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Lighting Design in the Living Room Essay

The lighting inside a room makes a great difference. Lighting generally influences relations with elements inside the room and can transform the appearance and feel of the space alongside an individual’s idea and perception about it. It is therefore vital to assess the current lighting setting and improve upon them if necessary. The purpose of this essay is to focus on a living room, evaluate its roles, analyze the current lighting and propose a different method of improving space utilization. The living room selected for this review is rectangular. It has a transparent wall made of glass and a door on the east side facing the balcony. The living area consists of a two-seat sofa on the east section, a distance of one meter separates the balcony and the sofa. On the north, there is a three-seat sofa. In addition, on the south side, one can locate the television screen and the table adjacent to a tall cabinet for books situated on the southeastern section of the room. Lastly, the room also consists of a large coffee table in the middle and additional coffee table situated in the northeastern corner. With regard to the room’s texture and colors, white paint has been used on both the walls and ceiling. Brown glossy leather was chosen for the sofas and the coffee table at the center. The cupboard and tables made from wood were dark brown in color (see figures 1 and 2). The living room has multiple purposes. It is used as a conversation area for any social occasion, reading, watching television, general eating or listening to music. People in a living room tend to navigate the space with their eyes and observe its contents, decorations and watch television and gaze materials at the bookshelf. Living rooms are considered personal and intimate to their occupants and therefore a sense of welcoming ambiance is required in such a place. Normally, occupants of houses tend to spend most of their time relaxing. It is therefore necessary for lighting to account for the desired mood of occupants (Steffy 1990). Overall, occupants should derive visual satisfaction from the living room. The reviewed living room lighting system has four 50-watts Tungsten halogen bulbs that form a square shape in the middle of the ceiling. The four bulbs emit yellow lighting with strong, intense light (see figure 3). Clearly, the installed lighting system does the role of highlighting the living room. It does not serve this purpose effectively, apart from the central beam on the cupboard. According to D’Aprano and Diprose (2013), halogen reflector lamps are not considered as the best options for normal purpose living room. This has been identified as a common mistake in interior lighting. One can observe shades in the east side of the living room and the upper parts of the walls. This situation affects the general ability to see other contents of the room such as the wall clock. In addition, it creates a sense of anxiety in the room. Further, the position of the light creates a beam and intensity that impairs visual abilities because of extremely glowing bright lights in wrong locations. The glare is most likely to affect people seated on the sofas. This may create eye fatigue and impair other visual activities such as watching television. Finally, the installed lighting cannot sufficiently meet readers’ lighting requirements. The proposed lighting alternative to the living room is based on its functions, visual tasks and the installed design patterns. First, it is imperative to install lighting that creates ambient light in the location with most activities within the room. It is believed that ambient lighting will offer better lighting for the room and ensure that all items and people in the room are visible (Karlen, Benya,

CEO Information and Compensation of the Red Robin Gourmet Burger Questions

CEO Information and Compensation of the Red Robin Gourmet Burger Questions.

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Hi,I need all the highlighted sections for Red Robin Gourmet Burger- RRGB to be completed (sections in yellow in the first 2 files). We end at the Optimal Capital Structure. This includes the graphs and write-up for each section for data analysis for Red Robin starting with Corporate Government Analysis to Optimal Capital Structure. The former has already been completed and attached as a separate Excel fileThe help manual details what is required in each of the sections. The professor would like us to use a 5-year timeframe for reporting purposes.
CEO Information and Compensation of the Red Robin Gourmet Burger Questions

PART 1 In my opinion insurances should cover all medical necessity surgeries, some patients need some procedures to provide

java assignment help PART 1 In my opinion insurances should cover all medical necessity surgeries, some patients need some procedures to provide. PART 1 In my opinion insurances should cover all medical necessity surgeries, some patients need some procedures to provide them with a better quality of life, but they are unable to receive them because is considered cosmetic. Oral health is not highly recognized by insurances or medical professionals, oral health is more than just teeth to eat, I believe that dental cosmetic surgery should not even qualify as “cosmetic” as having teeth is more than just a cosmetic factor. Older people tend to have more health diseases and must be on medications that can potentially affect their dental health, I think it would be hard having to pick to lose your teeth or to be on a treatment that can better your quality of life. Use of corticosteroids, such as prednisone, and antiepileptic drugs, can lead to the loss of bone that supports your teeth. (YoffeePART 1 In my opinion insurances should cover all medical necessity surgeries, some patients need some procedures to provide

Leadership and Gender Prejudice Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Women and Leadership Leadership Strategy of Jeanette Clough Conclusion Reference Introduction Despite the long history of fighting for gender equality, male leaders still dominate in the majority of fields. Women that hold key positions in business and politics are few in number. However, the numerous gender studies have proven that the present inequality has nothing to do with the inborn aptitude of women to become good leaders. The world needs more examples of successful and inspiring women, and one of them is Jeanette Clough, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Mount Auburn Hospital, who managed to overcome the crisis in this hospital and turn it into one of the most prosperous medical institutions of the state. Women and Leadership Jeanette Clough joined the team of Mount Auburn Hospital in 1998 when it was in highly indebted position. Soon after she took on the leadership, some members of the executive management left, making the situation even more challenging. However, in only two years Clough managed to make the institution break even, and in another four years its earnings came up to 7 million dollars (Morgan Roberts

Writer’s Choice

Writer’s Choice. Paper details The fate of our world has always been unknown; however, nearly every individual and organization has attempted to affect its direction and path. The principal difference between the changes of today and the changes of previous generations and centuries, as we have learned, is the exponential pace upon which change is occurring. The purpose of this assignment is to develop an understanding of change and to begin to understand how an organization can best address/manage change. Choose an organization that you have familiar with that has undergone profound, systematic change (for instance, Facebook and Best Buy would be two examples). Write a critical review of approximately 250-300 words that addresses the following: Provide a brief background of the organization you have chosen. Discuss the principle 2-3 reasons or conditions that are causing the change for the organization you have chosen. Finally, propose 2-3 strategies the organization should adapt to better manage these change conditions in the next 1-2 years. Writer’s Choice

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