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Long-term care includes nursing home facilities as well as home care agencies and assisted living facilities. Who uses long-term care services? Why do they use them? Mainly the elderly (considered age 65 or older) population uses long-term care services; however, there are those who are younger and mainly physically or mentally handicapped. However, those who use long-term care services are those who require additional assistance or recovery time. Examples of some situations in which an individual needs long-term services would be someone who is recovering from/adjusting to chronic diseases/injuries and disabilities, both mental and physical.

There are those individuals who are younger that have developed chronic illnesses that has left them needing the care of skilled, licensed personnel and is more extensive than their family can provide. How has long-term care changed in recent years? Years ago family would care for the elderly once they reached a point in their lives when they needed additional assistance and care and became unable to care for themselves. Facilities were used mainly for elderly people, those who were mentally ill, or those who were poor and had no place to go.

Today long-term care facilities are used for individuals of any age, in any financial class who need professional help in performing their ADLs (activities of daily living) for a longer length of time than a hospital is able to provide. Many times these facilities are used as rehabilitation facilities where people can go for strengthening and assistance in order to reach their ultimate goal of returning to home. Should Mary’s family members authorize the double-hip replacement? Taking into consideration Mary’s age, I do not feel as though her family members should authorized the double-hip replacement.

Mary has advancing memory loss and her dementia has been bad for some time. She is not able to get around on her own, so the idea of putting Mary though the surgery, which at this stage of Mary’s life can be extremely life threatening, is not practical. Mary’s family should opt for pain management for Mary, especially since the extensive recovery post hip replacement surgery is not something Mary will be able to endure, if Mary were to make it through surgery given her heart condition. What factors should be considered?

There are many factors to be considered when Mary’s family thinks about putting her through the surgery and then recovery of double-hip replacement. First, there is the financial burden it will cause, both with surgery and then post recovery time and rehabilitative services that will be required, ultimately at an outside facility other than the hospital. There is also the consideration of Mary’s health. Her current age and health status weigh against Mary making it through any kind of surgery, especially one this extensive which often results in large amounts of blood loss.

Also, there may not be a surgeon willing to consider doing surgery on Mary because of her age and medical conditions. She would need to be cleared by many different medical services prior to surgery, and she may not get that clearance, but there would still be the financial burden associated with attempting to get clearance. Will the hip replacement benefit Mary in any way? She is already not getting around on her own, and with her dementia, it makes it unlikely that she will be able to provide care for herself.

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Mock interview report

My mock interview date is date is Thursday the 3rd November between 1:00 and 1:30 pm with Darian and the interview venue is the Career Center Library. The PCA leads me to the interview room. I am well groomed with a fine cut hair, nice, mild cologne on top of an executive dark grey suit. This look is coupled up with a nice pair of black leather shoes, navy blue socks, a white shirt and a navy blue tie. So, I enter into the room with my resume well packaged in a black leather document holder. It surprises me to find that the interviewer is very friendly and dialogue inclined. Am encouraged to speak some more through the questions asked probably to gauge my attitude and see how confident I am. I project my voice enough to ensure that am heard but not too much that it could be termed as shouting. The interviewer is obviously impressed.

I begin with describing myself, the states my career objectives. After that am asked to lay down my credentials. At this point I explain my skills just as outlined in my resume while allowing the interviewer time to refer what I’m saying to the resume. She nods in acknowledgement as I narrate every detail to the last point. The next session is a discursion where I am required to give my thoughts or opinions on some random subjects including the just concluded election. In doing this, I am very careful to only speak the facts am well aware of. By now am very accustomed to the process that I feel like I already made it. At the end, the interviewer congratulates me for a great performance then asks me to sit outside and wait for the commentary.

During the commentary, I am advised to update my resume the next timer I am invited for an interview to make it more detailed. The interaction helps me understand the interviewing process and at the end I feel well empowered to even conduct interviews in the future. This is because all the factors to consider while managing or taking an interview have been well revealed to me at the mock interview.

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