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Dreaming is a natural part of humanity. It allows us to escape, from a darkness, that blinds us from, the burden of reality. Most people strive for the highest point in excellence and we attempt to avoid tragedies. In spite of all this dreaming and effort, sometimes it will feel as though, glass hailed from the sky and pierced your life living unmistakable scars.

This is exactly how I view the tragedy of death. A recent incident in my life has taught me that the death of a loved one can really break emotional boundaries and that life is short, and truly with all the tears, and mundane moments, it is absolutely the greatest experience we can receive.This particular event happened quite a while ago, yet I remember it, as vivid as these words I’m writing down. I cringe as I recall the mortifying truth of the memory. My fathers family consists of seven siblings. The eldest of four sisters, my beloved aunt was branded the title of widow, in a matter of seconds. This man, my uncle, was an extremely lovely and relatable, father, son, and husband.

He was always making sure that the status of his family was at the highest possible level of exuberance. Now, he was a tremendously, avid, active person and his death was so unnatural and petrifying, it was wraithlike.My uncle had the honor of owning a successful tea garden, way up in Bangladesh. Now the relevance of this fact is that in these tea gardens, their elephants contribute, vastly, to the business. Obviously they are all tamed, although, in the will of god, one was so psychotic, its actions resulted, in one generous man’s death. In a moment my uncle filled an empty grave.This event left a bloody trail of grief and distress, for his wife(who was unfortunately plagued with cancer) and his three children.

They were hysterical, denying the truth.. It seemed as if not accepting the truth, it would disintegrate from the depths of reality. The pain of the fact was virtually intolerable.As I allowed my tears to stain my thoughts, a sense of realization, seemed to linger lightly but rather significantly, in the melancholy filled air. My cousins shall never find the joy of hearing their fathers voice chime with laughter and musical notes, portraying the sweet tune of ‘yes’!I dissolved in my thoughts, clearly comprehending that life is a gift and we must embrace it!Love and affection, we see this as a magnificent element of life. We are able to savor it with great gratitude.

It is difficult to forget, the moments we so dearly relish in, that we morph our souls in it and allow it to define ourselves. Goodbyes are a rather painstaking struggle. When are forced to bury those we love, why does it fill us with such anguish? As natural as love is, the matter of fact, is death is just as natural. Perhaps if we accept and view it as a sense of relief, than grasping it would be of ease to the tenderness, of the human mind.Life encloses laughter, satisfaction, enchantment, tears, anticipation, even sorrow. Despite the horridness we are forced to view, life is a gift! Each event strengthens us and little by little old questions are clarified and new questions develop. It is an experience unlike any other! Life is short, so we should Just live it! And when death comes we should just let it in with compassion, relief and appreciation…………………………

“People who face ethical issues (in the workplace) often base their decisions on their own values and principles of right and wrong.”

“People who face ethical issues (in the workplace) often base their decisions on their own values and principles of right and wrong.”.

 It is designed to be a self-reflection exercise that addresses the following questions/considerations: In your text, Ferrell states that “People who face ethical issues (in the workplace) often base their decisions on their own values and principles of right and wrong.” Accordingly, how did you arrive at the ethical/ moral orientation that you hold now? (i.e., what were the influences, especially during your formative years – those that you feel comfortable sharing, that is – which molded and shaped your ethical/ moral perspectives) Next, please explain your ethical orientation in light of the comparison of the philosophies used in business decisions found in Table 6.1 (P. 157) of your textbook and provide a rational and coherent justification for holding this philosophy. Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP4 Assignment: Section 1 of the Writing Intensive Project.”

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