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Individual Assignment #2 Lipton Ice Tea Commercial – Tokyo Dancing Hotel For this assignment I picked a popular TV ad made by Lipton Ice Tea, which was a part of their Drink Positive campaign. I find this commercial to be quite successful, funny, entertaining, effective and memorable, because the first time I saw it was several years ago and I still remember it very well and I like it a lot. Here is a list of factors contributing to such a perception of this ad in my particular case: 1. Celebrity advertising 2. Creativity 3. Composition 4. Music choice 5.

Exposure 1) Celebrity advertising (using attractive models) In this ad, and in the campaign as a whole, Hugh Jackman is the representative of the brand. The decision to have a well-known person in an ad has been right pretty much all the time – it does usually cost a lot of money for the company, however it also makes consumers feel good about the brand, which is being represented by a celebrity they like. Being a famous Hollywood actor, in this commercial Hugh Jackman is shown to the audience as a Joyful ‘normal’ person, not as ‘serious’ Wolverine or Van Helsing like in his popular movies.

This makes consumers think positively both about he celebrity and the brand he is advertising – commercials may make some people think that if they use the same brand as Hugh Jackman does, they will reduce the gap between them and him, especially when the product is so affordable and can be purchased pretty much on the daily basis. Another good thing about celebrity advertising is obvious brand awareness – there is much more probability that consumers will remember a certain product or brand if a celebrity is introducing it to them.

I personally like Hugh Jackman a lot, so I am a part of the case in this situation. 2) Creativity Here’s another important tactor ot a successtul commercial. In this particular case, Lipton Ice Tea ad is really creative and by means of this qualification the ad looks appealing, original, entertaining and even funny in some way. It shows how at the beginning the actor is feeling confused, passive and lonely in a new environment – a luxury hotel in Tokyo – but right after taking a sip of Lipton Ice Tea, he suddenly starts dancing, and people around are Joining him as well.

This dance can play the role of unexpectedness – which people tend to like – because no one would really expect Hugh Jackman to start dancing out of nowhere, or actually after drinking some ice tea. This dance is also shown in a way as if it’s a flashmob, I guess because a couple of years ago they were quite popular, especially among young people. So except for a celebrity, there is one more popular thing addressed to the young audience in a fun way. At least these two things help marketers address their main target audience – young consumers, who would most likely buy the advertised product.

The rest of the consumers may also like the ad because generally it is pretty nice and friendly, it has he potential of creating a favorable opinion about the brand and the product among the audience. Most of the focus is obviously on Hugh Jackman, however we can also see that his behavior and attitude towards the environment radically changes ONLY after he drinks the advertised tea. It makes him refresh himself, feel better, more social and easy-going. 3) Composition The general picture of the ad is very bright, colorful, warm and pleasant for the viewer’s eyes.

These colors create the atmosphere of positive mood for consumers. They also correspond to the colors of Lipton logo in some way – yellow, red and white. The quality of the video production is very high, and this is one of the factors contributing to the good opinion of the audience about the brand. The location of the action is depicted well enough to understand that everything is happening at the hotel, there are shown some Japanese words and letters, what means that it is also taking place in Japan.

The country was probably chosen on the basis of historical facts, which tell that tea is quite a popular tradition in Japanese culture. The association is probably not strong enough though, because I personally associate tea ore with India or China, but that is a very subjective and individual opinion, so it may be different for other people. Other than that, the whole video is full of action, everything is well organized and corresponds to the positive message of the ad. ) Music choice I don’t think I have heard the song used in the video before I saw the ad itself, but now whenever I hear it again, I unconsciously think of Lipton Ice Tea and Hugh Jackman’s dancing. I feel like the music fits the ad perfectly, because it is positive, cheerful and inspiring on action – Just like the ad is. As long as hearing is one of the 5 enses, which help consumers perceive the message, the music choice plays a great role in marketing and advertising.

In this specific case it also makes a viewer to actually pay attention to the ad, because at the very beginning there is no music, but it starts playing right when the main action takes place. In this ad music is also very important because there’s no narrator, and everything is only told’ with the help of visuals, and theretore, the m the ad is creat 5) Exposure ed w n the help ot the song. This is one of the main factors, which actually make the viewer remember (or not) the ommercial. Sometimes people tend to remember pretty stupid commercials only due to being exposed to them a lot.

What I mean by saying this is that there are different types of commercials, and some of them can be pretty creative and appealing, but it is not always enough. Marketers of the campaign don’t want people just see the ad and forget about it, they want people to remember the product for a long time, have a favorable opinion about it, and take the action – go to the store and buy a bottle of exactly Lipton Ice Tea. That is why they spend a lot of money for the ommercial to be aired on TV during prime time and on the Internet as often as possible.

When this commercial was up-to-date, I used to watch TV in the evening, so I am quite sure it was aired a lot exactly during prime time, and that is the main reason why I remember it so well. Because it was the most popular time of TV watching, I think some of my peers can still remember this ad, too, because it was shown to a huge number of people simultaneously and very often. So these are the main reasons why I chose this ad and found it to be so memorable, amusing and effective.