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line of research

Then, identify two studies that you think might inform a line of research. Once you have identified two studies, carefully probe the studies to determine if there are any potential lines of research that the authors indicate require follow up or, based on what you have read in these papers, suggest potential lines of research.For each of the two studies you have selected, address the following:     Explain what line of research this paper is following.    Recommend potential lines of research that you could examine based on your readings of the paper.Length: 2-4 pages, not including title and reference pages

describe how Montoya, Global Americans aided in your research and proposal

describe how Montoya, Global Americans aided in your research and proposal.

A second graph should emphasize the industry, product, or type of service. Use the materials from the 1860 census for this information and compare across state (you do NOT need to compare across time) If you do not know how to make a graph, go to this “Create a Graph” website (10 points) Create a spreadsheet or table to compare/contrast your product or service with another product or service from one of the newspapers you considered (10 points) One paragraph: describe how Montoya, Global Americans aided in your research and proposal (15 points)

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Rawls’s principles of Justice

line of research Rawls’s principles of Justice.

Explain and evaluate Rawls’s reasoning to the two principles of Justice.

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Personal Diet Analysis Project

Personal Diet Analysis Project.

this is a Nutrition project. it involve some activities, experiment, relfections……so on etc;
check the insturctions before you bid make sure you can handle it.


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The human dimensions of global environmental change

The human dimensions of global environmental change.

 The human dimensions of global environmental change extend beyond policy and economic applications and include the role of values and worldviews expressed through human behavior and opinions. At the core of our response to environmental changes, and the science that is warning us about what is to come, is the debate about whether we should: a. act now with deep structural changes and without regrets to avoid the worst case scenarios, b. make very small and incremental changes based only on what we know for certain will come, or c. wait and see with reactive measures to avoid making changes that were not necessary. Surely, many of you have had these debates. For this blog, you must make a case for one of these three approaches. Use material from class as well as any credible third party materials in order to develop your argument. Use a minimum of two strong sources (one of which must be a peer-reviewed journal article, just as for the first blog).

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Palestinian Conflict Narrative

Palestinian Conflict Narrative.

Choose 2-4 historical events that you see as “chosen trauma” events for Palestinian Arabs, and explain the meaning and impact of these chosen traumas as crucial components of Palestinian Arab collective memory/ethos of conflict/national identity. How are these events evoked in Palestinian culture – such as the poem “Identity Card” by Mahmoud Darwish – or political discourse? How do they impact Palestinian perceptions of Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the peace process? Cite examples from the readings and/or from current events. (Reading option: Alan Dowty Palestine Israeli conflict)

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Sexual disorder

Sexual disorder.

Sexual disorder


Paper details:

Select one disorder of interest from the DSM-5 covered this week. In your initial posting, discuss the diagnostic criteria, treatment options, and prognosis of the disorder. Use at least two current references other than the DSM-5. After you have posted your initial posting by the third day of the module, respond substantively to at least two peers by the end of the module. References should be between 2015 -2019.

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