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Lord Of The Fliess 7 Essay, Research Paper

Essay on Lord of the Fliess

The novel, Lord of the Flies, was written by William Golding. William Golding was born on September 19, 1911. His literary aspirations began at the immature age of seven. He received his Bachelor of Humanistic disciplines from Oxford University in 1935. His novels explore characters and state of affairss. In Lord of the Flies, it is a clip of war. A group of English schoolboys are on a plane, when they are attacked and they have to evacuate their aircraft. They find themselves on a distant island, someplace in the Pacific Ocean, without any grownup supervising. A male child named Ralph takes charge and forms a petroleum society, with a democratic type of authorities. Then, a male child named Jack decides to interrupt off and organize his ain society, with him being the leader, regulating with a absolutism type of authorities, doing Ralph s society to crumple and fall apart. William Golding believed that the defects of a society could be traced back to the defects of the human nature. These societies were really different from each other because the persons were really different.

Ralph s society was based on everyone holding a say in the authorities. Ralph was sort and good to the people of his society. He allow them hold freedom and autonomies which was non travel for his society because they abused their freedom and became lazy and irresponsible. His society did non hold their precedences in order because Ralph did non emphasize that the deliverance fire and the shelters were necessary. Ralph was inactive and did non maintain his society in line. The were excessively boisterous to command. Another factor in the death of Ralph s society was the other members. Piggy, like Ralph, was non aggressive plenty. He let himself be pushed around when he knew he was making the right thing. Piggy did non

hold the leading qualities. An illustration of this is when he let the littluns go when he was supposed to take all of their names. Finally the society got excessively boisterous and could be non be controlled.

Jack s society was really different from Ralph s. He was the dictator and the members of his society had to make what he commanded. One of his defect was that he had no regard for his society. He was disorganized and did non maintain path of things. Something could hold happened in his society, doing injury to the people in it. An illustration of this was when they had a fire for cooking the meat and he did non take attention of it so it went out of control. He did non do regulations or give anyone any duties. His people would acquire lazy and irresponsible. Jack had no aim. This caused his society to non hold a end besides. All they wanted to make was Hunt. Jack was excessively aggressive. The people of his society were excessively scared to hold their ain sentiment. Jack wanted to hold merriment, and that was all he wanted. This made his society centered around holding merriment and avoiding duty. Another member affected the society was Roger. Roger was the executioner. The whole society feared him and they did non desire to interrupt the regulations, for they knew they would be badly punished. This besides caused the society to hold no sentiment. With all these defects, Jack s society would hold failed besides if it had adequate clip.

These societies were really different from each other, but they did hold one thing in common, they both failed. The society had defects because their leaders had defects. The form of a society must depend on the ethical nature of the person and non on any political system. What William Golding implied throughout this book was that the defects of a society can be traced back to the defects of human nature.