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I liked it how you connected medieval time with also the modern times. How you used medieval Crops, Setting, Characters and the modern music, clothes, language and make-up. How all the elements symbiotically connect it altogether that made our emotions and mind get lost in the imaginary world. As I teenager myself I find that most teenagers like comedy,romance,action and thriller in the usual movie’ s. You started off your movie with a popular song called ”We Will Rock You”, it gave the movie a extra dimension to it.

The setting was set back in the Middle Ages that made is realistic but had a modern music twist to it. It intrigued us to watch more with the excitement of the crowd in the jousting stadium clapping and singing with the music. It was nicely set out with the Wealthy people high in the stands with chairs and the poor people standing up below. The costumes were very real as well with the wealthy wearing colourful clean clothes and the peasant with dirty plain clothes. At the very beginning there is humour display when Wat bites William and says” now you see how bloody hungry I am”.

It set the spark off. We mainly focused on the last final jousting event which was the highlight of the whole story. Sir William Thatcher fighting for his love and to change his stars against Count Ademar the bad knight trying to get the same girl as Sir William Thatcher. At the point there was different camera technique used. Extreme close-up zooming into the horses eyes with the background noise of the horse to built up more tension because you don’t no what’s happening but you just hear the horses getting louder and louder. t draws you in, to make you get hyped up and try and figure out what happening. Also The had a extreme close up on Sir William’s face to his eyes so you could see what his reaction was. You could tell he was thinking and planning out things while on the other hand you see Count Ademar and he seems lie his skimming. we read all this off just by looking at there faces. Wide angle was used to see them both, so that we could see there emotion. Extreme close -up was used just before there were going to joust. They used the extreme close-up so you could see the tension in each others’ eyes.

There was low dramatic music and a close up angle on the second times they jousted again so show how much they want it and how much they hate each other. They both still lost so in the final round they used the ”zooming” camera technique. It zooms as a wide shot all the way to extreme shot so you can try and see what they are thinking and feeling. The camera technique was really good and it made it seem like you were looking through the same eyes as Count Ademar , then you just here the sound of Sir Williams approaching you and his voice saying ” William”.

This fragment of the scene was a very powerful suspenseful scene. We as the audience thought that Sir William wouldn’t win after Count Ademar hit him with the lance really hurt and the end stabbed into William. It caused us to want to watch more and more and see what happens. all of us sitting in our seats hoping Sir William wins but doubting that he will. At the last second Sir William goes for the final and at-last joust with Count Ademar for the tournament his blind dad and the women of his dreams ‘Lady Joselyn his hopes rise up .

He thought of when he told his dad that he would change his stars one day. The very little strength he had left in him and gave it to Count Ademar. Through all the pain he went through he finally won all 4 his Lady Joselyn, his dad,his stars and the tournament. Then it finishes with him and his lady kissing. And they lived happily ever after, the perfect ending to a story. But I do have so say I think with Lady Joselyn with some of her outfits and make-up and hairstyles were unrealistic for the middle ages. Bright coloured make-up and wavy,straight,colour hair would have not occurred back then.

Apart from the I think that all the other characters dressed appropriately for the movie. I feel like this movie would entertain a teenager of the medieval period, even though its not the most accurate information it shows clearly who were the peasant and noble people and there role and real places in the world. IT showed great humour and romance and action in this movie and I believe teenagers would definitely want to watch this movie again. Thank-you for giving up your time to read this letter I hope to see an other great movie from you in the futureYours sincerely,