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Define Theistic Evolution. Theistic Evolution asserts that God ordered and directed the evolutionary process. He may have directly produced the first life forms but beyond that, He merely superintended the process of evolution. 3. Is the dating of Adam all that important? Explain your answer. No, I do not believe the dating of Adam is important because the exact date does not prove or disprove the creation of man. If it were important, God would have provided that answer in His Word. God provides all that answers we need to know in His word. 4. When was the origin of the “soul”?

The origin of the “soul” comes back from the time when God first “breathed life into Adam” and he became living. 5. Explain how dust cannot be a symbol for animal life. Dust cannot be a symbol for animal life because it is inorganic material. Even when God had formed a human body from it, it was lifeless, as you will note, God had to “breathe life into” it. 6. Which of the six marriage principles stands out the most to you and why? The sixth principal, “man is the head; wife is the helper” stands out to me most. The Bible gives an example of how marriage is a reflection of the relationship between God and Christ.

They are one unit, working as individuals towards God’s ultimate glory. The wife submits herself to her husband as they work together to glorify God. 7. Who is the “us” referring to in 1:26? The “us” from Genesis 1:26 are referring to Holy Trinity; The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 8. What is included in the phrase, “the image of God”? God has created man in His image – Imago Dei. We are created in the image of God – referring to His likeness and personality, not nessecarily His appeareance. 9. T/F—Adam and Eve and all of the animals were vegetarians. Support your answer. I would say true.

Genesis 1:29-30 states “ And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb and bearing seed, in which is upon the face of all the Earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. ” He said nothing about meat until later on in the Bible. 10. Where is the Garden of Eden located? The garden of Eden held the Tigris and Euphrates. There are several proposed locations of the site of Eden, all of which have evidence to support them. All that is known is that it is somewhere along these, where two other rives meet as well. 11. Explain the terms “dominion” and “subdue”.

Dominion is a supreme authority or sovereignty recognizing God’s ownership. Subdue is to conquer and being into subjection of dominion or a supreme or authoritive being or force. THE FALL OF MAN Bible Topics| * Temptation and Fall of Man| People to Know| Places to Know| Terms to Know| Lucifer (Satan, Devil)| | SubtilDepravityProtevangeliumDesireRule | Study Questions Answer the following questions (based on the reading), save it and then submit it to the professor. 12. T/F—It is impossible to understand the rest of the Bible without understanding Genesis 3. Support your answer.

True, Because God’s plan of redemption fulfilled in Christ comes through this. 13. When did Lucifer fall? Lucifer fell when he desired to be like God. Who he was wasn’t good enough, he got greedy and wanted more self-glory. 14. List the doubts Eve began to have. Eve had doubts of God’s Word. She doubted if God were telling the whole truth, she doubted whether God would follow through in the consequenses. 15. What does Davis say that seems to be a better translation for “gods” in 3:5? Why? Davis translation for “gods” in Genesis 3:5 is Elohim because it can be translated as God or “gods”. 6. What is the sequence of the temptation and fall? The sequence of temptation is the lust of the Flesh. The second is the lust of the eye’s, and the third is the pride of life. 17. Give an example of a wrong interpretation of what “eating forbidden fruit” means? Why should this interpretation be rejected? Some have said that “eating forbidden fruit fruits” is a parallel for sexual intercourse. This is rejected because God created male and female in compatability to be fruitful and multiply. 18. What is depravity all about? Depravity is about knowing evil but being unable to resist it. 9. What were Adam and Eve attempting to do when they made “fig leaves” clothes (other than covering their nakedness)? Adam and Eve were attempting to cover their shame of sin. 20. Where is the first mention of the virgin birth of Christ? The first mention of the virgin birth is in Genesis 3:15. 21. How is God’s grace exhibited in this chapter? God’s grace is exhibited in this chapter because he sought His creation, He promised a savior; He clothed His creation; and He removed the temptation of sin (the tree of knowledge of good and evil). 2. What does the term “coats of skin” (3:21) imply? Coats of skin imply the first sacrifice, substitutionary atonement. “Without the shedding of blood in no remission of sin” (Hebrew 9:22). 23. T/F—Man having to work is a result of the curse. Support your answer. False, because man was already charged with keeping and caring for the garden which Adam’s labor had resulted in complete and unhindered productivity. The result of the curse was that work would become difficult and resistant.

Question to write on: Choose a city in a developing country and discuss its planning issues. How can planning interventions improve the economy as well as living conditions in this city?

Question to write on: Choose a city in a developing country and discuss its planning issues. How can planning interventions improve the economy as well as living conditions in this city?.

On the following topic;Planning issues in developing countries

Question to write on:
Choose a city in a developing country and discuss its planning issues. How can planning interventions improve the economy as well as living conditions in this city?

The length should be approximately twelve pages (double spaces, font 12, about 3,000 words of text).

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