses Tourists from Europe Tourists from the Asian region To assess the average retail sales volume we need to study the business of some of the existing restaurants in the area. This will help us in assessing our business prospects. To assess the spending capacity of the business visitor we need to ascertain the number and types of business activities/organizations operating within the area. Assessing the tourism potential of the area also helps in preparing for the peak seasons. For example, till a couple of years back Leysin used to be known for its giant August rock festival, but with increasing popularity controlling the crowd became a difficult task. This difficulty coupled with some financial problems resulted in converting this festival into a low-key Alpine Music Festival. Well, this indeed points towards good tourist inflows at times. Means of transportation happen to be the lifeline of a city. Tourism potential and nightlife are key for any restaurant business. The working class gets to unwind only during ht evening hours. Therefore, dependable transport is key to a restaurant business. Leysin is known for its Clubs, Bars, movie theatres for having fun at night, Leysin could therefore prove to an attractive place to start ‘The Banana Republic’, the new restaurant. But at the same time, it might prove to be a challenging venture because there are already around 25 restaurants in Leysin. Location for the Banana Republic An ideal location for a restaurant is a place much frequented by different types of people, having easy access from different localities. At the same time, the restaurant business requires a place with not many business ventures all around because a lot of space is required for vehicle parking as well. It works wonders if the customer can have a glimpse of a snowy mountain while enjoying his/ her meal in the restaurant. Therefore the main criteria for site selection; Not very far from business/ office activities Easy connectivity using reliable transport services A soothing environment with mountainous surroundings Away from heavy traffic congestion areas Availability of ample parking space Easy accessibility and some privacy for the youth Definition of the Target Markets Students/ Youth: The youth segment, comprising school students, young couples and neo-IT professionals forms key elements of a restaurant business. Middle class: The middle-class society often prefer to go out on weekends and holidays with family and friends Working-class: The working class sometimes requires a break from the routine jobs and they go out in groups to celebrate occasions like the birthday of some colleagues, promotions, etc. Affluent Sections: This section prefers to eat out after the days’ work. As they’ve plenty of money to spend, this class needs a lot of pampering as well. Business houses: Business houses require the services of a restaurant to arrange for parties or business meets Tourists from Europe: European tourists will of course like to have a taste of cuisines like Thai and Indian curries. Tourists from the Asian region: The Asian community will like to have a go at the preparations to figure out the differences/ improvisation. Competitive Analysis Such an analysis requires gathering relevant information about: Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Location of competitor restaurant/ pub i.e. how far from the Banana Republic Which are the types of restaurants located in the nearby Banana Republic. Whether they are Cafes/hotel restaurants, pubs, etc. What is the capacity of such rival restaurants i.e. the number of seats they have and their business size. Source and volume of their business. Here we will ascertain how busy the rival restaurants are during different times and seasons What are the normal operating days and hours that the existing restaurant offer to the customers. What are the varieties and items on the Menu of the competing restaurants and how competitive are the prices Which are the other services being offered by the existing restaurants besides wining and dining, like nature therapies. Are the existing restaurants affiliated with some big chain of restaurants/ tourist bodies/ hotel chains, worldwide or within Switzerland What types of entertainment are being provided for the guests. For example, Lynx and Yetti sometimes have live music concerts. Marketing Plan: Business strategies and a launch campaign must be added.

Northcentral University Week 4 Classroom Management Theory Research Paper

Northcentral University Week 4 Classroom Management Theory Research Paper.

Week 4 – Assignment: Apply Theories Regarding Classroom Management to InstructionBegin this assignment by reading the assigned articles. You will select one theorist from Week 3 (Redl, Wattenberg, or Kounin) and one theorist from this week’s readings (Dreikurs, Glasser, or Ginott). You will apply what you learned regarding these theories in a research paper that compares and contrasts the two theorists.Find and read at least three additional peer-reviewed articles regarding one theorist from Week 3 (Fritz Redl, William Wattenberg, or Jacob Kounin) and one from this week (Rudolf Dreikurs, William Glasser, or Haim Ginott).Apply what you have learned last week, and what you have learned this week to write a research paper that compares and contrasts the work of the two theorists you have chosen.Consider how the theories are implemented, which practitioners use these theories, and why these theories are important.Prepare a research paper that contains three citations and references for each of the two theorists. This will be a total of six peer-reviewed journal articles.Discuss how these theorists’ ideas have shaped classroom management to instruction in PK-12 classrooms.This research paper must demonstrate comprehension, application, analysis, assessment, and integration of the research you find on the curriculum theorists of your choice.In the paper, make sure to state how these theories would be applied to educational practice.Length: 5-7 pages, not including the title and reference pages.References: Minimum of five scholarly resources.Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards where appropriate. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.
Northcentral University Week 4 Classroom Management Theory Research Paper

World Peace in Music Essay

custom essay Table of Contents Introduction Discussion Comparison of Songs Music/Lyric Connection Conclusion References Discography Introduction World peace is an important topic that needs a serious consideration in the modern world. If there were peace in the world, flagitious occurrences like war, terrorism and gang violence among others world be just but a history. Many artists in the music arena have attempted, through their lyrics, to call for actions that would help in fostering peace around the globe. An example is Imagine by John Lennon recorded and released in 1971 and Heal the World by Michael Jackson released in 1991. From the content of lyrics, these masterpieces are good campaign tools for world peace. Discussion Peace, in the modern world is a sensitive issue that people in all circles should endeavor to achieve. Nations should avoid engaging in politics or actions that result in wars or acts of terrorism. In all Nations, the value of anti-war campaigns needs emphasis because it is only through fostering peace among nations in the world that people can coexist peacefully. According to Mousseau the “existence of one democracy for all nations would help achieve world peace” (2003, p.484). Peaceful coexistence among nations comes with numerous benefits including international relations, free movement of people across international boundaries, sharing of knowledge, culture and religious values among nations and faster growth of nations among other pertinent issues that affect national and international relations. The call for peace should not however be left to only influential people like politicians for in most cases peace is not an important agenda in their manifestos. According to Titze, “all religions over the world have a common belief about world peace” (1998, p. 121); that through prayer and supplication, people can achieve and foster peace in the world. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every individual to try their level best to contribute positively towards the attainment of world peace. Even though the effort of an individual may seem negligible when comparing it with peace in the entire world, the overall effect of many individuals doing the same thing is great. For instance a musician singing about world peace in one of his/her albums, the number of people he/she will influence will be large, though the overall effect will be small. If all other musicians throughout the world emulated the same, there would be a significant impact. Comparison of Songs John Lennon’s song, Imagine and Michael Jackson’s, Heal the World, have a good and common message aimed at promoting world peace. In both songs, the message is the same; world peace and how people can achieve it. John Lennon approaches the issue by invoking an idea into the human mind on how it could probably be if there was world peace (Lawrence, 2005, p.95). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to Lennon, the world can be in a state of peace only in absence of things that hinder peace or create conflicts. The things that draw Lennon’s attention include countries, religion, and possessions. In stanza one, Lennon says “Imagine there’s no countries” to provoke an imagination about people living together without originating from any nation. In stanza two, Lennon says, “Imagine all the people Living life in peace,” to imply that having only one country in the world would help foster peace. Jackson’s view of a meaningful world peace is the peace that comes from people’s hearts; a deep rooted desire to make the world a better place. In the chorus, Jackson says, “If you care enough for the living, make a better place…” Jackson also suggests ways through which people can achieve world peace. He urges people not to fear if they have love because there is a way through which they can foster world peace. In stanza five, he says, “Love’s enough for us growing…” and in stanza six Jackson says, “We cannot feel fear or dread…” Therefore to promote world peace, Lennon gives the conditions that would favor world peace while, Jackson suggests the actions that those who love the living should take to ensure the world is peaceful. Music/Lyric Connection The two lyrics have a strong connection as far as the message of peace is concerned. Even though they use different approaches to the issue of world peace, Lennon and Jackson seek to inform people that there is need to foster peace around the world. They argue that for peace to exist in the world, people have to make efforts geared towards changing this world for better. As a result, people should arise and start making the world a place of peace. Referring to a time the whole world shall have attained peace, Lennon says, “…and the world will live as one.” By the world being as one, he implies that people will be united because of international peace that will exist. Similarly, when referring to a day when the word shall have attained peace, Jackson says in stanza nine that, “Together we’ll cry happy tears.” Here Jackson refers to the joy that will underscore the ultimate realization of world peace. The musical instruments used in performance of these songs have played a great role in supporting the lyrics of the song. In Michael Jackson’s Heal the world, the performance employs the use of soft and low music. The aim of this type of music is to allow the listeners to pay more attention to the words rather than the sounds of the instruments. As a result, the message carried in the lyrics would easily reach its listeners. In addition the soft and low music helps to create an impression of calmness, which is a symbol of peace. In John Lennon’s Imagine, the type of instruments used in performance equally supports the message that lyrics convey. The soft music from the piano not only creates an impression of peace but also allows the listeners to fully get the message that the lyrics carry We will write a custom Essay on World Peace in Music specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion World peace is an important element that people in the modern world need to foster given the many benefits that accompany it. The song Imagine by John Lennon and Heal the World by Michael Jackson are good campaign tools for peace in the world. Even though they use different approaches, the composers have a common message to the world; people should promote world peace. References Lawrence, K. (2005). John Lennon: In His Own Words. Andrews McMeel Publishing: McMeel Publishers. Mousseau, M. (2003). The Nexus of Market Society, Liberal Preferences, and Democratic Peace: Interdisciplinary Theory and Evidence. International Studies Quarterly, 47(6): 483–510. Titze, K. (1998). Jainism: A Pictorial Guide to the Religion of Non-Violence. Mohtilal Banarsidass Press. Discography John Lennon, The John Lennon Collection, Rovi Corporation (1990), R 78327. Michael Jackson, Dangerous, Epic Records (1991), EP 89134.

spanish II

spanish II. I’m studying for my Spanish class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

10 sentences in Spanish Write a short story on two dining out experiences using the superlatives and comparisons. Use food and dining out vocabulary to compare two times you went out to eat.
provide 2 different reply’s to two other students on how your experience was either similar or different. These sentences must be in the present tense only.
Modelo: Un día, como con unos amigos. En el restaurante, el café es más caliente que el té. Mis amigos ordenan unos cafés y yo ordeno un vino tinto. Me gusta más el vino que el café. Mis amigos ordenan unas hamburguesas con papas fritas. Yo ordeno un bistec con papa al horno. A mis amigos, les gusta menos el bistec que la hamburguesa. A mí, me gusta más el papa al horno que las papas fritas. En el restaurante, el tres leches es el mejor. Todos ordenamos un tres leches. ¡Todo es muy rico y lo disfrutamos mucho!
reference plazas book provide spanish accent marks in writing 🙂
spanish II

ΔH° is +137 kJ/mol and ΔS° is +120 J/ K · mol. This reaction is spontaneous

ΔH° is +137 kJ/mol and ΔS° is +120 J/ K · mol. This reaction is spontaneous.

For the reaction C2H6 (g) → C2H4 (g) + H2 (g)ΔH° is +137 kJ/mol and ΔS° is +120 J/ K · mol. This reaction is __________. The know the answer is only at high temperatures is this because they are both positive. If yes how do I know at the other answersA) spontaneous at all temperatures B) spontaneous only at high temperature C) spontaneous only at low temperature D) nonspontaneous at all temperatures
ΔH° is +137 kJ/mol and ΔS° is +120 J/ K · mol. This reaction is spontaneous

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