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Research Analysis Life Story of Susan (Suze) Lynn Orman The worlds most renowned financial guru, Susan (Suze) Orman was born on June 5, 1951 on the South Side of Chicago Illinois. She was welcomed by two older brothers. Suze’s parents were russian and romanian jewish immigrants who owned and managed a small delicatessen in Hyde Park. While growing up Suze struggled to overcome a speech impediment. Suze struggled all through her academic life from grade school all the up through college. Since Suze had a speech impediment she also had a hard time reading. She always felt that she was the dumbest kid in her class. One year in grade school her teacher sat all the children according to their reading exam scores, low and behold Suze scored the lowest and had to sit in the very last row. This news was very devastating to Suze’s confidence and self-esteem. Suze felt that she would never succeed in life so why bother trying. After graduation high school Orman decided that she wanted to go to college to become brain surgeon. Her SAT scores were not high so she applied to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and much to her amazement she was accepted. Upon her arrival she met with her guidance counselor and explained her dream to become a brain surgeon. Her guidance counselor was not convinced after reviewing her SAT scores that she could become a brain surgeon. He didn’t think that she had what it takes to be a successful brain surgeon. He encouraged her to look into a different field. Suze gave it some thought and decided that becoming a social worker was the easiest major she could handle. During her first year in college she lived on campus and worked in the dormitory’s dish room seven days a week. Unfortunately Suze’s parents were not able to help pay for her college tuition so she worked diligently at paying her own way. Suze’s sophomore year of college she lived off campus with two of her girlfriends Carole and Judy. Suze was due to graduate in 1973 but her degree was withheld because she did not fulfill a language requirement. Full of fear and shame, Suze already had trouble with English and thought how will I ever learn another language; Suze left school without receiving her degree. After college Suze wanted to travel. She borrowed $1,500 from her brother to purchase a Ford Econoline Van. With the help from her friend Mary, the two converted the van into a camper. Suze wanted to be able to drive during the day and sleep in her van at night. Suze and her friends Laurie, Sherry and Vicky set out to see America with only a mere $300. Sherry and Vicky wanted to be dropped off in Los Angeles. Laurie and Suze had their eyes set on Berkeley, California. During their trip Suze and Laurie landed their first jobs. Suze had been stopped in traffic due to a local tree service company cutting down trees. Suze hopped out of the van and asked if the gentlemen needed help cutting down the trees. She was directed to the boss and there Suze and Laurie started their first job work for Coley Tree Service for a mere $3. 50 an hour. The two of them worked for the tree service for two months while living out of her van and showering at a nearby friend’s house. She applied for a waitress job at the nearby Buttercup Bakery, where she got her coffee everyday. Suze still carried the guilt and shame of not finishing her degree. Suze started taking Spanish classes at Hayward State University. Finally, in 1976, Suze received her degree in social work from the University of Illinois. After six years at the Buttercup Bakery, Suze wanted to be more than a waitress. She wanted to become a restauranteur and open up her own restaurant. Suze had only one problem, she had no money. She only made $400 a month a the Buttercup. Suze called up her mom and asked for $20,000. Suze’s mom sadly informed her that she did not have the kind of money to loan out. An everyday customer of Suze’s, Fred Hasbrook, loaned her $50,000 to start her own restaurant. Fred told Suze that the money was for her so that she could make her dreams come true and that she had to pay in back within 10 years with no interest if she was able. Suze was shocked, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Fred advised Suze to take the $50,000 and invest it in a money market account at Merrill Lynch until she has raised enough money to open the restaurant. Suze marched right over to Merrill Lynch and invested her money with a broker named Randy. She explained to Randy her dream of opening her own restaurant and expressed to him that she needed the money to be safe. Randy reassured Suze that her money would be safe and to sign on the dotted line. At first Suze’s money was growing and she was staking out a location for her restaurant. Suze even had an architect drawing up plans for her future restaurant. Within three months Suze had lost every penny of her money. She was in total disbelief. She was still only making $400 per month at the Buttercup; how was she going to pay back $50,000 to her dear friend Fred? After losing her money she invested with her broker Randy, Suze was driven to learn how to become a broker. Why couldn’t she do it, it seemed to her that anyone could be a broker? Suze watched and studied the stock market everyday and Wall Street Week on PBS. She read the Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal. One day Suze put on her best dressed clothes and applied for a job at Merrill Lynch. After interviewing with five different men, Suze landed the job at Merrill Lynch. She was ecstatic. While studying to take the required Series 7 exam, Suze stumbled upon a very important rule that brokers must follow. The rule stated that a broker needed to know his customer. A broker could not risk the money of their customer if they could not afford to lose it. Suze immediately knew that Randy had broken this rule. Suze ended up suing Merrill Lynch, while still working there and recovered all of her $50,000 plus interest. In 1983 Suze left Merrill Lynch to become a vice-president of investments at Prudential Bache Securities. Later on in 1987 Suze founded the Suze Orman Financial Group in Emeryville, California. She was director of the firm until 1997. In 2007 Suze created an interactive television show called “Can I Afford It? ”. The show was based on callers calling in to Suze Orman and asking her if they can afford something based on their financial status. The show soon became a big hit! After ten years of being on television Suze has a very successful television program called “The Suze Orman Show. ” Her show is one of the highest rated shows that currently shows on CNBC. Suze Orman has become one of the greatest personal financial advisors, author, motivation speaker and a television host. Suze has went on to publish nine consecutive New York Times best selling books some of which included “The Nine Steps To Financial Freedom,” The Courage to Be Rich,” You‘ve Earned It, Don‘t Lose It: Mistakes You Can‘t Afford to Make When you Retire. ” In 2008 and 2009, Suze was named one of the 100 most influential people in Times Magazine. In 2010, Forbes Magazine named her one of the most powerful women in the world and she is currently on the Forbes List of the Most Influential Women in the Media. Suze Orman has become a great success in her life.   http://www. biography. com/people/suze-orman-524060  http://www. woopidoo. com/biography/suze-orman/index. htm  http://tammybruce. com/2007/02/suze_orman_knows_money_but_not. html http://www. starpulse. com/Actresses/Orman,_Suze/Biography/ http://www. s9. com/Biography/Orman-Susan





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