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The main character Alfred speaks about his love for the women of the party and talks about them in high egard but he is much too afraid to dare to have lived life. He effectively wrote a poem representing the typical modern man by incorporating the inner thoughts of Alfred as well as many rhetorical devices explaining why he does not feel confident in his ability to interact. Beyond the skin of the poem T. S. Eliot also incorporated elements of what one would presume were his emotions during the time period in his life while writing the poem.

He wrote this poem in such a way that effectively portraits how deeply inside humans are all scared of life and are therefore constantly ored of life. Prufrock as a character represents every human beings thoughts at one time or another. He is at an evidently large party and yet the reader does not read about any dialogue Prufrock is having for he is too scared to talk to anyone for he is afraid they will Judge him for what he says and how he acts.

Everybody must admit that at one point or another in their life they were scared of what they thought their peers were going to think about them and that this though held them back from doing something they actually wanted to do. Throughout the poem Alfred is also obsessing ver all the little details of the people in his close vicinity, for example he notices the women as they walk past and speak of the dreamy manliness of Michelangelo.

The fact that Prufrock would obsess over such a small detail as what the individuals in the party are speaking of shows how he is more awkward and afraid of them not wanting to listen to him then he is afraid to talk to them. This develops Prufrock as a prototypical modern man who over analyze every situation further shutting them down into a socially inept monster who cowards in the corner afraid to live life to the fullest. Furthermore Alfred lives in a large filthy city that the reader may mistake for London or even Paris.

He is living in possibly the most Romantic beautiful city in the world and he doesn’t even realize it, he is much too self absorbed in his meager conflicts than to realize that he could be having the time of his life he Just bit the bullet and attempted to speak to one of the women. This makes Alfred’s issues of not living his life to the fullest more evident to the reader as they may realize that he is being a little bit ridiculous pouting about his life when he is actually so blessed to have opportunities he does.

All together these make Prufrock a well developed character that majority of the public should relate to given that they are not mutants. While writing this poem T. S. Eliot viewed himself as a mutant. Different and weird, he felt he had no real place in society. He had Just been graduating his university course and because of this he did not know what to do with his life. He relates the more realistic, believable character. An example of this is how he makes an Allusion to Dante’s Inferno as a disclaimer before the real poem.

The Allusion refers to how Eliot related to the poem so deeply and personally that he never actually wanted nyone to read it even in his death. Eliot most likely wrote a protagonist close in representation to himself to have some extra personal satisfaction in the poem but it causes the reader to be involved in the writing as if they were really reading about a real person’s struggles as they think through their actions at a party.

This helps Eliot present a stronger argument of how the human race is slowly becoming too self conscious about their actions to even function to a full potential. While writing this essay the world also burst into war. In 1914 World War 1 began and the world atched in horror as hundreds of thousands of soldiers marched off into the battlefield never to return. One can assume that this would have influenced Eliot’s writing making it more cynical and Judgmental of society. Eliot also uses a variety of Rhetorical devices to make emphasis on specific phrases and verses of the poem.

In the last two lines Eliot rhymes about the beautiful women but the talks of how he feels the women are; the devils of the sea, mermaids. This shows Prufrocks negative outlook on life more clearly to the reader and allows for better flow through a possibly tough section of the poem. There are also a large sum of metaphors, the most significant being the representation of all of life as eating a peach. Prufrock begins to question existence in the middle of the poem and refers to living life as eating a peach. He says “Do I dare eat a peach? (122). This provides a better look into the meaning of the poem to the reader as it is not as explicitly stated anywhere else in the poem as it is here. Eliot adds on to the protagonists self doubt by adding an allusion in the middle of the poem to Hamlet. Prufrock states how he is “Not prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be;” (1 11). This is a reflection on the characters over educated past interfering with his personal image because without this image in his head of somebody stating how he was not made for greatness he could have been something.