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It discusses how critical the supply chain is to global trade and world welfare and that it is estimated that the consequences of disruption to the global supply chain, whether from terrorist or natural causes, can be in the range of hundreds of billions of dollars (Sarathy, 2007). It explains that TSM is a framework for mitigating security risks; prescribing best practices along the firm’s entire value chain (Chapter 1. Supply Chain Management) (Sarathy, 2007).

It is used to help firms cope with all the possible sources of disruption that can happen in a supply chain, such as terrorist attacks and hurricanes. It also goes on to explain that TSM is broad in coverage, linking security to the entire range of value-added activities/ value added services (Chapter 3. Demand Management and Customer Service) across the supply chain (Sarathy, 2007). Aimed at both internal and external stakeholders, TSM as a common framework allows for easier collaboration among various supply chain participants and helps promote continuous improvement and innovation in nhancing security (Sarathy, 2007). In today’s global society, where everything is being traded over the internet and outsourcing and off-shoring (Chapter 5. Global Logistics) are becoming the norms; companies must concern themselves with the security practices of their partners if they hope to keep a thriving business. The logistics implications of this article are varied; in discussing TSM’s framework, it tells how it is built off the ideas inherent in the Total Quality Management (TQM)

Procurement and Supply Management) approach, including building resilience into the supply chain and creating value from security initiatives. TSM requires all stakeholders be empowered to enhance security, suggesting that the firm push to obtain an organization-wide financial commitment to enhancing security (Sarathy, 2007). As supply chains become global the number of geographically scattered supply chain partners increases, also firms use a variety of infrastructure and transportation modes, so all the infrastructure operators are the firm’s partners (Sarathy, 2007).

All of these various partners must collaborate and operate at the same high standard to obtain a high level of security across the entire supply chain (Sarathy, 2007). Since TSM involves initiating actions to avoid risk and to create and disseminate a value proposition that can justify the importance of security-related actions and investments, it holds that security practices are more likely adopted if they yield tangible benefits (Sarathy, 2007).

It is suggested that the TSM approach can clarify the range of risk, making a firm less vulnerable to all the disruptions that can happen to a supply chain, like natural disasters, and can lead to marketplace recognition of the value enhancement of the firm from increased security and reduced vulnerability to disruption.

Quotes from Shakespeare’s plays are to be used (King Lear and Macbeth)

Quotes from Shakespeare’s plays are to be used (King Lear and Macbeth).

Quotes from Shakespeare’s plays are to be used (King Lear and Macbeth)

Must use at least one peer-reviewed article or a book chapter published in 1995 Additional Informtion will be in the pdf attached

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