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Listening as an Essential Skill in Outsourcing Report (Assessment)

Table of Contents Introduction Analysis Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Listening is one of the essential skills required not only in personal relationships but also in the business world. The ability to listen and select the most relevant information is especially crucial in outsourcing since without its efficient collaboration with the customer (as well as a first-contact resolution) becomes impossible (Brownell 19). When the customer feels that he/she is not listened to properly, he/she usually comes up with the conclusion that the provider of the service is not interested in communication (Stout-Rostron 43). Analysis However, in many cases, we do try to listen but still fail to memorize important facts. This is the problem addressed by the given video: Even when people believe that they receive all the information they need, they usually skip some details that may turn out to be crucial for understanding the whole (“Test Your Listening Skills”). This may happen for the following reasons (DiSanza and Legge 13): When we listen, we have certain distractions that may divert our attention from the subject. If it concerns business communication with the customer, there could be various noises, people talking, and other disturbing sounds. If it is possible, distraction should be brought down to a possible minimum to give one a chance to concentrate on the topic of the discussion and stay focused in order not only to memorize facts but also to give the customer a feeling of priority. It is typical of the listener to assume that he/she already knows that the speaker is going to say especially when it concerns formal communication presupposing a repetitive set of questions and answers. It may seem quite reasonable; however, it prevents the listener from establishing a real connection with the speaker and identifying the source of the problem. Therefore, instead of interrupting and showing that you already know that the speaker means, it is better to allow him/her to explain the issue thoroughly in order to have a holistic picture of the situation and show your respect to the person. In many cases (mostly attributed to outsourcing), listeners are aware of the fact that they hold valuable information that the speaker (or the customer) needs, which makes them think that they need this communication less than the person who initiates it. If there is any kind of debates involved, they believe that they are unquestionably right whereas the customer is always wrong regardless of his/her arguments–as a result, they fail to listen up to the end. More than a third of companies using outsourcing in service-providing industries acknowledge that their success relies on effective communication. Here are their major listening strategies (Stout-Rostron 52): Listening is a perfect way to show your commitment to the customer as he/she would certainly appreciate your full attention. You should do your best to make the speaker understand that his/her speech is not falling on deaf ears and the problem (as well as the person’s existence) is important to the listener. The process of solving a problem usually begins with careful listening as most of the required information can be provided by the speaker. In many cases, an attentive listener discovers a solution to the problem itself. Listening implies building trust and ensuring commitment. You are usually unrelated to the customer until you have to listen to his/her problems. However, this short-term communication makes the other person believe that you are personally involved in the matter and, in case you prove that you can listen and offer professional assistance, your customer is left with the feeling of personal significance, which will make him/her address you again. Conclusion No matter what kind of conversation you have, listening is the key way to prove your professional attitude to any business issue. Listening talent will always rank high among other valuable business skills. It not only shows you as a respectful and reliable person but also serves as a key factor in your branding that ensures high-quality customer service (Brownell 31). Works Cited Brownell, Judi. Listening: Attitudes, Principles, and Skills. Routledge, 2015. DiSanza, James R., and Nancy J. Legge. Business and Professional Communication: Plans, Processes, and Performance. Pearson, 2016. Stout-Rostron, Sunny. Business Coaching International: Transforming Individuals and Organizations. Karnac Books, 2014. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More “Test Your Listening Skills.” YouTube, uploaded by The Professional Training Academy, 2014. Web.
Picot statement paper.

Please see the attachment for topic and references. need to try to use the same references and give me additional references on the topic. Following the PICOT format, write a PICOT statement in your selected practice problem area of interest, which is applicable to your proposed capstone project.A PICOT starts with a designated patient population in a particular clinical area and identifies clinical problems or issues that arise from clinical care. The intervention should be an independent, specified nursing change intervention. The intervention cannot require a provider prescription. Include a comparison to a patient population not currently receiving the intervention, and specify the timeframe needed to implement the change process.Formulate a PICOT statement using the PICOT format provided in the assigned readings. The PICOT statement will provide a framework for your capstone project.In a paper of 500-750 words, clearly identify the clinical problem and how it can result in a positive patient outcome.Make sure to address the following on the PICOT statement:Evidence-Based SolutionNursing InterventionPatient CareHealth Care AgencyNursing PracticePrepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
Picot statement paper

MATH150 Northampton College Corresponding & Relative Frequency Lab Report.

Chapter 2- please take your time on the assignment. At lest 3 hours to complete : This professor is very strict… show work on a word doc or pdf and write in the guided notebook. Two types of assignments:1. Interactive assignments: The material in the course will be presented through short videos. Some of these videos are in a classroom setting and others are done in a studio type environment. Each student is expected to take notes from the video. After watching the video, the student will answer a question or two about the material that was just presented. These are called Interactive Assignments. A student must complete the IA assignments with a 70% before they can start another assignment about the material.2. Section homework: After a student receives a 70% or better on the interactive assignment, they can do the section homework. This is just a series of questions about the particular section as a whole.
MATH150 Northampton College Corresponding & Relative Frequency Lab Report

Religious Studies homework help. FedEx Independent Contractors: Is the company Really Recruiting Employees?ÿThe use of independent contractors by package delivery companies appears to be a good idea. The arrangement requires a contractor to purchase the appropriate vehicles contract with a company that specializes in the delivery packages and complete delivery schedules on the basis of sound management approaches. The relationship ideally benefits both the delivery firm and the independent contractor because the company gets packages delivery without having to invest in and maintain the vehicles while the contractor get to run his or her organization based on individual preference.Unfortunately, one or both parties can end up feeling slighted in this arrangement because of various control and monetary frustrations. By definition, independent contractors are not covered by certain employment laws and do not receive some benefits, but the loss of such protections are usually acceptable because the independent contractor operates as a separate business entity. However when a delivery company starts to directly supervise an independent contractor?s work the lines between contractor and employee become blurred. It is easy to understand why an independent contractor would want to be considered and employee and be entitled to important benefits and protections if control of contractor?s business is effectively being surrendered to Delivery Company.FedEx has for some time utilized a multitude of independent contractors, many of which are single driver/ single vehicle outfits to augment its delivery service and the company has enjoyed many successes using this business model. Contractors must pass basic per-employment tests (Physical/drug screenings), be good drives with acceptable records, and possess and appropriate vehicle for deliveries. Drivers must also sign a nonnegotiable contract that specifies the nature of the working relationship with FedEx. The agreement sets forth fairly strict standards with regard to appearance and vehicle maintenance/operation (i.e., Drivers can?t use vehicles for personal use with the FedEx logo displayed), but the company does not specify how the deliveries are completed (i.e, routes, hours of operations, etc). Contractors are generally expected to work Tuesdays through Saturdays, and up to 60 hours within a typical workweek and drivers must complete training program that includes both classroom instruction and practical driving exercises. Drivers are changed with sufficient notice and provisions are specified in the contract about support for delivery volume (too much and too little). Pay is provided on factors such as delivery numbers, types of delivery numbers types of deliveries and safety record.ÿGiven these requirements, as well as the stringent working conditions that independent contractors must endure working with FedEx, drivers have looked for support from unions and lawyers, or have established drivers groups, in an effort to get recognized as legitimate employees of the company. These concerns have also led to many lawsuits directed at FedEx. Based on these problems it may be that FedEx needs to revise its agreement so that independent contractors don?t feel like they are employees of the company. ÿÿÿÿPlease read the case study at the end of Chapter 6 entitled ?FedEx?s IndependentContractors: Is the Company Really Recruiting Employees??.Write a 2 – 3 page paper.ÿ Include a discussion of the following:Describe why FedEx?s delivery agreement blurs the line between being an employee of the company and being an independent contractor for the company.How should the company address the interpretative problems associated with its delivery agreement with independent contractors?Include aÿcover sheet and 2-3 references. ÿOnly ÿ2 to 3 website reference will be allowed (not Wikipedia). ÿPlease adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th ed., 2nd printing when writing and submitting assignments and papers.Religious Studies homework help

Harvard University Complexity of Algorithms and Efficiency of Programs Questions

Harvard University Complexity of Algorithms and Efficiency of Programs Questions.

There will be a total of 7 required Java classes created for this assignment:,,,,, and You are free to create extra classes if needed. Start by defining a Piece class with the following fields: • Name: A String (eg. ‘Jedi’, ‘Droid’, etc.) • Colour: A String (eg. ‘Black’, ‘Red’, etc.) • Position: A point described by a pair of integers (eg. [2, 4], [1, 1], etc.). Assume that the game board is an 8 X 8 grid. The position is a coordinate ([x, y]) on the board, with the values of x and y each taking a value between 0 and 7. The top left corner of the board is taken to be the origin ([0, 0]). You can define Position in a separate class or use classes from the Java standard library if you wish.Implement the following methods: • Constructor: A constructor that creates a Piece object with the given name, colour and position. • Getters and Setters: Appropriate methods to set, change and access fields. • toString(): A method to display the Piece Object’s fields. Next define a SlowPiece class – A Piece that moves left or right exactly one step per move. Your SlowPiece should extend the Piece class, implementing a constructor and redefining the inherited toString method via overriding. In addition, implement the following method: • move (String direction): A method to move the piece left or right by one space. This method will accept a direction parameter. If a move is requested that would take the Piece off the edge of the board, simply return without doing anything. Define a FastPiece class – A Piece that moves left or right a specified, arbitrary number of steps per move. Your FastPiece should extend the Piece class, implementing a constructor and redefining the inherited toString method via overriding. In addition, implement the following method: • move (String direction, int n): A method to move the piece left or right by a specified number of spaces. This method will accept a direction parameter and a number of spaces. If a move is requested that would take the Piece off the edge of the board, simply return without doing anything. A flexible Piece is one that can move up or down as well as right or left. Extend the class hierarchy developed so far to include these two new kinds of Pieces. Define a SlowFlexible class that extends the SlowPiece class and a FastFlexible class that extends the FastPiece class. Define methods in these classes as needed. Next define a Board class – The Board class will hold the 8 X 8 game board. Each position of the board either contains a Piece or is empty. Since the pieces move around on the game board, any location may contain any type of Piece. Consider what data structure you wish to use to represent the board. Implement methods to do the following in the Board class: • Add a new Piece to the game board. Note: a new Piece can be added to a location only if none exist at that location; display an error message if the Piece cannot be added. • Move a Piece at a given location in a given direction by a given number of spaces. Display an error message if the Piece cannot be moved. • Display the game board, showing the name, color and type of each Piece on the game board at its current location. You can use a simple text-based display to show the board and the Pieces on it. For example, your display might look like this: – – – JediBlueS CloneRedF – – – DroidBlueFF- – – — – – – – – – — – – – – – – CloneBlueSF – – – – – – – — – — – – – — – – – – – – — – TroigRedF In the above display, there is a Jedi (blue colour, slow piece) and a Clone(red colour, fast piece) in the first row. There is a Droid (blue colour, fast flexible piece) in the second row… and so on. Finally define a GameDemo class – The GameDemo class should accept commands from a user to create Pieces and move them on an 8 X 8 game board, and display the game board. You should use the following command syntax, with each command appearing on a new line. Words in plain, Roman script should appear verbatim in the command. Words in Italic script take one of several possibilities that are explained. Square brackets imply optional parameters.
Harvard University Complexity of Algorithms and Efficiency of Programs Questions

Moorpark College Explication of The Widows Laments Essay

essay writer Moorpark College Explication of The Widows Laments Essay.

USING OUTSIDE SOURCES WILL LOWER YOUR GRADEChoose one of the poems we’ve read this semester (except “Richard Cory” and “My Papa’s Waltz”) and write a thorough “explication” of it. My advice is to choose one of the shorter poems (under 30 lines). However, if you choose a long poem to explicate, focus on one specific section of the poem, explain it in detail, and relate the meaning of this particular section to the poem’s overall meaning. What is an explication?As Professor Ann Charters explains, “When you explicate a text, you unfold its meaning in an essay, proceeding carefully to interpret it passage by passage, sometimes even line by line or word by word. A good explication concentrates on details, quoting the text of the…[poem]…to bring the details to the attention of a reader.”To give you an idea of the kind of essay I’d like to write, please read “An Analysis of E.A. Robinson’s ‘Richard Cory.'” You’ll find it in next week’s module.As demonstrated in the example above, the purpose of explication is to teach your reader what the poem means and how the poet achieves that meaning. It requires very “close reading” of the text, identifying and explaining its many nuances and ambiguities. Only discuss those formal elements that contribute to the meaning of the poem. In other words, you don’t have to mention that the poem contains five quatrains, for example, if this information doesn’t illuminate the meaning of the poem. DetailsYour explication should be 2-3 pages in length, typed double-space, with normal 1″ margins and size 12 font. When you quote from the poem, refer to the line number in parentheses. Use block quotes very sparingly! Instead of quoting full stanzas, quote lines, phrases, and words.This is a short essay. To do well, you’ll need to write with precision, presenting clear and logical arguments, and supporting your interpretations with compelling textual evidence. Avoid extraneous digressions, careless redundancies, and vague generalizations. if you insist on using outside sources, directly or indirectly, you must document your research correctly according to MLA guidelines (8th ed.). Using outside sources will lower your grade. One exception: You may refer to dictionary definitions of words. When quoting directly from a dictionary, put quotation marks around the definition and cite the word in parentheses. If you use a dictionary, include a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. If you refer only to the poem itself, you do not need to include a Works Cited page.……………
Moorpark College Explication of The Widows Laments Essay

A Beautiful Mind Essay

Table of Contents Introduction The Review Conclusion References Introduction Directed by Ron Howard, A Beautiful Mind is an inspiring American movie, which explores the story of a successful young Mathematician, John Nash. In the story, Nash tries to find an original idea while in a graduate school where he interacts with many people most of whom he does not like. He later gets a high profile job where he falls in love with Alicia whom he later marries. Nash begins to have a problem of paranoia and he later discovers that he is suffering from Schizophrenia. He tries to cope with his medical condition. At one point, he attempts to pluck out an implant in his arm. At another instance, he refuses to take medicine because he claims that the medicine has side effects. This condition brings suffering in Nash’s life as he watches in pain how much his condition burdens his wife as well as his friends. The rest of the movie talks about Nash’s abilities and achievements as he tries to overcome his condition while he brings out his genius self. By using the events in Nash’s life and his condition, the movie accurately depicts schizophrenia, which will be the major subject of interest in the review of this movie. The Review Schizophrenia is a mind disorder in which the sufferer experiences periods of hallucinations and delusions. The movie successfully manages to create global awareness about Schizophrenia, a mental illness, which people had hitherto considered a mystery. The movie effectively underscores different issues about Schizophrenia including what happens in the sufferer’s mind by handling it as one of the major themes. Nasar argues that the decision of Howard to showcase Nash as a sufferer of Schizophrenia who is able to overcome this mental disorder is quite admirable since besides encouraging the sufferers of this mental illness, he also overshadows the world wide myths about this condition (1998, p.78) . The film shows how Nash suffers from his childhood, gradually learns to overcome this condition and manages to bring out his genius self as a mathematician. According to Goldsman, the hallucinations and delusions experienced by Nash as this condition plagues him from his childhood is an attempt by Psychiatrists to guide and educate people about the symptoms of this mental illness ( 2002, p.52). Like Nash, everyone, if not most of the people suffering from Schizophrenia are bound to experience hallucinations and delusions. The violent nature of Nash that causes his wife to flee with her baby in fear of her security further shows that choleric is another symptom of Schizophrenia. There may however be small variations in the intensity these symptoms amongst the sufferers. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More After undergoing insulin therapy, the Physician gives Nash antipsychotic drugs that after taking part of the dose he experiences damaging fallouts that sever emotional and sexual links with his wife. This prompts him to stop taking the drugs, which affects his intellect. By painting this picture of Nash, the director tries to create awareness about the side effects of schizophrenia medication. On the other side, many myths exist in the public domain about this condition. One such myth asserts that schizophrenics exhibit two or more personalities. For instance, Nash assumes one personality as a sufferer of Schizophrenia and the other as a genius in mathematics who wins Nobel prizes. Conclusion A Beautiful Mind is one of the movies that have successfully endeavored to create worldwide awareness about Schizophrenia, a mental illness that causes hallucinations and delusions. The movie, through the main character manages to inform its audience that despite being in this condition, the sufferers can overcome it and live up to their expectations. References Goldman, A. (2002). A Beautiful Mind: The Shooting Script. New York: Newmarket Press. Print. Nasar, Sylvia. (1998). A Beautiful Mind. New York: Touchstone Books. Print.

Write literature review

Write literature review. I’m trying to study for my Psychology course and I need some help to understand this question.

Subject: What is the theory behind “reverse psychology”?
Write a literature review, which is a scholarly paper, written in an objective and academic tone, Gather, review, and summarize relevant theory and research.
First find scholarly articles outlining reverse psychology and testing this notion specifically. Begin paper with a clear stance on reverse psychology and then present the evidence in an organized fashion to support your thesis.
In your paper,

Analyze the social psychological literature for evidence that supports your thesis, providing a Synthesis of your findings. Be sure to dispel refuting evidence.
Illustrate specific social psychological concepts using real life examples.
Examine relevant situational factors.
Identify social and cultural forces at work.
Indicate potential ethical considerations in research on this topic or application of insight.

Must utilize academic voice.
Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper. It should be seven pages.
A reference page is required as well
Must use at least five peer-reviewed scholarly sources in addition to the course text.
Feenstra, J. (2013). Social psychology.
Write literature review